Keeping your connection data private (Privacy advisory)

Important privacy advisory

If you didn’t know, by default BYOND shares all of your connection data on the hub ( This information can be freely (and easily) scraped by anyone and compiled into a database, allowing for people to see exactly where you’ve connected, when, and how many times. We’ve already seen some individuals acting as data brokers in our space, tracking and openly sharing targeted player connection data for various reasons.

I would strongly advise you all to go into the BYOND pager and to change your Location preference to Invisible . This will keep your username from showing up on the hub whenever you connect to a server.



how else am i supposed to metagrudge skyrat players


I don’t see how this is important unless you play on ERP servers. How is this bad exactly?

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Intrusive data collection bad.

If you don’t care then that’s that, but some people do and this information should be accessible.

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I’m more concerned about admins freely sharing hardware IDs and even compiling public databases.

Yeah I think european players especially should be freely able to opt out of things like centcom.

Kero is very thankful that EU privacy laws do not include operational data, or else banning players from the EU in any capacity on any game would not be possible.

Kero cannot imagine the nightmare this would cause.

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You’ll find the juicier stuff on their discord.

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