Jonnysalami / Kiera Katsura Player Feedback Thread

Hello hello!

I have never RP’d before, Kiera in SS13 has been my first time doing so!

Please give me feedback so I can get better!

Are there some things I do that you like? Some things you don’t like?

Recommendations? Complaints?

Thanks for taking the time to read and contribute!


Oh so its you! There’s nothing i don’t like personally and even just seeing Kiera around warms my heart and makes me happy. Great job

This man: Lol im going to do a crippled felinid for funnies, I just drank some beer

The beestation community: PRAISE

you roleplay the blind part quite nicely


The famous Kiera ckey has been leaked!

I honestly don’t have any complains with Kiera, i enjoy interacting with her and it’s nice seeing how she gets along with a lot of crewmembers and fomentates a lot of roleplay chit-chatting(as well as doing her designated job, tho we don’t talk about that Roboticist incident)

Kiera and the PAI gang have been a blessing for us and something we should strive to have.

As long as you have fun having that low visibility keep it up! Because i couldn’t imagine myself playing constantly with the blind quirk all the time haha

Soon shitter cant do anything to kiera, as she has ascend(or descend depending on who you ask) to moderator, soon admin (Or Headmin :upside_down_face:?)

You have made a character I literally cannot kill out of guilt.

good job

I have a hard time believing this.



I agree!

Always have a nice chit-chat, and love the waving at different objects when I depart.

Kiera is a 15/10…

Beacon of wholesomeness CHECK
Good Roleplay CHECK
Actually using their gimmick CHECK

I legitimately have no faults.

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Thank you all! If there is any way you can think of for me to improve, please let me know!

…love the waving at different objects when I depart.

That was one of the first things I came up with when I sat at the cargo front desk for so long!
I do worry that I dont custom emote stuff out as often as I used to. Like opening a windoor used to be like

*perks up in her chair
*presses random buttons
*leans on the desk and tilts her head

If you do decide to, give me a chance to RP it! Usually people just set bombs right next to me and walk away! Or I’ll get a chloral hydrate injection rarely

I’m glad you remember! For RP, I always try to give whoever I’m talking to, a couple options for what they want to do. I don’t think I’m good at presenting them yet, work in progress!

It really is my first time actually RPing a character or RPing in general! I get embarassed when I play a seeing character and emote a bit. “Am I really filling up the air that much with emotes? Goodness…”

I played my namesake Belthesar in a wheelchair for three rounds in a row, and got harassed all three times, some instances involving the pool. I told myself I would never use the paraplegic quirk ever again.

A month later on a rough evening, I decided to make Kiera, with one of the reasons being that I would see how quickly she would get killed. I figured having a blind, paraplegic catgirl, with a very light owo-speak accent, would lead to a quick death and then I’d probably just delete her.

The crew was very nice to me, and I almost deleted Kiera 2-3 times, but soon found myself playing as her more and more. Now I’m at 500 exact hours with her as my main, while my other characters gather dust…

In terms of playing blind, I actually get disoriented when I play a seeing character or as a ghost! Suddenly I’m so fast and the screen is huge, its a lot to take in haha. Its a big problem on my rare shaft miner rounds as Bran, where I have to re-adapt and figure out how to bonk fauna again! I still stick to walls even as other characters now, even on Lava land.

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My only concern is the hugbox metaganging that even the wiki warns about.

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Favorite character! And enjoy the roleplay side a lot.
Also part of the late night rp gang is cool!
I pray for the Kiera Traitor day.

gives the cat girl headpats

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a step above even azure
trully a hardcore challenge

with the 1 factor of being trully unexpected

I believe it was Tyranic or Inithis made me a traitor once, I had no idea why I got bwoinked as I felt the walls down the main hallway. “Hey uh, you’ve got no traitor hours, have a learning experience”

I didn’t steal the reflective vest, I thought it meant like, any old maints vest. I didn’t have to kill because my target cryo’d and it turned into an unused slime core.

I did “both” and then the server crashed as I went to get a hand teleporter!

This is something I worry about a lot as well - as I mentioned to others in Beecord, I always try to wrangle people from doing dumb stuff but its hard to manage that when blind and don’t know who all are around :<

It also makes it a bit harder to make new friends because half the station is always taking me places!

I really hope you try to enable traitor on, why wait to be kidnapped when you can the one doing it yourself, especially with your psychiatrist job

Yea , some time ago i started asking disabled (either paraplegic/blind or both) people if they want to be helped / being dragged around or not. Well if you think its better for people to not going out of their way to chill with you, ill keep that in mind (its not that Ausar got a lot of time to chill as atmos/sec)

I try to limit myself in seeking out the same person constantly. But I’ll always be friendly over the radio or pda


You play a character that is not an entitled shitlord like so many others. You also play a character who is weak and yet tries their best anyway; the best part is that you are competent. Genuinely, I enjoyed playing Genetics with you and only one other player for as long as I was on bee.

I have nothing but praise for you: keep it up.

Kiera is a very nice character that I would never harm! (Except for the times I threw her down disposals but we won’t talk about that)

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