Jimmies guide to exploring spess

want to explore the great outdoors? well here’s how

recommended job: Miner

why? miners get access to:
Unlimited hardsuits
the best mobility option for space
infinite ammo guns that deal stupid amounts of damage in space
tools that can deconstruct Rwalls with ease
easy unlimited heals

here’s the plan
1: DO YOUR FUCKING JOB, just mine fucking ores, get loads of em, upgrade the ORM, all that shit, you need a good amount of mining points to do this anyway
2.print these items:

advanced plasma cutter (make sure to fully charge it and bring extra plasma sheets)
ore satchel of holding (incase you find any ore in space, you also should probably already have this if your mining)
Sonic Jackhammer (quickly breaks even Rwalls)
any pka upgrades of you want ( I normally just do one of each)
RCD (useful for breaking into hilberts)
GPS, actually why not get a bunch, just turn em off and place em whenever you find a ruin
and a bag of holding from sci

from the point vendor get:
mining hardsuit (add any goliath plates ya got)
jump boots (you’ll see why later)
hardsuit jetpack upgrade fucking coders ruining our fun :cry:
2 or 3 survival medipens
fulton extraction beacon
one or more fulton packs
maybe a medkit if you want
one or two capsule pods

ok once ya got yer shit
put on the hardsuit
get on internals
go out into spess
and jump using the jumpboots
you’ll be fucking YEETED into space at mach 10, have a GPS onhand to search for any ruins and if you find one place a GPS

favorite loot from ruins:
hilberts hotel, its got unlimited food,soap and bedsheets and showers, you can also set it to a secret random number so no one will find out where you are unless there’s a nerd who finds out the secret room and gets the fancy analyser

deep bunker, mainly for the meds and combat gloves

whiteship: spesship


recommended job: Miner

good choice, you are now banned from sage for 2 weeks

pick curator instead, he gets eva access roundstart


if you do you job first it should be fine, and technically your still mining, just using astroids not lavaland

wrong, also you cant get the gamer miner gear that I mentioned

curator does get access to a space suit and oxygen tank on round start, nasa kit from beacon bro.

I hate miners who abandon the station tbh, this could use admin input

i did this a couple times without admemes bwoinking me or anything, i still did my job of supplying the station and technically am more useful than any other miner who dies in lavaland

How to explore space as any job:

  1. Grab 3 cups of coffee, 1 syringe, 1 cigarette pack, 1 lighter, 1 skinsuit from blue lockers
  2. Pour all coffee into 2 cups, fill 3rd cup with welding fuel
  3. Inject 5u welding fuel into each cigarette
  4. Get to a space airlock and drink one full cup of coffee, put on suit and internals
  5. Place welding fuel cigarette 1 tile away from you in space and light it on fire
  6. Enjoy max speed space travel

this is just the shitty ghetto version

For someone excited enough to write a guide about spess exploring, you sure ain’t happy to see the ghetto methods.
I am disappoint, jimmies the brickets.

  1. Drink Cryoxidine
  2. Put on spess gear
  3. Hit self with baseball gear
    Ez dub

I not angry Im just saying the ghetto version is simply inferior to actual prep

Doesn’t require you to go mining for jump boots

Also this might be interesting for you


mining jump boots are infinite and fit in a (kinda) useless foot slot while cigs require you to acquire and fill em with plasma and store em

Mining boots are also jackboots I believe, you can slip in knives into em

Go to arrivals

Bolt open door

Open second door

Enjoy damage free travel, still full hp :sunglasses:

(May bwoink)

You’ll be happy to hear the curator gets aux base access round start with a free miner locker, so you can get the capsule and pka in expert time.

There’s a capsule in every escape pod safe.