Howluinb Note Appeal from Zoom9337

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]


Admin’s CKEY: Zoom9337

Ban Type: Note

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2022-11-13 04:23:45

Round ID: 40852

Ban Reason: Overall, as a pirate your should be focusing on looting, not sabotaging station systems to “cause panic” as a distraction. You could use your men and physically attack a place as a distraction, but you should not set up explosions to happen when you leave. This note was a result of a player report: Unknown Pirate Captain player report

Appeal Reason:

I know this has already been discussed in the thread, but I genuinely believe this note should not exist - it implies that I just went into the station with the goal of sabotaging.

That is not the case - i was literally just moving around space to protect our ship which was being constantly assaulted by enemies getting brought right back up after we kill them (since we never permanently killed)

On my way, I saw the injector outlet in space of the sm. I dismantled that, going “yar har break shit cuz it’s on me way matey” then proceeded to go back to me ship.
The note implies I went into the sm room which i never did. I never entered engineering once. This was not a sabotage where i setup air alarms precisely, and carefully changed values on piping.

"you could use your men and physically attack a place as a distraction, "
My men were indeed going either protecting the ship or going inside to cause distractions and steal more lootz. And I was literally doing the exact same thing written to be “better” than “sabotaging”. The sm started beeping and yelling and multiple people on coms got scared and rushed to not get close to pirates again, all resulting from me unwrenching three pipes that were in my way in space.

That is the single action of sabotage I have done that round. I unwrenched three pipes and proceeded to go back to defending the ship and fighting security while my mate went to gather loot from lathes/silo since sec was distracted.

I feel this is just overblown because it’s the SM - it’s no different from a pirate going around breaking a few windows while travelling through space because “yar har vent them air so they can’t breathe, teach ya a lesson for not paying up”.

My focus was on ensuring max looting, and, that worked - within two minutes of our landing, we completed our goal, and ended the round with a shitload of munz. We didn’t end it at 0 credits, station half blown up and useless. It was super minor and only served to beep boop at the crew, and it was more than efficient with minimal damage for what amounts to three pipes unwrenched while travelling through space, as an afterthought.

I didn’t even patrol the area to ensure it’d blow up, too. the golem i killed was because i was chasing around a sec member in space & on my way back he happened to be there. If it had been fixed, i’d not have x4’d the sm to enter and kill whoever was trying to fix.

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Okay but
How did you, as a pirate captain, know that unwrenching the output would destabilize the engine?

even a beginner to the game would know the answer to the question :
“hey, what do you think would happen if you destroyed the gas vent system of a super unstable engine”
it’s not rocket science to understand that if i put resin inside of a car exhaust to clog it, the car will blow up

with my ss13 knowledge, i could have easily entered atmos & sm chamber and cause a tesla delam. i didn’t, because it’d have taken too much time which would have left my ship unprotected. Yet, the note states that my focus was on sabotaging.


Except we’re discussing IC knowledge, not OOC.

my god

even a random texan rural guy who’s never seen anything but wheat fields in his life, upon hearing :
“hey what happens if i weld your car exhaust shut”
would respond
“it’d blow up lol”

this also applies to a beginner in ss13, or maybe the pirate captain piloting a ship who as a result has a modicum of knowledge of how an engine works ie : fuel in, gas out

I stated that my ss13 knowledge would allow me to cause a tesla, which i did NOT do for reasons explained above - you quoted it as if i stated my ss13 knowledge warrants me to act in such a way? what?

Genuinely, there is no OOC knowledge used IC. There is nothing requiring an extensive engineering degree about “break shit sitting in space on your way back to your ship, that’ll probably blow up”


To quote mystery3525 :
“This I particularly agree with, pirates shouldn’t be planning on setting up things to blow up when they leave, else a nukies team would show up.”

You’ve said yourself you already had enough stuff stolen and were busy protecting the ship. So, I ask you again, why did you need to sabotage the engine to have it blow up after you left? Your goal is to steal stuff.

as the note states, “You could use your men and physically attack a place as a distraction”

That is quite literally what I did, physically attack a place as a distraction. when the sm started sounding the alarm, nobody came from engi space side in fear of the explosion. For a reminder, when that happens, for 10 full minutes the sm will go “beep boop sm instability 37.34889%”. It worked perfectly as a distraction and was not even something i planned ! I just arrived at engi space, unwrenched pipe & continued back to my ship.

Early after spawn, I attacked myself security so the other pirate could loot (only two of us), and upon asking them after we completed goal & i couldn’t fight sec anymore, they stated being in search of more loot, so even if we met the goal, that didn’t mean we’d stop looting the station. And we continued til the shuttle left.

It was not a pointless act done solely for shits and giggles, and actively helped us pirates, while being 100% in the realm of knowledge of a pirate captain. It was not my focus, something i did while passing by, i didn’t stay to patrol the area around engi space, it was just a quick easy & done unwrench and then bail.


Were you actively being chased to your ship? I’m talking high-speed pursuit. If you weren’t, I don’t see much reason to mess with the SM to “cause a distraction.” Would seem like breaking stuff just for the sake of breaking stuff at that point.

I was going back to my ship at that point, however, we were under constant attack from sec and other people coming into space with space adapt and las guns. At no point were we not under threat, even til 1min before shuttle leaves.
The distraction, as i said, worked, since everyone stopped passing by engineering space and instead came from sec space.
(which made it easier to fight against since no chance to get encircled)

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We’ve decided to reword the note to: “As pirate, decided to sabotage the SM for it to explode after they leave. As a pirate, you should focus on looting not “causing panic” as a distraction. If you want to cause a distraction, use your own men instead of crystals that explode. This note was a result of a player report: Unknown Pirate Captain player report

This is what happened, and it was not right according to our policy (to my knowledge), so the note is going to stay.


I just learned how to mark my reports as accepted or denied