Impish_Delights's Mentor Application Part 2 (The Squeakquel)

Your CKEY: Impish_Delights

Your Discord: Crowtastrophe#8951

How long have you been playing ss13?: As mentioned before since 2015-ish. Large hiatus from 2018-2021, and another smaller one in late 2022. Been on Bee since late 2020 (apparently)

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Same as last time, I haven’t reached out for vouches at all, but people are free to speak up if they’d like. I did answer some questions and get +4 on my previous app - Impish_Delights Mentor Application

Game Experience (More Detailed): I have a “Pretty Even Spread” across departments, lagging a bit behind in security and science however. Medical, supply, and service are my heavy hitters, followed by engineering, then science, then security.

I was a mentor for the better part of three-four months before I applied for admin and then crashed hard after having actual responsibilities and getting massively stressed over it. It actually scared me when I came back from my hiatus and randomly heard the mentor ping while mining.

All Playtime So Far

Been working on my assistant hours since my last app, seeing as that was suggested :nerd_face:

Hmm, new questions…

  1. How do I link a teleporter huh??
  2. I keep clicking people with my wrench but they aren’t dying help???
  3. How do I clean up all these weird Pierced Reality things around the station.
  1. Click on the console (the computer) beside the teleporter hub. This should let you select a destination from all beacons on the station or any other teleporter that is set to “gateway” mode. After selecting your destination, click calibrate (this isn’t necessary, but there it a chance you turn into a flyperson if you don’t calibrate it). Once calibrated, click on the hub and the teleporter should activate!

  2. Some items require you to be on harm intent to hurt people now. If you examine something and it says it requires “concious effort” to harm someone, that’s the case. To swap intents, you can use 1-4 on your keyboard to select Help, Disarm, Grab, and Harm in order, or use the colored quandrant in the bottom right of the screen. It’ll show a red square if you’re on harm intent.

  3. IIRC pierced realities will fade overtime by themselves. Be careful as interacting with them can remove limbs! (I am not sure if the heretic overhaul has changed this, as I haven’t seen/played as one since then).

Thanks again for the questions, looking forward to being back answering things for the crew!

Edit: I just saw infact that you can now use anomaly neutralizers to get rid of pierced realities! Sometimes it’s knowing how to find info that’s important too =w=

  1. “It’s just saying no hub linked :(”
    Screenshot (49)

  2. Yep!

  3. Aha! You foo- ah you figured it out, darn.

+1! Feel free to answer the first question still if you want to, but if you can comb through the changelogs for the Heretic question then by all means, get in here, again.


  1. I can’t move!!1
  2. This syndicate teleporter isn’t unlocking illegal tech when I put it in the destructive analyzer. What am I doing wrong??
  3. I’ve been transform stung by a changeling! How do I go back to normal? I don’t have a copy of my DNA saved to a disk!
  4. I’m a scientist, but I don’t know toxins, I’ve already scanned all the pets, and the miners/explorers aren’t scanning fauna! How do I get more discovery points?
  5. Why can’t I do revival surgery?? It’s researched and the operating computer is linked to the bed!
  1. If you’re on the arrivals shuttle (Big room with a lot of chairs and white walls), you might be buckled. There should be an icon of the top-right of your screen that says “Buckled”, click that to unbuckle yourself from your chair and you should be able to use WASD to move if you’ve enabled hoykeys mode, or just arrowkeys. To enable hotkeys mode, hit tab! The bar below the wall of text on your right should of turned from red to white.

  2. This is a weird issue with how illegal tech works, as any item purchased from an uplink should allow you to deconstruct it for the research node. Because the teleporter comes in a box, the box instead get flagged for the research node. If you still have the original box the teleporter came in, you can deconstruct that instead for research (and keep the syndie teleporter as some sweet loot!)

  3. A healthy dose of clonexadone lets you restore you DNA back to normal! (Thank you Absolucy for ending the plague of mass transformation sting).

  4. Xenobiology is probably your easiest as each different color of slime grants a sweet 1000 research points. Botany is also able to scan any mutated plant they grow for a small amount of research points. Xenoarcheology also grants an avenue to generate discovery points and turn a profit for the station (I personally haven’t used xenoarcheology too indepth, looks like a neat system)

  5. Revival surgery can only be done on a surgical table, not a stasis bed. It’s one the few surgeries with this requirement!

For WhereAmI’s question about the teleporter, you can open the teleporter station with a screwdriver and then use wirecutters (or the jaws of life in cutting mode) to link it to nearby devices.


Woah. I thought I asked some pretty niche-ish questions, but you got them all right!
As an additional tidbit, scanning slime crossbreeds also gives 750 discovery points each.

I feel fairly confident giving this a +1.

T: 2

  1. What is the Ai Upload code and how can I get it?
  2. Where can I get a floormop upgrade for my janicart?


  1. Help I cant see?
  1. I applied synthflesh to this person, but they are still husked. How do I fix them?
  2. Where can I get a foundation pen?
  3. How do I level up this tier in science research console?
  4. How can I craft clipboards? I need 2 of them for my heretic ritual.
  5. I want to add different access to my mechs how can I do that?

First time I’m dropping questions so here we go.

  1. How do I steal research data from science?

  2. How do surgery plz help?

  3. How do I make a shiv?


  1. Security used lethals on me at green alert, can I have help?

assistant hours are a bit low but since you already got accepted answered well


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God I look away for two days and suddenly I’m swamped in questions. Starting from the top!


  1. It was ‘recently’ changed so you need an Upload Code to update laws for the AI and any borgs. This can be obtained from the Research Director’s Robotics console in their office. There is a delay in extracting the key no matter what, but not having ‘access’ to do so will send out an alert with the location of the console. (Key extraction in progress, IIRC). Laws can’t be set without this code, and you have the option to scramble it to a new code after each upload.
  2. This needs to be researched by science first, but can be printed at the service protolathe. Be sure to sync it first by using the button at the top of the menu!
  3. Do you have an icon at the top right of your screen showing someone walking with a white cane? If you do, you might have permanent eye damage or a trauma disabling your eyesight, see if you can find your way to medical or have someone drag you there for treatment. If your screen is entirely black and you can’t even see your character at the center, you might be having technical issues, I’d recommend relogging and then reaching out to an admin for help if that doesn’t fix the issue.


  1. Make sure that you’ve treated their wounds before applying synthflesh, as it doesn’t unhusk if they have more than 50 burn damage total. If you are still unable to unhusk them, the easiest method is transplanting their brain to a different body and then reviving them, or cloning their brain. If the cloner refuses to work with the brain for any reason beyond normal decay brain damage, you’ll have to use the first method.
  2. I’m assuming this is a typo and you meant fountain pen Certain roles spawn with fountain pens in their PDA at round start, including the Curator and Bartender (along with a few others I’m sure). You are also able to purchase a calligraphy crate from cargo for 700 credits for a box of seven fountain pens!
  3. The console’s tech tier will automatically level up as you research tech of the next level, dropping research costs automatically as you do. Be sure not to research anything that’s two or more tech tiers higher than your current one, you’ll just be wasting discovery research if you do. The console will give you a warning if you attempt to do so.
  4. As far as I know, you can’t craft clipboards. There are plenty laying around the station in maintenance and numerous departments. Cargo is sure to have some spare you can ask for.
  5. You can either DNA lock it so only you (or anyone with your DNA) is able to use it, or set an ID access lock so only people with ID access can use it. To get started, enter the mech and bring up its data by clicking the “VIEW STATS” button at the top of your screen and then expand the "Permissions & Logging tab. For a DNA-lock, just click the “DNA-lock” option to set one. For access-based locking, click on the “Unlock ID upload panel” and then exit the mech (if it says “Lock ID upload panel” you don’t have to do anything). Take your keycard and click on the mech with it, then select “Edit operation keycodes”. This lets you choose what access is needed to pilot and use the mech! Be sure to lock upload access again after you set them.


  1. You’ll need to get a research data disk, which you can just print from the science protolathe in Research. Pop it in the research console and a button in the top-right of the menu should say a disk is inserted. Click on that, then click on “Web → Disk” to download everything. If you’re a Space Ninja, you can just click on the console with your glove interaction enabled to steal the research though.
  2. Have your patient lay down on a table, stasis bed, operating table, or even the floor (this gives a chance of messing up surgical steps though) and select what body part you want to do surgery on using the aiming doll in the bottom right. Using surgical drapes on your patient will let you select what surgery to start, and then you can work through the steps in order for that surgery. If you have a surgery console linked to the stasis bed or operating table, it will tell you what steps to take. If not, you can either trial-and-error it (which I don’t recommend) or follow the steps listed on our wiki page for surgery! (which can be found here
  3. You can click the little Hammer button beside the intent wheel at the bottom right to bring up the crafting menu. Shank should be on the weapons page near the bottom, needing 1 glass shard, 10 cable coil, and a pair of wirecutters (as a tool)
  4. Some security personnel (The Warden and HoS) are permitted to carry lethals on green, and use them if the situation permits it. This is more a rules question so I’d recommend reaching out to an admin instead by using the ahelp command in the admin tab, right beside this one at the top of the screen.


assistant hours are a bit low but since you already got accepted answered well


For me
1-) Nice, i was also expecting the mention of body heat
2-) Awesome
3-) It would be better to mention that they also need to research one research from current tier after getting the treshold for next tier.
4-) Correct
5-) Correct
I say +1

  1. How can I make a custom shuttle on the station?
  2. How do I discreetly talk to my holopara as its host?
  3. I need to steal the hypospray, can I kill a doctor for access?
  4. What do I do as a fugitive?

Satisfying answers.
(And in the third, the person was wearing a welding helmet)

T: 4

  1. Custom shuttles can only be made in areas that are not already marked as areas (either by using the station blueprints or the “designate new area” button by the crafting button in the bottom right). Make your shuttle as an enclosed room, similar to if you were building an extension on the station, then use a Rapid Shuttle Designator to select the area you’ve made to mark it as a new shuttle. You can either by a Shuttle Construction Kit from Cargo, or print off the required tools and components from the Engineering Protolathe after its been researched by science. (It also requires telecrystals to designate a shuttle IIRC). APCs, Air Alarms, and similar equipment can be constructed after you’ve designated your new shuttle!

  2. I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t a clue as I’ve never used/been a holoparasite. A quick wiki search shows that the holoparasite has a button to communicate with its host, so I assume that the host has a similar button (ala cult speak button).

  3. This is a rules policy question, so I’d ask the user to direct them to you about clarifying it (But yes as they are people within the department related to your objective; Rule 13.4 Bullet Point 4).

  4. As a fugitive, your goal is to avoid getting killed or captured by the bounty hunters chasing you (they spawn about 10 minutes after you do). You can either do this by remaining out of sight of the bounty hunters or anyone who would rat you out to them, or killing the bounty hunters before they do the same to you.

  1. Yes, but also we now have Drydocks, which are special floor tiles that allow for shuttle construction and shuttle landing inside of a defined area.
  2. It’s a verb in the tab in top right, called ‘Guardian’, right next to the ‘IC’ tab.
  3. Yep, but now you also can directly transfer mhelps into ahelps
  4. Correct here.

Overall good answers, but mentor are expected to stay up to date with the game’s updates.
I’ll +1.
T: 5

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I’ll go over this soon™

In the meantime please make sure you’ve read the mentor related policy on our Non-Admin Staff Conduct page. A few parts of it got updated fairly recently.

Denying this for the time being due to a lack of consistent activity. You’re welcome to reapply once you’re playing a bit more often.