KubeRoot banned by Francinum (not really, stickyban issue 2: electric boogaloo)

CKEY: KubeRoot (Ban applies to MisterStationwide)

Admin’s CKEY: Francinum

Ban Type: Global

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021-05-23

Round ID: 29940

Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:
I am not any of the users listed as being banned, nor am I related to them in any way. The ban triggered due to me connecting with a new VM.
Additional Information:
I’m a linux user and have to play SS13 with a windows VM. However, that causes various weird issues to pop up, so sometimes I mess around with the VMs to try to fix them. This has happened to me before on beestation.

I wrote some more details on why it happened if you’re curious, or god help me if you know how I might be able to solve having lag on one server specifically:


In case you’re curious about why I was setting up a new VM this time: I’m an admin on a small server, but recently I’ve been having issues where I get unplayable lag on the server. I don’t get the lag on other servers, most people don’t get lag on that one server, but I’m pretty much the only active admin so I started digging deeper hoping I could actually do things on the server. After messing with wireshark I noticed I was getting a lot of bad TCP packets, retransmissions and out of order packets, and in the end I decided to try to make a new VM on win10 this time. (Last time win10 didn’t solve the stuttering issues, I ended up downgrading my kernel and sticking to win7 since I had everything set up on that one)
Interestingly, wireshark didn’t show any such bad packets on win10 during the initial test, so I went ahead and set up more stuff, then got on the server, and started flying around as a ghost… And got very noticable lag. I wasn’t sure if it might be better though, and for a comparison I tried connecting to acacia, planning to observe the game and fly around and teleport as a ghost to see if I start lagging out as well. Instead I got hit with the stickyban and now I not only seem to not have solved my lag but have created another issue altogether.

Anyways, sorry for making more trouble, maybe I should’ve stopped connecting to bee when messing around with temporary VMs the first time I triggered a stickyban.

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I mean I’d assume you’ve had enough time around that its safe to say that this is what it is.

However, I don’t know if we should trust someone who uses Linux as a daily driver OS to be mentally sound enough to be allowed on the server. /j


While what keeps happening to you is regrettable, even more so is that you are a Linux user, think about it, simple OS change could save you from writing a wrongful ban appeal!

Ban altered.

I’m so sorry