Making LRP decent pop again

This isn’t an official Beestation initiative, I’m just throwing this out there.

Let’s be honest, LRP’s pop is virtually nonexistent quite a lot of the time, and MRP has many players on it who are not there to RP at all, and are only there for highpop. This disparity makes it harder for LRP to gain pop.

A rules rework is coming up. Whenever it releases, I will make LRP my main server which I primarily play on. I urge you to join me, especially if you aren’t a fan of RP. This way we can shunt a decent amount of pop back to LRP, improving both the RP level of MRP and the pop of LRP. Post below if you intend to do as I do.


I’ve already been way ahead of you - MRP is still my preferred server by far, but LRP is where the support is needed. It dawned on me some time ago that constantly telling people to “Go to LRP to do X” isn’t very effective when LRP is an adminless hellhole of self-antag. It’s improved dramatically at least during the time I’m actively adminning.

Even the antags at my time respect the rule of “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” and know how to make the game more fun for everyone usually.

Seems there’s still several issues in the evening time (for the US) when I can’t actually get on to admin, but am active on the forums. At some point when it feels like LRP is covered properly, I’d really prefer to go back to MRP

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listen u guys are on top of it :joy::joy:

i’ve always felt like there are plenty of ppl on mrp that belong on lrp, but won’t go bc low pop. not an easy problem to solve, although it almost seemed to be working itself out as of late

:eyes::eyes:also rules rework Viny u see this?

This sounds interesting but I would be a liar if I said it was not a tad worrying as well but I’m hoping for the best and I’m glad the admin and pop problem is being acknowledged more.

Yea it stood out.


Will the SUPERFAST move speed still be there?

kinda dislike it ngl


if they take it away i will order 100 large papa john’s anchovy pizzas to crossed’s house.


The lack of pop on LRP is the only reason I play mrp at all though I’m trying to join LRP more nowadays

I hate it as well, it makes melee combat way too ping reliant, and people move faster than bullets fly. I still think both servers should have the same movement speed for balance purposes, because every combat change has to take two vastly different movement speeds into account.

Also hyperspeed makes megafauna way too easy


how is crossed gonna pay for 100 pizzas. did u think of that


I’ve been going on LRP more often, it’s where I started. It’s more pleasant in recent days and if someone was online in my time zone it would be even better. :+1:

(also movement speed is annoying)

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match the movement speed to sage’s speed and I’m in


lrp isnt fun when you get fucked up by 18 naked assistants every round plus the rounds are too long or too short never an inbetween


Can’t wait for best server to get more than 30 pop


It’ll be moderated way more often and tightly if more of us r playing it


No matter what you do with golden it will always be the preferred server for internet trash. You know what I mean by that. Whether you call them 4channers, hippiestation refugees, alt-righters… it’s the same thing.

I don’t like those kinds of people. Even if you improve Golden in every possible way, as long as those kinds of “gamers” are still plaguing it you’re going to have population problems.

Except before this very philosophy started being enforced LRP had massive population


They don’t like the filter, and if they still come on the server they usually can’t resist bypassing it so they get phazed out eventually. Plus if there is more administration they’ll get beaned for being shitters anyways.


lrp gaming let’s fucking go



Honestly anything that gives people more incentive to play on LRP is good.

Here’s a list of fauna fights actually affected by hyperspeed:



You say that, but that’s just not how it is. It’s gonna be full to the brim of the toxic “git gud” type people, or in SS13’s case “get robust.”

People who respond to everything by saying “cope seethe dilate.”