Independence Ruling and space law update Suggestions

Due to Sunshine214 banned by ro5490 Appeal I’ve noticed something, We don’t have an Official Crime for Declaring independence. Rule 1 suggests execution for it but Space law states you can’t.

What I recommend Adding is a crime called Grand Dereliction that’s a capital crime and will cover declaring independence and have Rule 1 Refer to this as a major crime.

I shared my thoughts, Anyone else?


Sounds spot on to me.

I didn’t realize it was missing from space law either.


Yeah, We have Dereliction as a crime but it only covers people refusing to do their job and not people declaring independence.

fair enough

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Since we’re talking about space law… i feel like we really should include Kidnapping and all their relevant forms somewhere, had way too many cases where some officers struggled to sentence a prisoner properly, either from a kidnap gimmick or in the case of a contractor for example, leaving the ‘‘kidnapping’’ besides and just go with the 10 minutes of Posession of contraband(if they only had non lethal gear)

And it goes as far as some characters saying ‘‘sorry but kidnapping is not on space law it’s not a crime!’’ (though usually… basic common sense throws that out the window very quickly)


All I did was tie you up and hold you against your will, learn to take a joke, sheesh


Makes a single Cargonian banner,



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We do have the whole subversion of the chain of command in space law. Which should deal with any form of non command based independence…

Now for command going full independence you‘re right. Although I think in that case NT would shit on space law anyways just to save their assets and the station.

You can imagine a highly top secret research station like space station 13 is hella expensive.


Thank you for Explaining that it should be charged under Subversion of command. I only have one complaint, The Law itself is worded to only deal with people that have killed or took the place of command illegally.

Sounds good but I would call the crime “Breach of Contract” for that extra corporate feel.


There isn’t a crime for kidnapping either, which enables me to kidnapp people as clown and then pull up space law when confronted


It still counts as assault, maybe even aggravated assault depending on the situation.

Depends on how they kidnap them, using a sleepy pen or cuffing someone who’s unconscious I wouldn’t classify as assault. As HoS a few months back i ran into this problem, one of my officers had been tricked into cuffing themselves and thus got kidnapped. Eventually when we captured the kidnapper half an hour later we couldn’t arrest him for kidnapping, the only thing we got him for was contraband.

Taking someone against their will isn’t kidnapping and even knocking them unconscious isn’t assault? Damn, thanks bro!