If beestation is truly a RP server we should be getting rid of LRP gamemodes

Its as easy as disabling revs, cult, nukeops and incursion.

Team deathmatch has no chance at creating interesting roleplay ever.

Until these are removed we should stop pretending to be a “RP” server.


To the contrary, some of the best RP I have had is in the dire situations where you have to work with other people in order to survive.
The majority of traitor, changeling or other rounds that don’t have much antagonist interactions are usually the rounds where I get the least RP since everyone is their own thing doing whatever they want.


I agree there is a certain sentiment to chaotic rounds, and that traitor/changeling are far too curtailed to really have an impact on the round.
Combined with a 2 hour long upper limit of rounds, it really railroads solo antagonist into stealthy no impact playstyles since you’re penalized heavily for dying.

yeah, exactly what you two said.

I know lings/traitors are really balanced and thus the safest gamemodes to have often, but they’re just. The most boring, RP wise. And I can’t not empathize with people doing RP rule breaks after spending 1H40 barely doing anything but the same job and nobody interacting with them.

Greenshifts especially, are only good for people who treat ss13 like a chatroom, or who already have ideas of big huge projects.


Greenshifts used to be special time for making autism projects.

Now every other round feels like greenshift.

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So we solve this by making code changes that allow murderbone rules to be lifted.

Murderbone rules don’t exist because murderbone itself is bad, but because people who can murderbone frequently go for the most efficient killing methods possible instead of trying to be an engaging threat that’s fun to defend yourself against and react to.

Two of the biggest things to fix this are to nerf TTVs and Plasma flooding in particular. Nerfing plasma flooding could even be taking the route of making it easier to clean up rather than making it harder to flood.


Unironically 100% agreed. Those should be in really special circumstances, not every other day.

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Agreed if someone uses the same method to murderbone again and again that’s just boring.

That alone won’t achieve much, if people are forced to sit around for ages for the next round/to get revived they’re just gonna disconnect.

Yea no, yous right my man
as much as we love nukies and revs and such
at least with how they work right now, they’re shit for ahr peh
But thats one you gotta hash out with the coders and maints not the admeme team

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I think revs is far worse of a problem than nukies, because it’s a game mode that puts both sides into a speedy arms race or else lose. Choosing to RP over efficiency in any antagonist mode puts you at a slight disadvantage, but in revs this is more extreme.

I think Nukies are fine how they are and don’t see nearly as much total abandoning of RP because you’re given brief period for it before the carnage begins. Shouting back and forth mid-fight happens occasionally too.


Can’t wait for bay revs to be ported already

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Agree with revs being disabled, disagree with the rest. Honestly these gamemodes can work but not in their current state. They would need to be completely changed to meet RP standards, if we even have any.

Personally despite liking xenos, whenever they appear in a round (which is a lot of the time) I feel like it stalls everything, xenos by design are not RP friendly and I don’t think they should be appearing as often as they do.


Yea uh nah man
atleast for warops its pretty low to no rp guns and acces rush to kill em valids

which is partialy fine ofc for being in a war but its meh still

I’d verry much agree that revs is far far worse though since its just greytider murderbone fest

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Xenos were quite literally designed as a rare round ending event.

They trigger way too much tbh


Here’s the problem.
Ah, you already editted your post lol

I honestly rather have zombies or deal with revs, at least then I can pretend there’s some RP value.

I wish that was the case, I hate saying it but whenever there’s xenos I just want to cryo then deal with it. The gamemode can be fun but not when it happens every other round.
That can be probably be said with a lot of gamemodes though.


i’ve had good rev RP rounds where people aim for the non-violent win condition. The only problem is the fact it goes to shit once you convert a couple of people who hate RP and are just there to greentext by chucking a maxcap at the captain and calling it a day

This is bait post.

We don’t have any inherently lrp game modes.

You can RP as cult, as revolutionary. You don’t have to rush the results, choose most effective strategies.

Also were open source so fix them


I disagree. While you can make the argument that it’s always the player fault for not RPing and the gamemods can’t be either lrp or whatever that is not very realistic.

If everyone around is RPing and the gamemode encourages RP through it’s mechanics it’s much more likely that RP is going to happen.

Warops, for example, is a gamemode that does none of that. Just because it’s theoretically possible to RP in it doesn’t make it a good gamemode. Most of the time everyone around you is not RPing and validhuting.

Why would you ever try to RP that?

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I can’t wait to talk to the nukie that will shoot me with a rocket on sight. :^)