Jimpix01 banned by froststahr

CKEY: jimpix01

Admin’s CKEY: froststahr

Ban Type: Permanent ban

Ban Length: forever

Ban Date: (2022-04-05)

Round ID: 37,189

Ban Reason: Grief, claimed ignorance. Suspicious account. Appeal on forum if you believe this was made in error.

Appeal Reason: So I’m appealing my ban for Grief since I want to play on this server again, so lets start from the start, I spawned in the round as a chemist to learn to do chem stuff and this other chemist was helping me (forgot the name) and they showed me this grenade that puts people to sleep and did toxin damage, after seeing it I asked them if they could make me one and they accepted, they made two grenades labeled VERY DEADLY and sleepy, note: i had no idea what was in the grenades as I didn’t make them, I make a bet with some botanist guy that the grenade wouldn’t kill his monkey and he accepted, we went to the dorms and the monkey started to attack me, I panicked and used the very deadly grenade instead of the sleepy one, and it then ripped a hole in dorms, then I get bwonked and banned.

Additional Information: I think the admin misunderstood me when I said I didn’t make the grenade (assuming he thought i knew what was in it.)

Why have him make the grenades for you? It’s considered power gaming to make grenades like that and keep them on you for no reason at all/are a non-antag.

Also for future reference you can easily overpower non-sapient monkeys and beat it down before it puts you in crit (as long as it isn’t holding anything useful in its hands).

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well it was beating me with an oxygen tank


Then you could’ve ran away but at this point the only thing that can be done is waiting for the admin log dive to double check about the other chemist

I’d have to double check but I’m pretty sure I was questioning the judgment of using a grenade labeled “DEADLY.”

Especially given what you’ve been banned for on other servers.

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well your likely right about that thinking about it now throwing a grenade labeled deadly while not knowing whats inside is a bad idea

For future reference, if you need to take monkeys apart, get on grab intent and do at least 3 grabs. The monkey will be downed, let go of anything it’s holding and will be unable to fight back or resist out of the grab. If the purpose is to kill the monkey, then apply a 4th grab to start choking it. Burn it or brute it to speed up the process.

I use this technique to replace damaged organs in long diseased patients that can still be jolted with a defib. Killing the monkey outright will start the process of decomposition and can damage the organs, especially the heart gets damaged very, very quickly. So I just drag the monkey to an operating table, restrain, and extract it’s organs to place in the patient while the monkey is still alive. Works wonders and the monkey can’t really do anything about it. If you don’t beat/damage the monkey beyond just grabbing/choking it, then it won’t become hostile when you release it, too.


really wish i knew that

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So is there any updates to this?

Most likely not, since you can’t appeal perma bans until a year has passed

Set to reopen on (2023-04-05) or something admemes


I mean, they said to appeal in the ban reason so I assume this is an exception



If you believe this was made in error
As in, this isn’t the correct account being banned or some such reasoning. Here is one such scenario: KubeRoot banned by Francinum (not really, stickyban issue 2: electric boogaloo)

If it was an “explain on forums” scenario it would’ve been directly enumerated by the text. Otherwise, as far as I can see, this is vouch only.

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Sorry for the incredibly delayed response this definitely shouldn’t have happened. As other’s have already pointed out, for valid permabans it’s required to get a vouch from a reputable server and that one year has passed.
You are able to appeal the placing of the permaban itself though if you truly believe that the permaban wasn’t warranted here.

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@Jimpix01 Pinging as you might’ve missed the post.

Closing as no vouch or answer was provided.