Hydroponics Gene Complexity Feedback Thread

I have a pr and want some community feedback

if you don’t want to click on a github link what it is about is:
certain trait genes are very powerful and I believe should be nerfed in their mass-producibility, the exact numbers of this however are still a work in progress

Certain trait genes in botany will have a complexity value
Every level of complexity a plant has, will reduce its yield by 1

the complexity levels are currently (and probably not final, need more input from people):

  • Electrical Activity 1
  • Shadow Emission 1
  • Bluespace Activity 1
  • Densified Chemicals 2
  • Perenial Growth 2
  • Capacitive Cell Production 1
  • Hypodermic Prickles 3
  • Richer Juice 2

add acid production into the mix

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Okay so Perennial Growth + Densified Chemicals + Hypodermic Prickles gives us a complexity of 7. Let’s say our Deathnettles have all of those, but max stats so a yield of 10 and were splashed with Robust Harvest. That gives us (10 * 1.3) - 7 = 6 nettles per harvest, every ~ minute or so. And don’t forget that they can simply be planted into more trays.
So meh, this won’t do much.


currently its only made in a way that traits can have complexity, not reagent genes

Guh, thought those were the same to be honest

I’m not a fan, yield and potency is already something people outside of botany mains struggle with. That combined with the fact they just spam 2 units of mutagen or 5 and give the plant every trait under the sun.

If you think some traits are strong, maybe there is another way to go around it.

I don’t think this is the one.

I would also like to mention that the traits may be strong but they require a lot of preparation.

You have to grow each plant with the trait you want, extract, put it all into one plant. That takes a long while.

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i don’t think this would make the game more fun. Botany isn’t a very popular role, neither is it super overpwoered, it’s supposed to be relaxing and fun, it’s not about winning or losing. Making this update would just make it unecessarily more complex, perrenial growth for example is mandatory for planting, so you’re just making every plant yield 2 less, richer juice is a bit silly because you lose 2 yield, meaning you lose juice to gain juice? of course, the fact that it doubles still makes it worth it, but why not just nerf rich juice then? why reduce yield?

the other trais are also silly, but idk, i don’t care that much, add it if you want, but it’s not good

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why not nerf deathneedles if the problem is specific plants, and not plants in general?

It’s not the deathnettles, it Hypodermic Prickles. I just used them as an example since most people are too lazy to transfer their traits onto other plants.

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I agree with what the others have said. Yield is the most important stat a plant can have for other people, it hurts others more then it hurts the botanist; chef needs a lot of plants, quality does not matter, same for any other plants that people need bar chem. Nerfing yield is also likely not going to change much in a good way as more trays can simply be made in parallel.

Botany does have issues; namely acid and bluespace. And those should be addressed, but its a challenging nerf to make. But honestly as a botany main, you could just remove both death nettles and bluespace tomatoes :grin:


Acid just need to be tweaked on how it works specially against armor and such to be in a better state

oh, i’m sorry then.

Would it really be 10 * 1.3? The math could just as easily be (10-7)*1.3 for a round up to four. IDK how the code works tho.

the code for yield is, in laymans terms:
is yield already 0? don’t calculate

then look at the fertiliser yield modifier

  • if its zero, make it yield 1 plant
  • otherwise multiply the yield by the modifier of the fertiliser

then look at the complexity

  • is complexity bigger than the current yield? make yield 1
  • otherwise reduce complexity from yield

in this case Wilsons maths is the correct one here

tl;dr complexity is added AFTER fertiliser

My intent with this change is to make mass production of weapons harder for botany, while keeping the more harmless aspects about it untouched. I also wanted to nerf Perennial Growth as it was so good you’d want it on every plant no matter what.

some other ideas I had were:

  • Perenial growth causes a stat mutation on every harvest
  • Not having perenial growth causes plants to be harvestable instantly upon reaching maturity, rather than waiting for harvestability afterwards
  • Nerfing the gene manipulator to not allow per-minute harvests
  • Having yield divide the potency of a plant, (IE more yield, less potency)

After looking at the discussion maybe having complexity affect potency may be a better solution? or scrapping the complexity mechanic entirely

You have to think of a way to nerf something in a way that it won’t affect gameplay negatively.

I hate when plants mutate. If I added perennial growth to a plant and it kept mutating id be furious.

I’d also be furious if adding a traid affected yield or potency.
Not to mention again, newbies already struggle with potency and make small ass produce, with this they would be making peas every round.

To be honest, I don’t really see the problem with botany.
I know it has access to a lot of weapons but you need to spend a considerable time to make them.

I think the solution really is sec actually looking at what botanists do a little closer.

“Oh, an apple. That’s harmless, right?”
Ancestor voice “Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer”

To translate this into non-schizo, there’s no visual indicator of a plant’s danger. You can’t tell if an apple is full of omnizine or acid. Maybe tinting plants the colour of the chemicals within them would work, at least when they’re lying on the ground harvested.


I like this idea much better.

Althought I really like how you never know if the apple is poisonous or not. Which is also fun!

I mean this would allow you to tell if an apple is poisonous (roughly) without having to bust in and pull out the plant analyser.

The only trouble is every fucking chemical in the game looks the same.

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which makes my point mute!! haha good idea!!