Kate Bishop Player Report for the records edition

CKEY: Demdisco

Your Discord: PUSSINBOOTS#5935

Offender’s CKEY: Kate bishop

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kate Bishop

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/27/2020

Round Number: 19086

Rules Broken: 2 Be Excellent to Each Other & 4 No Self-Antagging or Grief

Incident Description: Round start I PDA the clown and tell him I’m making a lube factory, I did and he has some fun with it, all was well for a while. I made a bicara pill factory so if anybody gets hurt (slipping and slamming hurts you), they can heal up. Soon come in Jeff Retard & Kate Bishop, who decide to break the machine. It’s not hard to re-build it, so I just let them know that I can rebuild it. They’re not content at having broken the machine, but brig both me and the clown for 5 minutes.
Obviously as they’re non sec, I take any opportunity I can get to shove them and bail, most that happened when trying to bail was shoving kate down and using the e-guns (on disable), but given that there wasn’t much to be done, I got lethaled, put back and healed, happens again and kate decides to set it to 15 minutes. This is where the rule breaking part happens and where I actually send an ahelp with a clear rule broken, as you can’t jail somebody for over 10 minutes.

Mid a-help, the admin removes the window so I can escape, but before I even do anything kate arrives and takes out an e-gun, obviously I shove him back, a small squabble later he runs out of ammo and lethals, so he just uses his axe to crit me, cuff me, and heal me, for the THIRD time for building a lube factory. Kate then tries to perma me, but the admin at this point was already talking to him so he knew he was gonna fuck up even more if he did and let me go. The clown eventually suicides and I ghost because the round is just stupid and nothing else at this point. I confirm that Kate was non antag and then post this report.

TL;DR: Kate, as chaplain, brigs me for 15 minutes (Which is the only rule breaking part in this somehow) for building a lube factory and bicara factory for the clown, claiming it’s grand sabo when it’s a workplace hazard at the very most; destroying the clown and my round because of his inability to have fun. **Much later on the round, runs into the SM to suicide.**SM was still stable however after.

Additional Information: The admin handled it, I think? (Didn’t receive any confirmation message), but I’m putting it out here because I still felt my round was irrecoverably ruined by a non antag who couldn’t handle basic clowning.

I was observing since round start, and can confirm that Kate did in fact do this. Not to mention that after Kate finally freed the chemist, she threatened to send him to perma again just because he said that Bishop was finally realizing that she’s an idiot

bro the original jailing was 5 minutes, you scaped stole our weapons and shoot at us TWO TIMES.

i freed him because the admin took pity and let him out, the chemist ssdd sortly after. the round got on for more than 30 mins

If you were acting as sec, escaping doesn’t mean increased sentence, and if ever rarely increased, by a minute at the very most. I shot you with non lethals, unlike you, which used actual lethals.
Increasing from 5 to 15, already over something which was trivial and should have been funny was dumb.

A sentence over 10 minutes, gulag or perma is no longer considered an IC issue.

Edit: Also, afaik, critting and healing to brig me as non-sec (Even as sec) is not allowed, no?

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She’s also got a history of acting the shitter even as sec, as seen in another active player report she’s under. What is this, like 3 at the same time now?

Sec can add a minute for every minute they had to chase you

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you where valid for: breaking into sec, having AA as not cap, stealing off the armory.

edit:stop putting your rejected reports on shit.

Good thing that me getting out of the cell when I can didn’t even last a minute all together.
Also it’s 1 minute for every 2 minutes iirc, but this is the finer detail.

Side note before anything is said and/or done,

If I can have a “”“say”"" on a punishment, if any, I don’t want him to be banned or anything, just let him know that he’s being a massive dick.


What admin handled this? Because I think their input is vital here because it just seems so bizarre that they would sit back and let rule break after rule break even after them already stepping in previously. Even admins that tend to give leniency don’t tend to like it when you slap them in the face by going back and repeating the bad behavior.

This totes needs the side of that admin to be expressed to know what really happened.

I was the admin on this round (and I was the clown as well) , there was no sec/head and kate took cap’s ID. It’s not a rulebreak to arrest people when there is no sec or head, and while arresting clown and chemist for lube is a dick move, it’s allowed.
I was afk during most of the arrest, in fact I had killed myself when I was thrown inside the cell because of rl matters, so I just came to see that chemist and me (my corpse) are brigged for 15 mins, I removed the wall to let the chemist go, then I tried to bwoink kate about the long timer and to ask her to reduce it but kate came there sooner and disabled chemist while he was still standing inside the cell, then shot him with a shotgun loaded with lethal bullets.
Kate explained that chemist tried to break out three times (which was right) so I allowed her to brig the chemist.
This might seem weird but players can take up the role of sec when there is no sec or head to promote them.
The only rule that MIGHT be broken here is using lethals on the first interaction ( both kate and the other assistant whom I think was jeff retard tried to lethal me during arrest, but I couldn’t bwoink because of admin conduct, and they later healed us so it is fine.) I can’t handle this report because I was kinda involved in it. But I don’t think there was any rule break here.

This is the rule breaking part, in case you missed it.
15 minutes makes it an OOC issue, not IC.

Do you mean perma brig here?
Also it was twice, the third was you removing the windows.

Escalation thrown out the window, very based.

Side note: People who committed 4XX are allowed to make a “Citizens” arrest? Bruh.

But this opens a whole new can of worms. What exactly is the Chemist going to do if they feel they will never be freed from their imprisonment? With actual sec even more so if there is a warden you typically have the expectation of being let out in a timely manner. But if a civ does it to you and then walks away you never know if they are ever coming back.

How long did it take before the chemist began attempts to break out? Because if this exceeded the amount of time that would be reasonable to jail him in the first place, why wouldn’t he try to break free? He could be left there. Heck if there was no communication from Kate that he saw at all Kate could have even died within the time they were jailed.

If someone decides to do citizens arrest their assurance of players being out in a timely manner should be the exact same as if they were playing sec.

I think it’s always been the expectation that if you act as security, you take the responsibilities of security.

Okay, so again how long did the chemist wait before trying to bust out?

Bust out #1: Shove back and try to run away, disabler fight that I couldn’t win. Lasted like 20 seconds.
Bust out #2: Shove back, critted, cuffed and healed.
Bust out #3: Didn’t happen, the admin removed the window and

Well, might as well just ask you since you seem to be rather honest anyways. How long do you think it took you before you started the escape attempt? Because if that exceeded the amount of reasonable time to be jailed this report is completely valid.

The clown was dead and I knew he wouldn’t be coming back, and given the amount of tension in that round between me and like the only other guy running around doing anything, and my way of trying to escape when the 15 minute timer started and I couldn’t shove somebody to break out, I pretty much gave up so I had no plan of either breaking out or doing anything after.

The escape attempts didn’t happen between I broke the cell, but because the cell door was open and I could shove.

When kate found the cell broken (by admin removing the window) I absolutely knew that was the end, as kate instantly took out a gun, it was another shove and try to run away, but good luck doing that with being shot at and critted. Soon after threatened with a perma brig (“Breaking” out of cell 3 times has never been perma brig worthy, just restart the timer and adjust if anything else happened.)

So you tried to escape right away?