Sillybillysilly ban appeal

Title: sillybillysilly Banned by Admin ro5490

Admin’s CKEY:ro5490

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (2023-01-18 01:15:28)

Round ID:42304

Ban Reason:As chaplain, spend the majority of the round breaking into medbay and the morgue, Cremated a bunch of medical items, ordered their summoned undead to sabotage medical equipment and even ordered them to Welderbomb medbay. Then tried to kill the CMO on the escape shuttle. All for no valid IC reasoning, as a non antag. Lets not forget the pda message you sent to the cmo stating “Still not banned”. Explain yourself on the forums.

Appeal Reason: its not the full story and some parts are out on context

Additional Information:there is more to the story i sacrificed the cmos cat after i did that the cmo and med bay came in to the chapel and destroyed it so i went in to someday and pushed them ever and took a med scanner as pay back. after i had done that they said if i ever come in to medical again the whoud shoot me with a syringe gun so i went back in and i believe the cmo injected me with somthing that gave me toxins damaged and i died from that . i then told my holey undead to welder bomb them as payback for killing me . the pda message where i said still not banned was after i got in to the morge after they said i was banned from it.

I am deeply sorry for my actions. Breaking into the medbay and morgue, cremating medical items, ordering my summoned undead to sabotage medical equipment, and attempting to kill the chief medical officer were completely unacceptable and unjustified. I understand that my actions caused harm and inconvenience to others, and for that, I am truly sorry. I want to take responsibility for my actions, and I want to let you know that I was under the effect of drugs at the time, which impaired my judgement. I will do everything in my power to make amends and ensure that something like this never happens again. Please accept my sincerest apologies

Hello i was an officer that arrived quite late to the shift but witnessed a couple of the events

You didn’t got infected by Milli, the CMO, you got selected randomly as part of the zombie outbreak midround event which puts a zombie tumor on your brain and makes you take toxin damage until you die and arise as a zombie, i’m not sure what Milli injected you with, maybe antitoxin to try and stabilize you and you mistook it for her poisoning you.

As for the last part about the banned thing i think it’s best to ask @Not_a_Shark to tell her side of the story and if she indeed said that you were banned from Morgue.

There are exactly 47 logs of any form of physical interaction between Milli and Yourself. None of these involve any form of injection, and infact the first of these is when they tried to perform surgery on you to remove the zombie tumor, and you fought back.

You went into medbay to take the cat without any RP relating to said cat.
After that, the CMO came into the chapel, demanding to know what you did with Runtime, and was throwing things around with good RP to back up the situation.
They then told you you’d lost Morgue privilages, at which point you attacked them including bible beating and shoving.

The morgue was then bolted down by the CMO to stop you from entering, at which point you asked the AI to unbolt it. Which they did and you looted the morgue for bodies.

Later you re-entered medbay and assaulted the CMO with zero RP yet again after they asked you to leave. You also stole a few items at the same time.

You where then set to arrest and spoken to in the chapel by a security officer and the CMO. The CMO did state if you entered medbay again without any injuries they would shoot you with a syringe gun.

You where taken to the brig, and brig stuff happened, then you where released.
After release, you state “The bitch needs to die”.

You then get your holy undead to sabotage medbay, including but not limited to deconstructing machines and setting off a welderbomb.

The CMO gets questioned in the brig about the syringe gun threat and gets released, then states again that the Chaplain(you) is not to be allowed into medbay unless they need healing from an injury.

You then cremate a number of medical items including but not limited to - Lifeform stasis boards, micro-lasers, thermo machine boards, beakers, cryo-tubes, and more.

I could continue, but not only is the amount of self-antag here evident, its also incredibly one sided and petty.

I’ll happily wait for @Not_a_Shark 's side of things, if they wish to provide it.
Until then, you should take this time to reflect on your actions.
And maybe not do drugs or drink alcohol while playing on our server in the future, as no matter how impared your judgement might be, you still need to abide by our rules as we will punish you for any rule breakages, inebriated or not.


i thought they where going to inject me because they said they where going to shoot me with a syringe gun if i came back , and hitting them with a bible was a miss click on my end

but it was not one sided since they had sent medical workers in to the chapel to deconstruct parts of it , interrupt the spells i was doing and more
i was also pushed to the floor and stabbed my the cmo and some of there doctors witch is one of the resions i asked my undead to get revenge
i also thought that this had all been delt with when i got the admin ticket in game witch said dile back on the sabotage

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I went through about 1500+ logs from yourself, the CMO, medical staff, and your summoned holy undead to type out the summery above.

As far as I can tell there are no logs relating to medical staff deconstructing the chapel, or any logs from the CMO ordering people to do such a thing.

After double checking that specific incident,You entered the department, assualted the CMO with zero RP, and got beaten on by medical staff for doing so.

This is still self-antag.
You also had medbay welder-bombed, this is self antag and griefing.
You ordered your holy undead to sabotage medbay, this is again, self antag and griefing.
You cremated a large amount of tech that medbay needed to operate. Again, self antag and griefing.
After recieving said ticket, you still went out of your way to attack the CMO on the escape shuttle.

Once I’ve heard the other sides story fully I will process this appeal.

i attacked them on the shuttle because they killed the undead
it was the benches and i belive one of them tried to destroy the alter

Hey hey.
I dont mind roleplayed ic conflict, and was mostly fine with it.
Fights happen, thats good, conflict drives the round.
But your sabotage and bombing of medbay took it to far, as it not only affects the conflict between our players, but will have severe consequenses to the rest of the station as it prevents and delays treatment of unrelated players.

I dont think you has bad intentions, but next time, aim for less collateral damagen okay?


im relay sorry i thought you had killed me when infarct it was the random zombie virus that is all my fault im relay sorry if i had know it was not you fault i defiantly would never have done it it wont happen again

Adjusting the ban time down.
Take this time to reflect on your actions and improve your RP standards.

Appeal Accepted
Ban expires on 2023-01-25 01:15:28.