I am reworking revs

Remove TDM, embrace HRP


As a person who’s favorite mode is revolution, this is basically the exact tweak I’ve thought of suggesting for a long time.
We literally already have the code from gangs/families for consensual conversion. It shouldn’t be too hard to tweak it where there’s only one group, and they’re the revolutionaries.
I do think revs should still be able to kill sec / heads though if the escalation calls for it, though, because given the way bee is, security doesn’t like rping and negotiating with antags as it is.
Honestly I could see it even working better rp-wise if revs could recruit heads that are not captain, HOP, or HOS, as there could be justifiable rp reasons for a CMO to feel like there needs to be a change with the current status quo, given a tyrannical captain.
The only thing is, the heads that do join would HAVE to have a good reason to do so.
But that’s just my two cents. I think this tweak would make people genuinely like revs on bee, and once more rp gets actually pushed into the game people will appreciate the tweaks to the gamemode for what it is.


This sounds cool and all, but good luck getting security to play anything but whack-the-valid. Most people on this server aren’t here for roleplaying and instead want combat, that goes doubly so for the “designated combat” job. Some people metagame everything they can so hard it is depressing.


Solution: secban lrp seccies until they can learn to not play the server like it’s tg.
(Joking, but, security could just simply be held to higher standards than the way they are now.)

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Counting nations as a gamemode is fundamentally flawed. Now it certainly is shit, but in an unsalvageable way.

Nukies, cult, revs are easily the three worst.

Cult/Revs/Gangs (three main conversion antags) are all salvageable and easily follow a similar format design wise.

However, I do think that making them secondary antags (IE: rolled in addition to main gamemode) may be the better solution. Especially if we push the idea that you should not be murdering folks as them.

Nukies is complicated, but nuking(get it?) war ops may not be a terrible idea, especially since war-ops just means most rules don’t apply.

Now the Bay-Style approach for revs is excellent. Can easily be applied to cult/gangs. Where cult and gangs get to enjoy some special tools/items.

Now I do also have other ideas for gangs

  1. Gangs are limited in size.
  2. Gangs as a gamemode also spawns “criminals”(an antag type I will describe later)
  3. Gangs and criminals should avoid committing capital crimes at all costs.

So limited size is just to prevent gangs from really reaching a size where they can easily overthrow the crew. This should scale with pop.


So the main difference between gangs and criminals is that criminals are meant to be unorganized and have no allegiance to one gang or another or to other criminals. Cooperation between criminals and other criminals or gangs(IE: Criminal:Criminal and Criminal:Gang Coop is allowed). Gangs should not be generally cooperating(only in the face of existential threats to the station). Any cooperation should be reasonably betrayed on either end.

Criminal’s Roles

Criminals are meant to be more open about committing crimes. However, they shouldn’t be committing capital crimes without admin approval(entirely separate if sec decides to prosecute their crimes as capital). They’re meant to cause trouble for sec without being as prone to murder/less likely to be permad.

Realistically, this role is meant to fall somewhere between the big boy antags and regular crew, and rules wise should be treated as crew(IE: are not susceptible to hostile agent charges). Capital punishment should be a last resort for security when handling these guys(and they should generally avoid committing crimes that would result in capital punishment)

Gang’s Roles

Gangs are meant to be more close to organized crime. Selling contraband, offering illicit services, etc. Ideally, gangs should always be ready to provide goods/services to atnags in exchange for money(however, other crimes such as protection racketeering is also allowed).

They are similarly meant to fall between big boy antags and regular crew(IE: are not susceptible to hostile agent charges). Once again, capital punishment should be a last resort(with execution being a last last resort. Gang issues in perma should be allowed to happen).

Gang leader’s should have an uplink style system available to them that takes cash. This can allow them to buy various goods they may want to use/sell.


yeah revs should be tweaked but why you gotta put down cult like that that shit’s fun :sob:

I guess it’s more:

Cult isn’t great, but has so much potential to be so much better.

It’s like when you’re a gifted kid who got burnt out and your parents want you to get your grades back up.

Maybe NT will declare the station “unsalvagable” and cut all ties, Cargo can no longer order things, and other antags are introduced since the station is no longer protected by the NT screening proccess. Station could become a blackmarket filled with syndicate, or just fully taken over by the syndicate murdering all of the revolutionaries.


Hacking the console let’s you get contraband crates. So maybe just replace flavour text that instead to centcom it is sent to some black market or something else as someone wrote before.

Creativity of a average beestation player will turn your tweaks into a constant meme rounds about communism with nothing but reddit catchphrases.

But that is preferable to TDM