Mime Cult idea

This can’t even be called a rough draft, but I’ve heard the phrase “mime cult” used enough times that I’m curious what it would look like if made. Post your ideas for it here.

To start us off:

  • To convert people have to cuff people with invisible cuffs, buckle them to an invisible chair then place on them a combination chameleon mask which is also a muzzle to complete the conversion
  • They tend to capture victims using an invisible lasso which works like the meat hook/changeling tentacle, then trap victims in invisible wall area which are 3x3 and donut-shaped, and after a few seconds of being in the invisible prison they’re muted and stunned, ready for transport to the cult base for full conversion
  • Mimes hate sound and attack anything that makes loud enough noices like that one movie
  • The ability to sap colors out of things on contact to gain power, also making things mute
    (just like that episode of power puff girls where a clown gets covered in bleach and goes apeshit as a mime and even after he is saved and rehabilitated they beat the shit out of him for being a clown) (credit goes to freeman)

Holy shit that´s a pretty good idea man, but they should also get a special nuke that drains all the color from the station bc that would be gud, and invisible sword because invisible sword good

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how do you pick them up if they have no sprite

Some of these would work like cult spells in that they’re an in-hand toggleable spell so it can’t see “dropped”. For items, ideally they have a sprite when in your inventory but not when equipped by your character or on the ground. Also if there’s a cult structure equivalent pumping out items, ideally cultists can see these items but no others can or mime cultists just have to get used to alt-clicking to inspect the floor of cult bases to find all their items.

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