Kevster actually broke discord tos

Discord report:

Title: [Offender’s Discord]  Report

Your Discord:katebot

Offender's Discord:chutuluonice

Rules Broken:no breaking discord tos

Incident Description:posted lolis wich, are pretty much againt discord tos

Additional Information:


Just noticed it IS rule breaking

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This should probably be locked until the relevant appeal is processed, as it this point it’s basically a duplicate.


The image is broken and didn’t load

Also get a quite from the actual discord TOS, I personally do not have it memorized and do not know if this is or isn’t breaking it.

  1. You must apply the NSFW label to channels if there is adult content in that channel. Any content that cannot be placed in an age-gated channel, such as avatars, server banners, and invite splashes, may not contain adult content.
  2. You may not sexualize minors in any way. This includes sharing content or links which depict minors in a pornographic, sexually suggestive, or violent manner, and includes illustrated or digitally altered pornography that depicts minors (such as lolicon, shotacon, or cub). We report illegal content to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  3. You may not share sexually explicit content of other people without their consent , or share or promote sharing of non-consensual intimate imagery (also known as revenge porn) in an attempt to shame or degrade someone.

he specifically broke discord rules here and its to see the rules

except it doesn’t depict a minor, and it’s not pornography?

except it doesn’t depict a minor, and it’s not pornography?

Its a character with an unknown age but a small size. I believe a real 18 year old person could look like that. That being said this image is very borderline and sets a bad precedent to post here.

What I think discord is banning is depictions of animated characters who are clearly and 100% without a doubt minors (think toddlers), which this image is not.

What this image is suggesting is bestiality impregnation and in my opinion it is utterly fucking disgusting.

I feel you have broken rule 2 of the beestation discord rules.

Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.

I find this image to be extremely offensive because of how vile the acts insinuated are.

I find it extremely disturbing that a head admin would post this and I feel it sets a horrid precedent.

@Demdisco I feel some of your arguments are better suited to being posted here.

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Thanks for the report, waiting on input from other admins.
Until then, because of peanut-posting this thread will remain locked.

This falls under the definition of sexually suggestive and illustrated.
Ergo - it is against Discord ToS.
But of course if Discord enforced its ToS strictly and fairly there would be no Discord at all.
Discord ToS is shit, same as any other tech company.
But they are what they are.

Handles long time ago