I am reworking revs

When discussing the worst gamemodes three are the most likely to come up:

  • cults (be it blood or clock);

  • nations (WRONG!);

  • and revs.

Revs has a few issues that I believe are fundamental to the design of TG revolution.

  1. Encourages LRP and metagaming

It’s not uncommon to get flashed without even having been talked to.

You have no choice in the matter, and all your roleplay is limited to screaming VIVAA! on the radio. And toolboxing the HOS, of course.

As soon as a flash is heard security starts buying 10 shield crates.

You get no choice in the matter: if you get implanted you suddenly aren’t a rev anymore. Severely limiting roleplay, and encouraging validhunting.

  1. The objective SUCKS

Needing to kill ALL the heads sucks (goes both ways). Often rounds just turn into absolute slogs because they either went into hiding, or are stalling.

And in the meanwhile the roleplay opportunities are few and overall unsatisfying: why should i join the revolution, why should i be against it? our characters get no choice in the matter.

it’s not even about interacting with other players: it’s all about killing the heads, because greentext.


I would like to start coding a bay-rev inspired rework.

  • Bay’s revs offer much deeper opportunities for interacting between crewmembers and security.

  • They are less susceptible to metagaming.

  • They are open ended.

Here are the actual tweaks i suggest:

  1. no more flashes, instead we offer the opportunity to join.

by right clicking on someone (or idk, still need to figure this our. maybe i’ll make it act like telepathy where you get a button and a target) you can send an invite to join your faction.

Of course they’d need to be first convinced to join by the leader, or their spokesman.

I’ve heard concerns about people self antagonizing by going out of their way to join the revolution, but this is a matter of how much you trust the community. anyhow this can be mitigated by new rules/SOP

  1. mindshields no longer turn you “good”

I never liked the fact that you aren’t choosing how to roleplay your character, this seems dumb. but it works for LRP deathmatch, I guess.

  1. no more killing license for either sides.

Revs should be limited: this won’t be a ticket for murdering security and powergaming.

There should be proper escalation that CAN lead to a violent confrontation.

The loop I’m imagining is: active recruiting → manifestation, public speaking → direct confrontation with heads/sec → open ended (new chain of command? revs get suppressed? elections? idk anything really).

This goes both ways, though. Security shouldn’t just straight up kill non violent protesters.

Space law and SOP would need to get updated of course.

  1. no more objective

YEAHH!! we took the station!! VIVA!!! Now let’s all fly back to CC… very fun…

I believe an open ended approach would work better than the very arcade-y “the round is over”. To ensure the round doesn’t turn into something too boring we could send other antagonists later into the round, much like dynamic.

These are the tweaks I suggest.

I do not know how fast I’ll be able to do this, but honestly it doesn’t seem too complicated code-wise.

I do acknowledge the fact that this is still a very rough initial design, but I’m very interested in hearing your opinions and thoughts.

Thanks for all the feedback!

  • keep revs as they are
  • tweak revs

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also, please don’t just vote. Write your thoughts and ideas. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I honestly think killing all heads shouldn’t end the round, and revs have to live in the hell they created


Apart from the HoS and cap I don’t really see why the even now the revs don’t first try to exile the living people playing the game in real life, instead of clicking them until horizontal and round removing them

Like good job, you chainflashed all of med before repetedly applying a surgical saw to the CMO 15 minutes into the round! Do you want a cookie?


Absolutely, ending the round like that feels cheap.
This instead will force them to restructure and rebuild the station. This would also provide SO many RP opportunities.
Main issues i need to iron out is proper escalation that should happen between revs and security.
i’ll discuss this with admins too if i’m given the chance to.


I believe there should be no need for exiling them.
The revheads and heads of staff could even decide to call it truce and create a new chain of command, maybe establish a new governing body peacefully through elections, anything would be possible.
That includes killing them, if the confrontation becomes violent and hostile.


I would love a communism thing were everyone agrees to dismantle the power structure for a peaceful resolution.

It would depend on the players RPing, but I think it would be a great way to end revolutions peacefully.

This is the most important part imo

Still, I believe the security staff and heads should be opposed at the very least initially to the revolutionaries’ cause.
I’ll think more about how heads should respond tomorrow, but if anyone has ideas i’m interested in hearing them! :pray: :+1:

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I think it would be interesting if, in this change, revs ‘winning’ doesn’t automatically end, and they can take a more RP based approach on many of the antags that may spawn after, primarily syndicate-based ones. Such as discussing alliances or peace treaties between the new rev station and the syndicate if its nukies, or a traitor having the chance to talk to the revs about them dealing with their target, who was a former head.

Dunno, just slingin’ ideas here!

edit: Or, if the revs aren’t outright okay with them just killing the former head, they can have the option to possibly capture alive and contractor style them to the syndicate for their leaders to decide on what to do ((though they can still just flat out kill the head if they want, without rev approval))


You are forgetting that this is bee and people will metagame this and basically bring it back to LRP

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Unfortunately yes this is most likely, but we got hopes

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Of course!

ehhhh i’m not sure about that, but honestly it would make sense for the syndicate to fund revolutionaries in order to make NT suffer heavy losses. I’ll think about this! :+1:

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One of my characters, Q.U.A.R.K. , agrees that head jobs are given way too much money for the depth of knowlege they have to have to be a competent head

Mori doesnt know the first thing about virology except for how to synthesize vaccines


100% agree. I don’t know too much on actual lore of SS13 aside from bare-bones minimum so I’m glad my silly idea helped with a better one!!

I’d like to at the very least try this approach.
NONE of our gamemodes encourage RP and that’s a shame.
I acknowledge the fact that we have a LOT of LRP players around.
But I believe that by putting measures in place to punish matagaming / powergaming during this mode we can at the very least produce an experience that is better than the current rev round.


I’m all for whatever cuts down the “Oh, I’m a rev now! Time to suicide bomb next to Cap!” thought process. Revs always turns off the self preservation part of people’s brains.


Just change something. It sucks. I don’t care what or how much because we can always revert.

Literally. Just go wild.

There. That is my opinion for all changes about anything. The more ambitious it is even if it crashes and burns the better.


I legitimately support the removal of the Revolutionaries game mode as a whole, because frankly, I don’t think most of the people who want to realisticly role-play a revolution are going to be playing on anything but a High Role-play server. Any “Rev R.P.” here is going to end up as Communism-based shitposting, and likely not particularly high-grade shitposting either. I agree with pretty much all of your points about why current Revs suck, and am willing to add one more of my own: it’s fucking stressful to be one, especially when headrevs are off in hell and you’re trying to figure out how to act natural while also preparing to kill Heads of Staff without giving the game away and being screamed at in deadchat by people blaming you and only you for the Revs losing.

I personally don’t like how quickly revs can amass, the whole thing should be abit slower and demand abit more covert action.