Is murderbone against the rules on sage?

I’ve had ahelps and player reports for murderboning rejected, but now I’m seeing bans for it.

Is it against the rules or not?

It is, its just that defining meaningless murderbone is hard outside of a straight up maxcapping or an occasional plasmaflood.

So basically it’s okay when someone the admins like does it?

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I haven’t seen anyone murderbone on Sage in forever. Antags are afraid to kill witnesses let alone the entire station (or just aren’t robust enough)


If I remember correctly, External Affairs Agents, people with His Grace and Clown Car are allowed to murderbone. But we have a Byzantine level of complexity to the rules so it there could be others.


Because a lot of people think that something is murderbone, when it isn’t. If you are a traitor, and you kill one dude and then just continue your round till shuttle arrives at CC it isn’t murderbone. Same if sec + few validhunters chase you, if you kill them it isn’t murderbone. Murderbone is if you kill multiple people without any reason, so you can kill like 3 people during the round, but 13, probably not. And yeah, there are no timers or other shit for admins to decide whether something was, or wasn’t, a murderbone so it really depends on the admin handling the ticket, and after that on those who look into appeals/reports.


Murderboning is defined as indiscriminate killing of multiple parties for absolutely no reason. Isolated killings are not murderboning.

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What they said, killing non-targets does not equal murderbone.
Killing witnesses? Fine.
Killing all of engineering if you need an SM shard? also fine.
Killing security officers? also fine

Basicaly, aslong as you have a solid reason to kill them that isnt just “felt like it” you’ll be fine


As long as you aren’t purposefully making witnesses, should be noted, i.e “they all saw me walking down main hallway with my arm blade out, I had to do it!”


If you’re walking from department to department racking up kills, you’re probably murderboning.
Everything else has context.

Only a few types of antags are allowed to murderbone on MRP.

what if you are outed as a antag and people attack you


Personally I think the rules should be adjusted so you can’t preemptively murder all of security, it just feels like murderboning. I once saw a round where a scientist set up a bluespace teleportation system next to an advanced camera system, and straight up teleported every single member of the department to an emagged recycler in the depths of maintenance. With this level of disregard for life, why rule out murdering everyone on the station? Surely you increase your odds of escaping on the shuttle alive if everyone is dead right? The same logic applies with preemptively taking out all of sec.

Certain situations allow for it. Even though it may not seem like murderbone, mass self defence is a thing imo. Example: 5 security people want you in cuffs. They are after you, sec is an antags worst enemy, you have the right to beat every single one to crit, if you are feeling kind.

As antag, you should perform actions that make threats to the completion of objectives non-existent in the least time and effort.

By my standards, that is how you decide if you go for the murder- if they are a large and active threat. If a clown is slightly annoying that is not a reason.

I think it is more of a „can you justify why you killed every one?” Sort of case. Witchhunts and validhunts are a thing y’know.

Correct me if wrong with the conduct

thats was a pretty badass scientist tho I was in that round he put a lot of effort into his killing machine

It was indeed a sight to behold.

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if the clown is annoying thats a good enough reason

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Murderbone is allowed on LRP because of valid hunting. On MRP only security valid hunt. You’re allowed to kill valid hunters.

“Valid” is not terminology you’re supposed to use on the roleplay server… A threat to the station’s security you mean?

Besides, I said the rules should be changed in my opinion, not that the rules really mean what I’m advocating for.

the idea of hugboxing security by putting rules protecting them from antags is just… please. do a think, babundus. do the brain.


I propose making it so you cannot kill someone unless it is reasonable. If your objective is to steal a plasma tank, and you can do it easily without being seen, it is completely unreasonable to build a slaughterhouse in maintenance to eliminate all of security, and goes against the spirit of MRP in my opinion.


i feel so gross just reading this.