Is this even an RP server anymore?

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I’ve talked about this before. A lot of our players aren’t actually here for the level of RP that’s being pushed for the server, and the core mechanics of this codebase are pure NRP/LRP.

Don’t make me post the stupid timeline thing again.



You got laughed at after you made your report so you’re stirring the pot in general now?

Dude take a fucking hint.

hey man im just saying what I see. This is an entirely separate round from the one yesterday.

And right now i see a cringe felinid conga line

Also Wilchen of all people telling me to take a hint lmao


By the way this is roundstart, and has lasted for 30 minutes already

Litreally no attempt by any of them to do their jobs

This is a genuine question by me, is this no longer an RP server?


My man is kind of right, i get funny goofs here and there but meowing on VC? Eeeeh


only good rp is sec killing clown rp


Round ongoing.

15 character post


fair enough, relist it once round has ended

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See, I think you’re a nice guy Xeapor, but I also think that this is a silly thread.

Yeah, we have issues, yeah, with some changes it would be ideal.

But will yelling at the conga men fix anything?

I don’t think so.

The first question you aught to ask for every problem is how you can fix it. In this case it means finding other people to RP with.

These guys are harmless. They aren’t the validhunters and metagamers of the LRP days. They’re a just having fun in a way that annoys you. There’s plenty of people to RP with while they’re off doing their thing.

So I don’t know what to tell you. You aren’t wrong, but if it was me the post would have looked very different. Bleh.

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Sadly not, they almost killed a borg because it ran into the conga line, and they chain flashed me when I called them cringe

Isn’t the round still going on?

Wait what did LampOS do? It seemed like a normal message.

Sadly not, they almost killed a borg because it ran into the conga line, and they chain flashed me when I called them cringe

That’s still just really annoying.

Longer explanation in spoiler, because it feels warranted.

This situation is directly comparable to the old player schism that happened when LRP was cracked down on. We have a situation where players are having fun in a way that other players do not like. The only difference is that this is less malign and round-ruining.

If things go the same way as they did before, you can expect all of these players to leave once rules choke them hard enough, or when staff buckles down and makes their lives hell after enough people like you complain. (No offense, being a complainer is not bad. Keep reading.)

Thing is, this isn’t happening because of problem players. A player is an isolated factor. A group of players is still an isolated factor. The fact that this keeps happening over and over despite countless ruling changes, should show that it’s an environmental problem that players just fall for. What I’m saying is that this game, or this codebase I guess, isn’t designed for the level of RP that we are trying to enforce. There’s so many things in the game that go against our rules that it’s a surprise we’ve even made it this far.

My word is powerless though. I can’t tell you if LRP is coming back or if/when these players will be banned. It’s a much harder situation to handle compared to the old days, because they aren’t directly abusing the grouping or the gameplay style, which means they can’t be justifiably banned (and shouldn’t be, in my opinion).

This also means that the bigger server issues causing this might just get brought more into light if the staff/coding team decides to fix their shit instead of issuing justice all day.

A really important thing to consider is that the selection of SS13 servers really isn’t that big. A lot of people are here because they legitimately do not have a better choice than Beestation because of lag, language or preferred codebase. This is an issue that’s in a much greater scape than anything else in the post, since it adresses the playerbase and their reason for being here directly.

The only ruleset we have is MRP, with very specific rules. That means that all players that have Bee as their best option have to play on MRP, even if it means it’s an unfun experience for many of them. This is why we have multi-account griefers that join here to feel alive, and this is why we have RP-breaking congas.

That’s without even mentioning the sense of community that many of these players feel. if you think playing on a ruleset you dislike because alternatives are shit is bad, how do you think it’s like when you add other players in the same situation that are supportive to you?

Really short rant-free version of the above

Bee is a great server and the best option for many players, but only has one ruleset that doesn’t fit them all.

On top of that, the codebase goes heavily against that very ruleset which will cause issues endlessly until it is changed to suit it.

Additionally, we are being encouraged to hate on players for not being “serious” in a game that has dragons and wizards, and it’s probably only going to get worse until Bee goes full HRP or makes very large changes to the codebase.

This thread is basically a monument to player schism. The conga wouldn’t be there if Bee had servers with rulesets that supported it better, and it wouldn’t be there if it had an HRP label and a whitelist.



This is clearly photoshopped because Kate Garrison doesn’t meow when talking

@Archanial round still ongoing