Inventory adjustments 2.0

Testmerge feedback has been processed, please re-read the linked PR before making further comments/complaints to ensure you are up to date with what the PR is currently aiming to do and how.

I want to thank everyone who was committed to giving me such detailed feedback and answering the various questions I’ve reached out with through discord and otherwise. The new version of the PR takes much more precise aim and shouldn’t be nearly as sweeping or painful of a change.

I will not be trying to keep the forum thread up to date this time though, please follow the link to the PR if you wish to see its current state.


Reading through the updated PR description gives me exactly one (1) worry
Between specialty belts no longer having storage maximums, and their newfound ability to holster disablers, I am both concerned and very hyped for the “switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading” meta, AKA Six Fucking Disablers

Aside from this, the PR as it stands now feels like a much more surgical and targeted change, removing the thing you wanted to remove rather than taking dynamite to the entire system. Even though the changes in the first PR more actively appealed to my playstyle, I prefer this one for the sake of dumb shit happening.


I have a feeling there was a misunderstanding here.
They still have inventory limits, they are simply not limited by weight.

This means you can store 7 large objects on a belt, provided that belt accepts the given large item, but you can’t store more than 7 items period.

I’ll clarify this on the PR as this already got someone in discord too.
It will be able to holster one disabler, and an alternative approach may be taken instead.

I do not ever want sec to be in the position where they have to choose between carrying disabler and lethals - I want there to always be somewhere to put the disabler.



I had written a long rant on the previous thread and it got locked 1 minute before I got to post it, and a lot of things I ranted about got changed in this new edit. I will try to keep it short this time.

-Realism kills fun when overdone, as was the case with the previous edit, it’s better in the edit, but still.
-Tool not being ready is not exciting conflict in most cases, it’s annoyance. There are special cases where this is good actually (fire extinguishers)

Although, this is actually one of the few Ruko PRs that I like more than I hate. Overall, I need to play this on test merge and then I will rant in more details.

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I acknowledge it is more annoying to have to run back for the given tool for that person that has to do it. It is for the round as a whole that I’m saying I think it’s good. Things going wrong and not being fixed immediately is often better for the round as a whole than worse, though this depends on exactly who you’re asking and also on exactly what went wrong.

Say a player dies in this generic hypothetical - they’re probably going to have a bit of a worse time, but what about the medical staff that gets a patient to treat, antagonist behind the sabotage that wants a distraction, and security that now couldn’t pursue said antagonist because they lack tools to hack a door?

Things getting fixed immediately is not a big issue because it does not happen on the majority of the time. It only happens when:
1- there was a guy with skill and enough tools in his back pocket closeby who got to fix the thing immediately, which to be fair, is sorta fixed by this PR, IF carrying double duffle bags filled with tools doesn’t become the new meta.
2- the department that has to deal with issue responds to call quickly, in which case they will already fill a dufflebag with stuff needed to bring to the scene of accident, so this PR just barely slows down this proccess and just causes annoyance.

On your second point, it’s a fair and straight point but having big backpacks isn’t something that magically prevents a lot of deaths, so this RP is kinda unneccessary complication in this regard.
I agree with sec not being able to carry tools this way though.

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Honestly, I never ever used boxes as extra storage space in my inventory because of my dumbo brain forgetting everything lmao, i just realised recently some players could stack 6 boxes in inventory to carry around at all times a shitload of items which is bad

I think this is much better now, and although it’ll negatively impact some jobs or antags, i feel that in the long run this may genuinely end up being good for the game and will help accomplish the goals you set out to accomplish, while nerfing the hell out of boxes which, absolutely fair tbqh

This will obviously need a fair while of test merges tho, because this is still a change affecting a major part of the game and could be rather bothering

But thanks for taking all that feedback into account - as said, if i had so little inventory space to work with and had to hide items all over different clothes and whatnot, i’d have just ended up forgetting 70% of what i have and not have fun at all


This is all well and good in theory, but in reality you just enabled Shift Q + Shift E press 4 gaming. Dual disablers are too strong to allow at absolutely 0 backpack space. If you have to give up the vast majority of your backpack space, maybe you can make an argument that it’s reasonable. But the way it is right now? It’s a straight upgrade.

Edit: By allowing this, you remove any incentive not to hoard lethals. If you can still keep a disabler and baton on you with space to spare in your belt, why would you not grab a shotgun or energy weapon the instant you can?


“Belts are now BULKY and may no longer be stored inside of bags.”


This will already happen regardless, there is nothing I as a coder can do to prevent it. If a situation requires lethals and security doesn’t have room for both lethals and non-lethals, they are going to leave the non-lethals behind.

The best I can do is try to limit the amount of shotgun ammo (boxes) they can carry, and that is limited to three boxes at the absolute most, and carrying three boxes means absolutely no bag space for anything else.

if im readin right, then most changes i felt like screeching about have been undone.
Boxes have been nerfed, which is fine.
Size increases should be fine if it stays limited to the list of “Most Boxes, All guns that are currently “normal”, Fire Extinguisher, Stun Baton”
With backpacks still being expanded a little, this should be fine.

would have to see in a new TM though, would apreachiate a heads up if its at an EU friendly time.


Normal item capacity has been reduced from 7 and 10 (bag and duffel respectfully) to 4 and 5, even with the bag expansion. (if you take internals box out)

If it were just a 1:1 box nerf with no other changes then it would only hold 10/15 small items. Less than were* PRd (14/17)
(Internal box is +4 to totals but a curated list)

yeah yeah I noticed reading it the 3rd time down in misc :l doing more math

Your math is horribly off.


  • Normal items have a size of 3
  • Backpacks/Satchels have a capacity of 21
  • Duffel bags have a capacity of 28
  • 7 normal items fit in backpacks/satchels (21 divided by 3)
  • 9 normal items fit in duffel bags (28 divided by 3)

After PR

  • Normal items have a size of 4
  • Backpacks/Satchels have a capacity of 28
  • Duffelbags have a capacity of 35
  • 7 normal items fit in backpacks/satchels (28 divided by 4)
  • 8 normal items fit in duffelbags (35 divided by 4)

Having gone over the math again, you are correct that duffelbags lost a bit of capacity so I’ll re-adjust their value to 36 instead of 35, but I have no idea how you’re coming the conclusion that bags will hold 4 and 5.

Did you read over the PR again like the big bold text says to, or are you using the numbers from memory of the old thread?

I missed the single line in the misc tab reducing it to 4…
Still going off what was currently commited as I thought there was no change to this

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All good - the part about normal items got shifted to the misc area because the change is intended to be largely inconsequential now, purely being done to smooth the math out a bit better.

You still brought to light I had done my math wrong on duffels!

Pre PR duffelbags was 30. so would actually hold 10

Where is our 2 capacity Ruko :gun:


Well, even with the differences right in front of me I got the old size wrong. I swore it was 28 before.

40 it will be!

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I love this plan of action, it gives you more options with regards to how you stow that thing and how you use your suit slot as a seccie.

so ends belt-in-the-bag stupidity.
when I see that in game my immediate thought is "god that is cheesy"


I suppose my question is: can I still click + e all the toxins tools round start?

Not if you use e-guns. This is their exact niche. Need lethals? Need to detain people non-lethally? Take an e-gun. You are making them totally irrelevant since you can now carry a laser gun and have +2 lethal shots, as well as keeping a disabler which has a whole cell of non-lethal shots.

You also didn’t address the fact this immediately incentivizes dual disabler cheesing.