Inventory adjustments 2.0

I just updated it per request, so now it looks like this:


Clowns still have their hugbox, but this is used for everyone else.

Very cool. The PR is now basically what I said in the original thread. Hopefully I see more laser weaponry used.

What about the mining box? They got a crowbar and other stuff in it.

What about different species? I suspect plasma men have a different stuff in their box too.

He already said that the Miner’s standard issue crowbar is out of the box.

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They no longer have a crowbar and their gas mask is included in the list above.
The explorer and security gas masks are the reason gas masks are able to fit in all survival boxes.

Covered in the list above.

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Nice but what about small guns like (toy pistol/sketchin/ptsd/sawded off shotgun) Are they also being bumped to normal size? It would kind of ruin the purpose of the sketchin if it took up half your bag imo.

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I assume the modified/digitizer gasmask is a subtype of the normal gasmask and can be stored in the same way? Honestly dig how this is turning out so far, looking forward to seeing Test Merge Two now that everything’s been shuffled around again.

I’m trying to think what long-handled weapons there are that aren’t already bulky though; Spear, Bomblance, Stunprod. Teleprod I guess?

Will rapid devices from engineer still be able to fit inside toolbelts?


Should yes. The list shown works for at least three variants of gas mask so all subtypes should apply.

Yes, and that’s where I am more or less pressuring them to be stored. They do also fit in bags, but take up a substantial portion of it.

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Would you mind including the compressed matter into the list of accepted items of either the sheet snatcher or the construction bag?


Out of spite for RCD, no.

Construction bag sounds sensible tbh


The construction bag only really holds circuitry, so this is an appreciable upgrade.

Should fit a crowbar and emergency fire extinguisher imo


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Make it so pies can be stored in boxes please

Pies have never fit into boxes, why would they now?

Even if allowed to fit into boxes, only two pies would fit inside of a box.

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Well clearly we need a dedicated pie box. Could make it exclusive to the Clown box to fit a few pies in it.

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time to port speciality boxes and more stamps, gimmicks, utilities and such.