Make MRP Medium Roleplay Again!

Ever since the n-word ban, there has been an obvious shift of culture and enforcement of the rules on MRP. Since all the LRP shitters came over to MRP, it’s become LRP in everything but name, and LRP has become an absolute squalid hellhole. Almost all of the new fresh admins barely know the rules, and they definitely don’t respect or enforce the MEDIUM part of the MRP – everyone just treats it like LRP with a couple of extra rules.

MRP needs an extreme crackdown on not only rule violators, but people who shit on the spirit of a medium role player server, and are just out to “robust” as many people as possible.

Some of the posts I have read recently, specifically that deal with Admin’s interpretation of the rules and rulings, that have made me lose absolutely all hope for MRP to be MRP ever again. The administration staff almost has no idea how to enforce rules in a non LRP way, and the fundamental culture of the admins as well as current crop of players goes against every other MRP experience across all SS13 servers.

Seriously, I played a few MRP rounds on another server last night, and the difference was staggering, not only in terms of player competency, but also general attitude of the crew and the admins. It made realize that Bee MRP is pretty much rotten to the core, and can only be fixed with an extremely heavy hand from the highest echelons of Beestation leadership.


Reee, admins bad, let me not give you any example, I’ll just state that admins bad and not based and not capable of enforcing rules. I’ll talk about another server and say they’re better but not give any example.

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Yah all the regulars I used to see on MRP have been pretty much been run off at this point. It’s incredibly sad to me because MRP used to have such a nice culture.

Enough people have had their own experiences to come to their own conclusion, without me having to create an enormous wall of text with links to get my point across. Everyone here who has played MRP, and is actually looking for an MRP experience would probably agree with me, because they have run in to the same issues I have, it’s called a common shared experience.

Pointing to one or two examples would not prove anything, as the problem is systemic and I am trying to start a discussion about the overall culture. I understand your mushbrain has a hard time taking all this in, so you lash out like a child looking for attention.

Nice, but you know that there is no international law that says what is and what isn’t MRP?

Reee, Argumentum ad populum does not make you exempt from bringing examples.

Also what Mat0 said, who are you to dictate what is and is not MRP? Bee might have its own branch of it. Or maybe it’s the other servers that are weird?

Pointing to one or two examples wont prove anything in any direction. Just read the ban boards if you so care and are really that out of touch with the day-to-day of Bee MRP (if that’s the case maybe this post isn’t for you.)

I know people like you want to drag your feet on this kind of discussion, because you feel it’s gonna rain on your parade of being a shitter, and I get that. But really, maybe you belong on LRP, where that kind of behavior is expected?

If people are getting banned for not obeying MRP rules, then … maybe the admins are truly based and are making a difference towards bettering the state of the server?

The exact attitude I am talking about, thank you for providing a first hand example.

So … then nothing is wrong?

I was here during the start of MRP, and I can say this was nothing how it was when it began, I dunno I guess I can give some examples, not saying that what it’s turned into is bad it’s just not for me
Old MRP first round a traitor turned himself in roleplaying guilt for what he did
NEW MRP: murder of the entire station every round
Old MRP:people would knock on the window when they wanted something from me while I worked in science
New MRP:I watched someone break in to science without a word
I see people in OOC making fun of people wanting to RP on an RP server and really that’s just mean to say the least.
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In OOC mostly is people that swear at those that ain’t roleplaying and use bad words to shooo them out.

Don’t worry, dad noticed you and took note.

This exactly, there has been a major culture shift in the server. Most of players now are former lrp so trying to get through to anyone is like trying to talk to a brick wall…just like on lrp.

Why are there three people in here screeching at crack without providing anything constructive? This is typical lrp style behavior. If you are going to come into the thread at least bring something to the discussion.

Edit: These are mentors too, shameful. You guys should be model players.

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Thank you for your post, please acquire more evidence on ye olden MRP to prove MRP players are not being MRP enough, to further change our Beliefs to yours

I see both happening all the time. I see people being banned for not respecting MRP rules.

This sounds like one of those “in my day”, “in the good ol’ days” statements.

MRP had a massive surge of players, it is bound to have all kinds of people, admins are doing a good job enforcing MRP, the ones that aren’t get demoted.

Remember, they’re not paid to do jack shit, they’re doing this on their own free time and of their own will.

Try to keep things civil guys, don’t devolve the thread into a flame war if you don’t have anything constructive to add to it