Mat05usz/Luka Stainforth player feedback

This is your engineer/doctor/and recently lawyer best player speaking. I think I taught like half of you how to SM, and another half how to not kill your patients in medbay. But for real, tell me how do you feel about me when I am not admin and just playing with ya.

literally who are you


Archanial he’s been an bestmin for like? Months? Like dude get off your lrp ass and pay attention too who staff is

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I was honestly surprised that Luka was even admin. Most of the time i see you maining lawyer and just tiding around the station. I think we did a lot of white ship exploring once. Also i dont trust lawyer mains, since all you do is meme with mass pda message. I still have to track that fucking lawyer, who lost my clown court case againt a fucken teratoma. I had to regretably shoot him dead with my traitor clown revolver.

sorry, never heard of him

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Nah I have been playing a lawyer just recently, also I never tide, I don’t even help security most of the time. Also, I don’t remember the last time I went space exploring, so you really must have mistaken me for someone else.

I got a good memory. You character sprite has grey hair with 2 short pigtails. I am 100% sure that for the past month the only thing you did on mrp was sitting in bar or tiding into command and other departs. Not thats its wrong. Lawyer is just an assistant with brig acces.

While you are right about my characters looks, I do not tide. I stick with my briefcase and just wander around. Also I have mostly not played for the past month, just like maybe past week or something.

I’ve only seen you back when it was luke, but you were a good engie and very willing to help others. Sometimes too quick to action before understanding what’s going on

I don’t think I’ve seen you IC or if I have I forgot. But every time I’ve talked to you OOC or in discord or on forums you’ve been chillin’

based as fuck ngl lads

Cool dude, based engi and funny lawyer. Play officer again fam.

Doctor: please set this job to high and only, no one better than you.

Engineer: I’m better than you.

Lawyer: Would love to see you defending someone’s case.
This is not a snarky remark on you not lawyering, I genuinely think you could do a good job and a spectacle worth watching.

Merchant of Venicant office: malicious attempts at climbing to the top 1% by privatizing and trading public goods: greyshirt loot. Based. Would love to see more outsourcing – job market on the station is miserable, literally half the crew is smoking meth in maints and fighting to death in bars. Engage crew in not just consuming shit.

Admin: 1/10 – demonstrates no dominance over mentors.

Oh no, you challenged me in engineering? You gon end up badly beaten!

Amma apply for mentor just to make you tremble in my presence

I will give +2 so you have a head start.

Also, meterors will be kill soon.

Just because your leave has ended doesn’t mean you can vanquish us that easily… mat!

I remember when Luka was MD/Paramedic and he would get robusted by maints mice.

Really unrobust. Don’t pet on the head too hard; he will drop into crit (somehow).

… bro really

20char 20chyyar

He claimed he killed the ninja while i tasered him, put snare on him and then emptied laser mag to the point of crit.

He said he pushed him and stole his sword, while i heard it was stolen from evidence actually.