Increase required playtime for all head roles and above to 50h minimum

As the topic suggests, I think it’s time we implement this change now, I understand the requirements for these jobs have historically been very low as we are fronted as a beginner friendly server.

But at this point we are facing another recent influx of new players, and let’s be perfectly honest, a CE, HoS, or CMO with less than 50h on their respective department can be ultimately detrimental to the experience as a beginner player when your ingame boss doesn’t even know how to build an engine/space law/synthflesh production.


Oh and by the way the topic is mostly intended for MRP, where the issue is currently the most prevalent. But I can’t think of any argument right now why it should not apply to LRP as well.

for mrp? yes
for lrp? probaly not

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I mean sure… probably not… but can you actually think of a reason why not?

lrp should be where the new players really should be, i know the rp standard is very low for mrp but still, new players should learn on lrp and when they do they can choose to go onto mrp


Agree. On both servers. LRP is not for new players. Whomever keeps circulating that LRP is new player friendly needs a reality check.The only people who should be playing heads on LRP are the people who know what they’re doing and are robust enough to deal with tiders who want their access/equipment. Its a rare occasion that the captain doesn’t get lynched for his ID by graytiders under the assumption hes an “MRPer”.


bruv the hell lrp turned into while i was gone

50 hours seems kinda steep but definatly higher I would support

Yes, please. I probably wont qualify for any head role now and I AM FINE WITH THIS. Im tired of incompetent heads every single goddamn round

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bruh its in the title “Beestation Golden LRP for beginners”

But yeah, I can agree with those roles needing an increase in time played. HoP can probably remain lower because its an easy job. HoS and CE have the biggest burdens on them, and HAVE to know the jobs in and out to fix shit. The number of times Ive seen the SM go boom because a CE just turned on emitters and left on MRP is higher than it should be

it turned into graytide central

50 hours

bro… un-necessary gate keeping moment
Cringe & No


Learning is made on mistakes so when you join a server that specifically says it is for beginners and arent able to try to lead unless you have 50h it kinda makes it pointless to be for beginners


so uh now im forced to grind med to play cmo just because i dont like playing med all the time :thinking:

“you must know how to play CE first to play CE”
mrp moment

stop trying to make sage into hrp server


Bruh CE is important though? Like you’ll put a hole into the station if you do it wrong?

All I can see this leading to is more vacant head roles filled manually by the HoP.
50h is an obscene amount of playtime to be asking for- Especially on a server that’s already so similar to others code-wise

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Maybe only for HoS and cap. Other roles aren’t that important.

CE is just a glorified engineer/atmos tech. HoP is to be honest not that hard, RD is just a scientist with additional access, CMO is the same, just for medical.

On the other hand HoS is fucking hellish, you have to wrange your seccies who are more often than not brain damaged, try to resist the tiders, somehow not get lynched.

I would honestly consider cap to be easier than HoS, he just has to deal with the graytide only until the tiders get AA.

side rant:

Thank god tazers aren’t a thing anymore so sec just loses the roundstart advantage they once had (disablers take too long, stunbatons are hilariously inconsistent, good luck finding a tider without eye protection) ((this is /s by the way))

it wouldnt be a terrible idea to give LRP security a buff in some way


This all just sounds elitist to me.


Required playtime doesn’t prove competence - only that you’ve played at least one position in the department for X amount of time. I agree with the sentiment of the OP, but not the mechanical realities of the proposed change.
A better suggestion might be to require X amount of time (significantly shorter) in all positions of a department before unlocking the Head role.

EDIT: Additionally, 50 hours is a long time. Casual and new players would likely be extremely discouraged.