Kate bishop is a jew: the threequal

uhhhhhh ingame uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:

Title: kate bishop ruined my life!!! and killed my dog

CKEY: boolsrealm

Your Discord: attacker#5131

Offender’s CKEY: Kate bishop

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kate Bishop

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 6/9/2020

Round Number: 17011

Rules Broken: 3 and 4

Incident Description: near the start of the game, the ai opened and bolted all the doors leading to armory because there was no security, so we could “arm ourselves”, it was pretty based, i loaded up on weapons, and while i was leaving i noticed the wardens locker was open, so i tried to hack it open. here comes kate, the CHAPLAIN, tried to flash me for breaking into armory. i had sun glasses so i whipped out my disabler and stared in hopes that they’d leave me alone, instead they took out their two disablers and started firing at me. i did the infinite iq move of pulling out a bola and trying to throw it at them, didnt work, got disabled and cuffed. said i was valid for “trying to bola and spear me” but decided to not powertrip for a second in a flashing beam of hope for kate, i was almost in tears because of how much of a breakthrough this was, they let me go.

now flash forward like 20-30 minutes, i went back and took the krav maga gloves anyway. i was chilling in engineering, here comes kate with the captains swat armor, all access, and the entire armory in their backpack. they started at me and said “KRAV MAGA GLOVES? VALID.” and proceeded to shoot me with the entire arsenal of the north korean military untill i died, aka the dragnet and captain’s laser gun. after i died they took the krav maga gloves for themselves. i didn’t even fight back, i was sitting on my ass in engineering doing nothing. this was also on a CONFIRMED WIZARD ROUND, like, the wizard was running around with his staff shooting people with bolts of healing, so i literally couldn’t have been an antagonist, and even if it wasn’t a wizard round you can’t just fucking terminate me for having gloves.

kate got murdered by me on the shuttle when i resurrected as a pyroclastic anomaly slime. im bringing this up because they tried to claim i targeted them despite me killing like 3 other people on the shuttle before i killed them, so i’m just gonna shut that down before it even starts bruh, also bragged about killing a bunch of other people in ooc so i probably wasn’t the only one this happened to.

   Additional Information: walkin on the sun by smashmouth is my favorite song

dud stealing krav manga is self antag, i knew for a fact you had no reason to take it other than MUH GLOVES and earlier tried to bola and spear me cause i didnt let you into the fucking warden locker.

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i earlier tried to bola you because you flashed me. and when i pulled out my disabler and walked back, you got two disablers, duel wielded them, and fired down a hall before i fired a single disabler shot, but you just wanna leave that out bruh bruh


  1. before it is considered self antagging i must be able to provide a reason for it, if it’s a shitty reason it’s then confirmed self antagging, according to the ruling YOU decided to cite. you shot me to death before i could provide that reason bruh, didn’t even ask me why. you can’t just claim "well i know you just wanted them because “muh gloves wuahahah” because not once did you ever ask me why

  2. Antagonists are valid once proven. Suspicions, hearsay over comms, and meta knowledge are not sufficient enough to deem someone valid, but allow for further investigation. - from official beestation LRP rules

try again pls


on our previous encounter i told you you had no reason to be there and to fuck off. you where ALREADY valid to me as you fucking tried to spear bola me, i only disabled you after the flash didnt turn you down.

try again

lol no, i never tried to spear you. you can’t hold spear in backpacks, i have to have it out. you decided to flash and shoot me with disablers before i did ANYTHING to you. and no, you never communicated to me “you have no reason to be here fuck off!” you literally just said the word “bad”. that doesn’t communicate shit lmao. and keep trying to pull the “YOU TRIED TO SPEAR ME” because i never threw the spear, never two handed it, had it out before you even approached me bruh. i tried to bola you because you’re a fucking chaplain shooting me with two disablers in a department you have 0 juristiction over bruh. cope, cry, seethe, dilate, do whatever you have to do, but it doesn’t make me valid


yes you totally double wielded the spear to “store it” and was going to bola me to “store” the spear inside of me :clown_face:

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i said i cant store the spear, i don’t know why you’re having a catastrophic meltdown over the fact that spears don’t fit in backpacks. yeah, let me just drop my spear on the ground so the person randomly flashing me can feel safe while they continue to randomly shoot me with disablers with zero communication. i was going to hopefully bola and disable you, but i missed my throw.

and even then, there was zero proof i ever intended to harm you, having the spear out didn’t make me valid because you came and tried to attack me. once again, cope, cry, seethe, dilate, do whatever you gotta do, but having a spear out doesn’t make me valid

dud you fucking double handed it and charge at me…

i double handed it and threw a bola at you? just think for a second. just really think about it. i threw a bola at you while i was two handing my spear. re-read that, very carefully. just read it over and over untill you see the issue with that claim. the only time i charged you is when i threw the bola.

double handed it, charged at me , i get away, you try to bola.

try again

i pulled out my bola when you shot down the hall

try again

yes when i tried to flash you for hacking into the warden locker and it didnt work.

try again

when you tried to flash me i pulled out my disabler, not my bola. and even if your claim was true, it disproves your claim if me charging you while duel wielding my spear, so, your claims are already conflicting bruh.


do you expect me to remember every minor detail that happens on a 2d spessman game.bruh

i kind of do if you’re gonna go in OOC talking shit about how im “retarded” for thinking this is self antagging (which it is) and then just make up random bullshit in the player report you begged me to make. but yeah bro your arguments are invalid, spin it anyway you want, but you tried to shit on me before i took any action against you, i was literally trying to defend myself by bolaing you. once i missed the throw, i tried to run behind a wall, i didn’t charge you. but yeah keep saying i was valid because of these mystery events that never even happened bruh

you mean like how you and satan talked about how i was a trany and how tranys where bad…? lmao get a life.

once again, mystery events that never happened. satan talked about you being a tranny and how they were bad, i didn’t. i literally defended you when people said you shouldn’t be mentor and that we should valid hunt you. but i guess you just selectively remove that from your memory and fail to mention it because you have some sort of complex. see a therapist bruh i don’t know what ur issue is

why did she have the caps gear thats self antag argue that

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dud the level of toxicity was soo high i just disabled ooc and told them whit a captain announcement to go fuck themselves and to stay mad.