Clown Cult

Similar to Mime Cult,, some draft ideas for a clown-based cult (add your own suggestions below):

  • Clown Crayon is used in place of Cult Dagger. You can draw graffitti on the ground which works like Blood Cult runes and you can draw silly drawings on your body (works like Blood Cult spells).
  • When placing people on an Offer Rune, you have to honk them with the Clown Horn to convert them.
  • Wearing Clown Shoes grants you slip immunity.
  • Wearing a Clown Mask gives you a spell that works like Summon Equipment, except it gives you all items that a Clown normally has (including ID + clown backpack items in a box).
  • Clown Forge - You can make Bananium Energy Sword, Banananium Energy Shield and Combat Clown Shoes at the Clown Forge.
  • Clown Altar - You can make 6 Banana Cream Pies at a time and a Pie Cannon (non-nukie one) at the Clown Altar.
  • Clown Archives - You can make a Clown Flower filled with Space Lube and 10 Bananas at a time at the Clown Archives.
  • Completing the summon ritual results in the same effect as what happens when Clown Ops win.

Not the most fleshed out set of ideas but it’s a good start I think.

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victor please

i like this idea, but i think there is more potential. for example they can summon clown beings (those weird and creepy admin spawns)

Isn’t there already a code bounty for this?

Isn’t that kind of redundant

maybe instead of a blood cult reskin, your objective in clown cult is to turn the station into a clown station. So you use a spraycan or special item to start converting the station, and it spreads like the kudzu does, changing tiles into bananium, turning the station different colors and what not. I think it would be fun that as the station is slowly converted, there could be a random roll to convert crew into clowns to help, with a much higher chance to be converted the closer the player is to clown converted station/pylons whatever. The jannys could be the nemesis to the clown conversion by using their paint remover.

tldr; Clown cult wins like blob by clowning x amount of the station

I heard someone has it coded already, the clown cult