Impish_Delights Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Impish_Delights

Your Discord: Impish Delights#1498

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since 2015? Large hiatus from 2018-2021. As for Bee, first joined around 2020 apparently.

Tracked Playtime As Of Posting

My clown hours are unfortunately very lacking

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Didn’t ask around for vouches, people are free to speak up though.

Game Experience (More Detailed): While my bread and butter is certainly medical, cargo, and service, I’ve been working on my engineering and science skills and dipping my toes into security with detective work. Trying to master all aspects of each department, good basis for atmos, chem, viro, botany, toxins, etc. Admittedly, security, command, and AI/Silicon are all weak points of mine.


1.where can i aquire tools from ( without breaking into anywhere)
2. how do i obtain earthblood?

  1. My patient keeps freezing every time they are taken off a stasis bed, how do I save them??

  2. There’s got prints of “laced shoes” on a crime scene, could that be useful somehow?

  3. What’s the point of putting someone under when doing surgery?

Wow, what an even spread. Very impressive.

After seeing your conduct on the forum it’s clear that you’re a balanced and reasonable person capable of explaining complex topics in a concise and easy to understand way.

Most likely going to endorse this, but just to check; Who do you play as on the server?

Doktorwueue’s Questions

  1. All stations have a primary tool storage that has loose tools laying around, along with a tool vendor. Both cargo and science have an autolathe that can print just about any tool you need for hacking or construction if they are supplied with iron and glass. Some stations also have a secondary tool storage, but you might require maintenance access to get inside.

  2. The easiest way to get Earthsblood is through growing Ambrosia Gaia, which is obtained from mutating Ambrosia Deus, which in turn is mutated from Ambrosia Vulgaris (you can purchase seeds for this at the seed vendor in botany). You can mutate plants by using 5u pours of unstable mutagen. Be sure to watch your Gaia carefully when it’s growing, it has a very high weed growth rate so it needs to be babied until you can harvest it.

BeansKidney’s Questions

  1. They likely have frost oil in their blood, or an insanely low body temperature. Use your medical scanner (you can use it in your hand to toggle between scanning health, and scanning reagents) to see what’s up. If they have frost oil, either filter their blood or give them a chemical that purges other chems. I would suggest charcoal or pentetic acid unless they’re an oozeling. In that case, use calomel. Chemistry can also make leporazine, which stabilizes temperature and prevents freezing and overheating, be careful not to overdose them if you use it though!

  2. I would skip this question, despite being a Det main, I don’t actually know if you can scan bloody footprints or not ;;^^ (Something for me to try out next time I play, I guess!)

Edit: Recently found out that examining footprints gives you information about the type of shoes worn! This lets you cut out certain departments (security, as they wear jackboots, and medical, as they have white shoes). In addition, people don’t leave behind bloody footprints if they aren’t wearing shoes at all (most commonly being digigrade lizards) or have the light step trait (which is sorta a metagamey thing to know about someone, but is good to know)

  1. Asides from following SoP, it prevents your patient from getting up or moving. This is helpful if they have a trauma that makes them move around (such as muscle spasms). It also lets you do nefarious things if you’re an antag, they can’t report you doing a brainwashing surgery or murdering them if they’re asleep after all!

I have a spread of characters, you’ll usually see me around as Breathes-The-Ash as chappie or assistant doing unlawful renovations, or occasionally as a seccie. My other three are Alex Schmidt (Bartender, Engineer/Atmos, Rare CE), Brumm Amanita (Botanist, all of medbay + CMO), and my newest character Alizarin Katdottir (Science and Atmos Tech).

Good hours, experienced player and good answers, have my +1.

I am once again asking you all for questions to show how little I actually know about this game :flushed:

All good if things have been busy, it is how it is!