I hate the cat surgeon!

I don’t think the cat surgeon is a good contribution to the server. Doesn’t make any good or interesting stuff happening and is overral LRP.

I’m also salty cuz it made me pacifist as an antag !!!

Anyway, please remove it.

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Blame Zams for it.


Doctors will fix you as long as you didnt go loud before you got surgeoned (why would you do this)

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its pretty funny tbh.
i have to agree it dosnt super fit our strongly RP focused mindset that well
it was great back when we were slightly more gamery though

if anyones gonna remove it, leave it in for admins to buss with :slight_smile:


I needed organs for a ritual and got robusted by it :face_holding_back_tears:

I think its actually good interaction for crew. Security gets a call. You go to medbay and interact with doctors. People make fun of you.


ive never seen sec get called for a cat surgeon, 70% of the cases the guy who finds it kills it, the other 30% the poor fucker who finds it just gets killed by it and no one notices.


It should heal people whom it downs, how do they die?

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That’s an issue that may happen sometimes. Fairly rare.
My issue is that it makes you passive apparently

You can get it fixed with surgery, i don’t think it’s deeprooted

It’s still incredibly annoying to have that happen as an antagonist that went loud. Can’t go to surgery without being found !

Neurine fixes it too IIRC

Basically, stay outta maints you filthy felind maintenance dweller!


It’s critical information that this user got pacified by a cat surgeon last round


Don’t go load early game? Late game most people will have gone through most of maints and if not… unlucky as fuck. :confused:

It WAS late game !!

Unlucky. But also, skill issue. I think using a welder whilst fully healed and not depressed will let you kill the cat surgeon. More or less.

Either way, if you end up pacified. Try to get in contact with other syndicates, talk to an unaware surgeon (roboticist, barber, anyone who might be uninformed) or emag a medical cyborg.

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Dont forget that you can still, ironically, kick ass while pacified. Think about what restrictions are imposed on you and what tools you have that bypass those restrictions, syndie or otherwise. You can very much be a “technical pacifist”.

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There’s been multiple precedents that going out of your way to ignore or bypass pacifism is the same as going out of your way to ignore or bypass brainwashing, because that’s more or less what forced pacifism is: Your character has gained an innate and overwhelming desire not to harm others. That’s what pacifism mechanically represents.

The best way to handle being suddenly pacified is the same way almost any improv situation is - don’t say no and roll with it. You might not be able to antagonize precisely like you wanted to, but you can still make for an entertaining gimmick out of it with with even minimal creativity.

I half agree on this.
No I will not roll with being a pacifist when 3/4 of the way you antagonise as a heretic is via straight up violence. The flesh path is a bit different but still.

Even traitors stuff is annoying ! Imagine you bought like a sleeping carp scroll… and you are pacifist… Like, yeah, I got agressive grab in a single click but I’d still be mad !