Mapinter2 banned by acronad

CKEY: mapinter2

Admin’s CKEY: acronad

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP only.

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID: 44049

Ban Reason:Joined the round and immediately messaged the bartender, being particularly hostile and stating that they would refuse to do their job. Disconnected immediately after sending the PDA message before bwoink. Come explain youtself on the beestation forums.

Appeal: Not sure why the admin is lying, shitter bartender PDAed me, I told him it is not my job to grow him random stuff (its not). The most “hostile” thing I did say its not my job and you unironically perma banned me over it, suppose that guy was an admin. Next time I will make sure he is not one of our admin overlods and prostate myself if he is.

You disconnected before the banning admin could bwoink you

It is, in fact, your job as a Botanist to grow plants for other crew.

The PDA conversation
PDA: Luxlator/(Sparrow Baker) (PDA:  to Summer Mills (Botanist)) "Could you grow some pumpkins for cargo bounties? need to make pumpkin lattes" (Bar (81, 144, 2))
PDA: Mapinter2/(Summer Mills) (PDA:  to Sparrow Baker (Bartender)) "I wont do shit for bounties" (Arrival Shuttle (61, 105, 2))
PDA: Luxlator/(Sparrow Baker) (PDA:  to Summer Mills (Botanist)) "uh why?" (Bar (81, 145, 2))
PDA: Mapinter2/(Summer Mills) (PDA:  to Sparrow Baker (Bartender)) "literally no reason to" (Arrival Shuttle (61, 105, 2))
PDA: Luxlator/(Sparrow Baker) (PDA:  to Summer Mills (Botanist)) "I mean- I need pumpkins anyway?" (Bar (80, 144, 2))
PDA: Mapinter2/(Summer Mills) (PDA:  to Sparrow Baker (Bartender)) "not my job to grow food for you either" (Arrival Shuttle (61, 105, 2))
PDA: Luxlator/(Sparrow Baker) (PDA:  to Summer Mills (Botanist)) "aight??" (Bar (80, 144, 2))

Sop says otherwise, only duty I have is to the chef. Also if you call that hostile then you must have never even been looked at by someone in a mean way.

“It isn’t my job to grow food” - A man who’s sole job is to grow food


You did not even bother to read our Botanist SoP.

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You are correct you should perma ban every cook who doesnt do food, bartenders who dont do drink etc. For consistency sake!

I literally am looking at it, why you even lying

It wasn’t random. It was stuff for cargo bouties which you said there was no reason to do? Also I had no prior interactions with you and you were just out the gate going in to yell at me over PDA and curse me out. Also I’m not an admin. Just be fucking chill dude. It wasn’t even 30 minutes in and you decided to get pissy because I asked for help.


Nowhere does it say that you should only grow food for the chef

People who goof off and not do their job are technically breaking the rules, yes

However, as I explained above, you disconnected before Acronad could contant you and thus were banned to force you to talk on the forums.
Intentionally being disingenuous is not helping your case.

Its common sense to work with the chef, the bartender not so much, cant really claim it is against my job not to. (also seriously grow up and do it yourself instead of trying to be annoying on purpose)

How do I grow pumpkins in the bar? I have no botany access and no pumpkin seeds??

Are you for real right now??? Why are you mad???

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Low quality bait detected, proceeding to ignore

Ironic. Locking as everything was said already.

This should be rather straightforward.



Alright, this was definitely a read… First and foremost I must say, your behavior in this ban appeal is a major red flag as to how you will act in game, especially when coupled with your behavior in game. Beyond that you even disconnected seemingly for no reason in the halls, which I waited some time to see if you would return. As was said here before you did in fact refuse to do your job which is a core rule.

Being hostile is really not a good choice in a ban appeal. Especially when coupled with your bans from other servers.

And so I ask you, what is your intentions on Beestation? What kind of character do you want to play? what kind of player do you hope to be? have you read our rules?


I needed to leave, stuff happens. I would have done my job if I didnt need to, though my job does not entail giving a random tider botany stuff, should an engi give out insulated gloves just because they were asked or a miner lava stuff?

My goal is to just play, not sure what you mean with what kind of character, it just depends on what happens while I am playing. Cant really say how someone plays every round when rounds tend to be vastly different

You’re right, it doesn’t mean giving a tider botany stuff. Except for A) the botanists job is to grow food for those who need it. Bartenders use quite a bit of grown plants. B) the player asked you to grow something they made no attempt to tide, they asked for plants not items

So what makes you say earlier that the bartender should’ve done it themselves, then go on to call them a tider?

We are a roleplay server and we expect our players to be roleplaying a character. Not just play a game.

You can when you are roleplaying an actual character, your character would react to things consistently.


If that is the question then I have no clear answer to that yet