Miriam Hornet Feedback

Mostly working on the cargo and medical department.
Whenever she works at cargo, she may have a millionaire mindset and will try to make as much money as possible. Is also willing to do dangerous things for the sake of profit.
For medical, she can be often seen making scanner gates that beeps on felinids and making monkey humans hulk cluwnes with tourettes cuss on intercom.

I admit my roleplaying may be rather poor sometimes, and I’m willing to improve that so, please share your true and honest opinions about my character.


you’re reliable most of the time and that typically gives me a high opinion of people.

i’ve seen you do some annoying shit but eh

Yeah works hard generally, don’t get to interact with them often but seems like a good character

Felinid detector gates bad. Nya.


Real NT scientists makes robots that yells at felinids

  • Friend :slight_smile:
  • Jumpskirt :frowning:
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Was throwing chemical grenades inside the shuttle during a very stressful time.

As the HoS, I hated you.

As a clown main and lover of chaos, I respect you

10/10 player


You were the QM once and you did something that made me have a good opinion of you. :woman_shrugging:t2:

(Play QM and Techie more pls)

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Catgirl in denial. That is all I have to say.


Good player, enjoyable enough that i can basically zone out that annoying tail and cat ears and enjoy interactions.

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Love hanging out with her, shes very sweet and doesnt mind when I push jokes a bit far. She also always wears purple shoes, so I know which ones are her when I’m starting a collection.


Back to maining QM

“Hiii Miriam”
“Aileen, No”

Good interaction, 4 and half louies

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Miriams a cool guy, can always rely on him to do a good job no matter the department. Generally friendly too.


Heh, apologies for that on that round, cargo was being constantly attacked by blood cult and we were on a bit of a rush there, and seeing that you were outside cargo when cult was loud I was afraid that you were one of them.

Piggybacking main :face_vomiting:


When the Miriam when uhhh…

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what da miriam doin?

Refused to sing at Dinky’s song contest. For Shame


literally who