Lower maximum movement speed for players

There’s currently multiple player controlled mobs and chems that enable movement speed of several game screens per second.

These are: jetpack in no gravity, meth/nuka cola/changeling boost and other chems, xenomorphs

There’s nothing positive that moving at this speed brings to the game, it makes players impossible to click and makes combat even worse than it is. Players can outrun bullets and lasers in this manner. At some point the sprites are practically teleporting between screens, you don’t even see them move anymore.

I suggest that there’s a maximum speed implemented for all mobs, that’s slightly faster than current run speed.

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sounds like a skill issue to me


Im guessing that you made this thread because you couldn’t arrest someone using a speed enhancing chem or something like that. Diagnosis: skill issue


Being extremely fast also makes it hard to click people, in fact personally I prefer lower speeds for combat.

In my opinion, extreme speeds are meant for getaways, not main combat.
Jetpacks in space are not even close to being as fast as meth on the station is.

Space jetpack and meth, for example, doesn’t even stack. I’ve never seen a player teleport across screens before, and I’ve played Beestation on Golden, where powergaming was allowed and a common occurance.


If a player is using these chemicals you’re allowed to use lethal force. If they’re an antagonist, consider summarily execution.

The speed is an issue and adds no fun for anyone. I never play hunter as xeno because the speed is too much, and drone supremacy. I don’t like fighting hunters because of their speed, too. It is horrible all around.


Sane servers just added a stamina system for running.


I made this thread after playing as a xenomorph hunter and realizing I can run 3 screens in under a second. With the late round server load, it looked as if I was teleporting. Figured it’s not conductive to good gameplay.

I’m sad that local forum posters are behaving like children.

I agree. Hunter is stupidly fast and literally sends you flying if your not careful. I guessed it had to do with you being sec because thats what you tend to complain about usually + it was related to all the examples you gave.

Im sad you took offence to a meme in my comment.


100% agree on lower speed combat, playing hunter xenomorph is me roleplaying as a taxi driver sometimes.

Jetpack speed should be nerfed slightly so space chases arent waiting for a jetpack to run out.

Any fire counters xenomorphs pretty hard so keep that in mind, if hunter is chasing you try to go in maints and be one tile tight spaces so you have guaranteed hits on them.

Speed offers little combat advantage, it’s as easily counterable as it can be used poorly.

I like the speed with how it is right now, since being very quick only acts as a getaway and not an actual combat advantage, considering how hard it gets to click each other.

Every nerf to speed is a nerf to having any combat strategy as a whole. Nerfing it more turns all fights into a pure “did someone strike first” and “who has the stronger item” situation which is terrible.

Nerf items that give speed instead.

nerfing normal speed makes speed increasing things so much more robust.


because chemist needs even more power.

You would enjoy this game a lot more if you didn’t categorize every single change into either ‘nerf’ or ‘buff’

Sure. Let’s ignore changes and just play along.

-Chemist is a powergame god and seems like it always will be.

-Botany’s endgame is fucking dead but it still has bombs and nettle.

-Miners lost all powerful loot while explorers are swimming in guns.

-Xenobio still exists.

-Virology still exists.

-We still have bullshit instakill items.

When parts of the game get gutted while other tumors are being ignored it’s very hard to view things outside of balancing. There’s a tip that says the coders’ job is to remove things they don’t like, and it’s unironically what’s happening here.

Miners went from Doomslayer tier to just below ERT tier.

…Also, if you don’t like it, then change it? It’s an open-source project.

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Can’t be done. People in power won’t allow it. I was once very optimistic about this. Not anymore.

I also have no idea what you’re talking about in regards to miners. They lost literally every single piece of powerful equipment. Because this wasn’t enough, drake armor was made weaker on station and hierophant damage was gutted. What are you gonna get to become ERT tier? Bone axe? Explorers get a fucking katana. You think heck suit is strong? Here’s bombs, guns, other guns, hiero gun, printable guns, omnilathe…

This isn’t me crying about miners losing their shit, mind you, it’s just that after all that repeated nerfing we now have mining 2 with all the same issues.

Balance is a joke.

If it was balanced it would be a PVP game with no job aspects.
literally CTF.
not fun.

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Pvp is part of the game and codebase. We have different views on what the game should be not only here but among the coders themselves. That’s why one department gets balanced for jobs, one gets balanced for pvp and one gets everything, even though technically speaking all but sec shouldn’t have pvp. I could go further but I already made a fucking massive thread about how conflicted ss13 and bee design is. Everything I have to say has been said already and had no effect.