Joelogbybolb banned by Megaddd

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Penis inspection day is not in effect. Mutation grief is also very wack. in short: (appeal on the forums if you believe this was made in error)
Appeal Reason:
I believe making this an indefinite ban is unfair. I have never been warned that playing a harmless prank on the captain is such a bad offense. About the mutation grief, this was only enacted at the end of the round as a harmful, yet not long lasting prank, since the round was about to end. In short, I believe it is unfair since there has been no previous instances of this, and I believe I should be only temporarily banned. Thanks for taking your time to read my report and I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Oh and I’m really sorry for the cluwne thing, will never happen again when I get unbanned.


This was either an ERP permaban, or this is a run-of-the-mill grief/banevasion ban. Also if you made the mutations in prep for EORG, that is powergaming, lad. Just wanted to add some rule-related context to the matter.

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No ban evasion on my part, I’m brand new to the game (by brand new I mean 22ish hours). Not ERP either, just yelled “Penis inspection day is in effect, please report to security for your free firearm” through radio as the geneticist with the captain’s enzymes, as a joke. And on powergaming, I don’t believe it’s that either, I had an injector of Cluwne, and the affected took it voluntarily. On the max it’s mutation griefing and I feel it’s excessive to give out a permaban for one single incident. Especially since previous rulings for other admins suggest it is appropriate to give out temporary bans for multiple instances of griefing.

Do you have any examples of this? I have a feeling there might be a disagreement on what is considered “griefing” because they’re normally permanent bans.

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I know there’s different degrees of griefing, but I looked at the banlist before and some guy griefed for several rounds after being warned and got a temp ban. I did not grief in a round wide sense but I did give someone a Cluwne mutation under the guise of Space Adaptation at the end of round. I think these are to a different degree, but I got perm banned. Sillybillysilly’s ban on 2023-01-18 is much more egregious than what I did and he got banned for a week.

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Their situation was very similar to yours, actually, and the ban was permanent until they explained themselves with an appeal. They explained their perspective and how and why they acted as they did, and apologized as well - they had an ongoing conflict and in the end it was just egregious over-escalation rather than random grief.

Comparatively, your actions sound like they’re in pretty direct violation of the server’s first and most important rule:

1 You Must Roleplay

The goal of our server is to immerse players in a fictional universe, enabling them to roleplay with each other. Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional; act like it. Have a sensible name, construct a character for yourself and behave as the character would, and avoid breaking the immersion. Declaring independence from NT or the rest of the station is grounds for a server ban unless it is done in response to character-driven events in the current round (with admin approval).

  • You’re a professional working for a major corporation. Act like you want to keep your job. Roleplaying insanity or any other mental illness as an excuse to bypass this is not allowed. Nanotrasen would not have hired you in the first place.

With that in mind:

Announcing penis inspection day over comms while impersonating the station’s captain - was this character motivated in some way?

Second, the mutation “grief” - Was this a character motivated action, or just something you did for the lulz in the moment? Cluwne can’t be reversed and effectively removes the affected person from the round for good - as a new player it’s entirely possible you didn’t know that and it’s more than understandable to to know exactly what everything does, but the specific effects of the mutation are less important than whether it was a character motivated action or not.


I did roleplay the giving the people the syringe, and saying it’s not allowed to give them out in gene, and trying to overall convince them to take the shot without forcing them, through roleplay that made sense. In that round I was trying out a gimmick of being a geneticist that wants to cause harmless chaos (mischief), so I gave myself cap’s enzymes and announced the penis inspection thing, as for the cluwne, I wasn’t aware it was uncurable, I thought they could mutadone reverse it.

Joelogbybolb/(Amos Bicknell) [Common] (spans: ) "This is your captain speaking, please report to security for mandatory penis inspection." (language: Galactic Common) (Genetics Lab (99, 94, 2))
Joelogbybolb/(Amos Bicknell) [Common] (spans: yell ) "This is your captain speaking, report to security for mandatory penis inspection day!!" (language: Galactic Common) (Medbay Aft (89, 95, 2))

Following this I did a cursory check on your activity in the round and found it to be a fail in roleplay and willingness to play here with the main intent to “troll” people with various inconveniences “because it’s funny”, in combination with the low playtime indicative of a throwaway griefing account.
Considering you actually bothered to write an appeal I’m willing give you the benefit of the doubt and downgrade this to a 1d server, which you already elapsed, and 1 week geneticist ban for giving people various inconvenient mutations because “funny”.

I recommend you go over the rules here, especially the detailed points in rules 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13 in the event you roll an antagonist.

Making “a little chaos” happen just because you find it interesting others might find a little less interesting, I would encourage you to consult adminHelp in the event you have something in mind that you are not sure might toe the line rules-wise in the future.