Moccha player feeback

Hi its me moccha tell me what you think about me in game please.

I generally play as a chadmos tech or shaft miner and sometimes as M.O.C.C.H.A-OS.

If you hear 7 maxcaps go off at the same time, Moccha rolled antag.


Don’t trust with anything flammable or explosive


20 character limit

Big brain player. Not one to cross when antag for better or worse. Very knowledgeable, convert first or die quickly.
Play clown more often because you’re a clown

:clown_face: i would be a terrible clown

Potentially one of the most destructive players on the station. I was ticked off that one time I was screaming at you not to max cap the xenomorph in medical, but aside from that, good gamer. Also, the time we did the dominator with like four people was epic.

you know i had to maxcap em’ ayys. Also that gang round was hella epic

You are the son of Cuban Pete and Ghost from MW2.
Please dont maxcap me

Unbased furry, good at the game, probably 12 years old

Manages to blow stuff up like real mad lad.


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Oh what times we’re living in





20 character limit.

Imma apply for admeme now whenever I have more free time.
I ain’t getting outdone by anything with cat ears.

how the tables have turned lol

I suppose

(had you not left and decided to disappearify the entire station this may well have been your admin position rather than mine)

maybe higher i say…

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