Kate Garrison discord muted by llol111

Discord ID: pavliko#2620

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): unable to access dates, posting a screen with my warnings.

I have 3 warnings in total

1st warning was for pinging mentor team to ask a question about lizard feet

2nd warning was about uploading a semi realistic lizard foot drawing that ended up disturbing someone

3rd warning was about discussing hyper station mechanics to powergame chemistry and lizard feet(it was fine until other people made it weird)

I am not appealing a specific warning but just trying to get myself out of the whole situation I got myself in and I hope that a head admin can assist me in this

Appeal Reason:

Unlike a lot of people by this point on beecord I do not push the 18+ line and stay tame with my bad jokes.

My main reason to appeal is that not only that I enjoy the discord itself but also where we talk about game round funny events that happened and mechanics behind them.

I’m also generally very helpful discussing specific topics about in game mechanics…
At least I think I am…

I like to believe that I bring more than Lizard Feet and degeneracy to the community.

I did not expect a slap and I never realized it will be such a big one too.

Additional Information:

Apparently I was supposed to be muted long ago but someone screwed up and I ended up not being muted.

We were talking about our warnings today and llol111 saw that I should be muted already with 3 warnings and did a test mute to confirm this - hence I am now muted

I was told that Cae might be my best chance to sort this out

Bonus additional information:
You can statistically check like on the next picture of the search bar with the same search tag that I’m not directly responsible for the degeneracy on beecord even if people like to claim that I am responsible

Additional edit:
You know how in space law if you arrest someone but they are wounded and the time they spend in medbay to get healed should be deducted from their timer?
I would like to attempt to use that right since I was supposed to be muted long ago.
Can’t argue with space law



Heres the dates
ceas warn - 22.01.2021
vexys warn - 22.01.2021
My warn - 19.09.2021

With these all being for relatively similar issues, and mine being by far the most recent, i think i’ll let mine stick

Ceas and vexs are over half a year ago at this point, so while its up to them ofc you have a good chance there.

just please for the love of god contain the hornyposts

Yea let them post, I don’t really care by now.

It took you three warns, and entirely disregarding the many people who have asked you to stop posting about fetishes, to figure out that the constant hornyposting might get on people’s nerves?


The warnings are an indicator that you should change your behavior, not changing it simply elicits more warnings and thus the mute.


Kate is permabanned from the server, no?

Then why even let them back on Discord if they aren’t playing the game

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That’s Kate BISHOP

This is Kate GARRISON


Ah god getting my Kates mixed up

just ignore me then


Xeapor you silly man.
Bishop is a shitposter.
Garrison is a feetposter.

Their similar names don’t really help lmao


first 2 warnings were half a year ago for memeing, I got them in a span of 10 minutes

I will not argue or defend my dumb behavior.

I promise to tone the bad jokes down and not bait people to call me uwu cringe
Or at least try to

final edit:
About the lizard feet jokes, my first lizard feet joke was about a year ago on the communication console to centcom and they rolled with it.
Blame them, they enabled me.


Yeah… about that…
It was already attempted before Help Kate Garrison restore her honor - General - BeeStation (beestation13.com)

Actually…Rene you are a decent player, I guess I should take your advice.

I will even set filters in game to highlight if I ever say the word ‘feet’ just to remind myself how close I am to saying something cringe


How about you never mention feet again, not even as a joke? That’d be absolutely the best thing you could do


I hope i come to a point in this community where my behaviour will be judged harshly and criticized, you are lucky that people care about you and not just despise or laugh at you for those jokes.

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Accepted with conditions of never mentioning feet again.