Unknown Pirate Captain player report

In-game report:

CKEY: wilsonph

Your Discord: R2D2 from Star Trek

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Don’t remember, he was the pirate captain though

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10-14-2022

Round Number: 40852

Rules Broken: 13 Antagonist Conduct, specifically the escalation rules for Space Pirates :
“Cut down anyone in your way, but don’t go out of your way just to murder people. Focus on looting.”
Incident Description: I was an explorer so I missed most of it. Came back to the station only to find about pirates. Died to them. In dchat a golem explained to me how he was killed by the pirates and not even looted. Then I heard the pirate captain talking about sabotaging the SM.

Additional Information: None really as I missed most of it.


I was the pirate captain, I distracted security and fought with them for a long while, protecting the ship and activating the credit withdrawal machine, while my other mate was going into the station and looting vault which was, thus, completely unprotected.

I did indeed sabotage the SM, but in a way that ensured it’d only explode when shuttle has left, if not later - mostly wanted to cause a panic with a sm beeping “DESTABILIZING”. Proof is, it did explode right after shuttles left.

Golem was in space, near the SM as I had just did said sabotage - I shot him to crit, told me about how he had talked with another pirate who was nice to him, felt bad, pushed him back into the station and left him as is.
(plus, like, what do you mean loot him? he was a golem with a single backpack and labcoat, wasting a minute to undress him solely to find one (1) fire extinguisher in his backpack would have been completely useless)

We got all the credits needed, kept getting and searching for more, all the people I crit (except that single golem) were either borgs blaring about our presence or outright trying to attack/kill us.
In fact, none of the bodies were ever made unrecoverable, and medics were able to retrieve every person we either crit or killed. (Apart from one ling, because I accidentally threw them back at our ship & a late pirate mate took them at which point I have no idea what they did with them)

It worked overall really well, as while I was rather injured and kept fighting with seccies and borgs all throughout, my mate went and grabbed all the loot and credits with little fighting back - all seccies were in brig trying to gear up & fight me or trying to come directly for the pirate ship.

Nothing about this situation, in my opinion, was done in opposition of the pirate “murderbone” escalation policy which is under reserve of helping to get sweet booty (which, all of it did).
While the SM is debatable, I think I have a solid enough grasp of how atmos & engineering work to be able to tell it would have both been a very delayed explosion, an ensured panic, and a small one at that (which, it turns out, was the exact case). It’s not like I pumped the thing full of CO2 & made sure it’d go tesla !

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Something i never got clear is in situations like this, While you, the player Howluinb31153 does “know” how the SM/Atmos work, i don’t think equals for the Pirate Captain Rattle My Bones to know how to, while Antagonists have some sort of liberty on what they can know( i.e Syndicate traitor Janitor can cause a plasmaflood for his hijack because you could say Syndicate Agents are sleeper agents that infiltrated random joba to do their assigned objective thus, granting them that excuse to know how to) i believe there’s a limit, since antagonists are subject to the rule of You Must Roleplay i think if we get put into the shoes of Captain Rattle My Bones they don’t give me the feel that they somehow know how to operate the SM/Pipes/Atmos to cause a very specific delamination

One different case would be:

“Yaargh we need Poly let’s keep engineer busy and hit their power suply! Smash every console, windows and maybe put an X4 on the Pacman!”

Which seems more in line, Pirates wants Poly, the department members are there, you can go the route to RP-rob them, crit them to take their credits or just tell them to go away since "you did a number on the machines above’’ Because Poly and Budget card will definetly yield more

While from what you describe i don’t see a Pirate going full bone(logs would support or deny your claims) or even making a singulo tesla delam speedrun, i’m curious about this particular situation, would a Pirate, the scoundrel of the galaxy, the bone that only thinks about loot and pillage, hit fast, grab money and leave… Would it know how to operate a power station that surpasses in technology their usual knowledge (basic apc, motors, pacman of their ship)

As you said, you caused the explosion to made it a “guarantee” that it would blow up after shuttle left, i personally think it’s more like… making explode it for no reason, rather than to “induce panic” even after you claim you already had all the booty/greentext

It’s like if an Abductor did it to cause panic or to make an engineer go there to try repair it so you could nab him, the difference being that the Abductor RP wise, as being a more advanced technological species could work it, but even then that delam shouldn’t be done 5 minutes into them spawning because it fails their own core mission

Anyway, obviously admins will judge the report and hopefully answer my question, because i personally don’t think all antags should be a jack of all trades on knowledge when it contradicts their gamemode/core mechanicd/personality itself, though the number of antags this apply is very minimal, mostly midrounds tbh

And i’m not saying either that you ruined people’s round and you took steps to not overly do it, but since i know you’re always open for feedback and improving i’d like the words(something along these lines) an Admin said: you CKEY might know how to do it or what does X thing mean but doesn’t mean your character should on their current contrzt

And i think, even with le antag status pass it’s a little fail RP related to pirates,which this time didn’t seem to have caused trouble and it got done when shuttle got called, perhaps this would’ve been a different story if any engineers/CE/Atmos were present and got killed without looting and solely for delam and shuttle wasn’t here

Anyway good luck!


Technically, all I did was turn off a pump and unwrench two pipes. I didn’t do black magic, it wasn’t ultra precise or an overall guarantee- it was however a certain “it’ll take at least 10 minutes to blow, no one will be stupid enough to get caught in the blast and it’ll be really obvious to everyone”
The pirate cap’s thoughts were just “let’s stop gas flow of that big fuckoff engine, that’ll surely make them panic and probably cause a small boomie - which will absolutely distract them !”
And it did, people fucked off out of engi and any surrounding area and proceeded to bail directly onto the shuttle/departures and stopped bothering us as much because it was going to blow, even if only lightly (we were parked near the SM, I did not move accross half the map to do this, it was literally on my way). I really didn’t even enter engi and never touched apcs/air alarms/pacmans.

Again, while I still think it was fine due to the very limited and controlled impact of the delam along with how little effort it took, I can agree if the overall sentiment is “that was too much”, and will avoid doing so from that point on.

But I genuinely don’t think this scenario is equivalent to me entering sm chamber to play around with the place for 20 minutes setting up a delam and showing way too much engineering knowledge about it, when it took me about 40 seconds to execute - I just have seen this exact type of induced delamination enough times to know exactly how the SM will react and about how long it’ll take before delamming, which is well beyond five minutes, very slow, very visible & very small explosion unless the engies fuck around and worsen it on their own - at which point, it’s on them.

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Screwing with pipes in the SM for even a minute is enough to screw over the long term stability of an engine, I’d agree that even assistant would realize that doing that would likely cause big panic among the crew and know not to touch anything SM related. Thus on the opposite side as a pirate who wants to cause mayhem for the purpose of creating a distraction as you said it’s not inarguable that a Pirate would say “this here pipe yar, fuck this here pipe”

Though alternatively if you really wanted to fuck over the SM super quick and dirty you could do as those particularly dumb explos do and just park your ship over the heat dispersal loop. in RP reasons there is nothing saying that the pirate ship isn’t equiped with scanners that detect heat signatures in space and anyone crewing a ship knows that having insuficent means of getting rid of that heat will bite your ass hard.


I was here for this round and I was the Golem that was executed in space near the SM loop.

I honestly don’t think SM sabotage is that worst thing in the world, most of the time the explosion isn’t big enough that its irreparable, people are just too lazy to fix it and get a new SM. Plus, the actual sabotage was something that was easily fixed.

Even my death I totally understand from the pirate point of view. An unknown actor shows up out of nowhere. The Pirate Captain could not have known my intentions, nor did I really have any intentions besides doing some minor repairs to the station while fetching corpses. If I had been made by Xenobio to assist security, I could have been a threat. Sometimes, when shits going down, which it very much was at the time, its easier and safer to blast first, and ask questions later. The Pirate Captain made an okay choice there.

On the other hand however, there were a LOT of causalities of the pirates. The station was understaffed to begin with, with maybe 2 seccies the entire round, Medbay had exploded shortly before the pirates arrived, and still hadnt been repaired. The server population was fairly low, so after killing 5 or 6 people, a quarter of the server was effectively dead. I know that at LEAST 5 people were killed, and out of those 5, I only saw 1 security officer who was killed. Many of those people had all their stuff on them when I saw their bodies, including mine.

Thank you for providing your viewpoint, that’s about what went down in my head yeah - you were in space with backpack, i had no idea what could be inside, erred on the side of caution.
I can confirm there were a lot of casualties, yes, but I can also state that all of them were killed either in space or brig (at least the ones killed by me).
If you wander an active minefield, it’s kinda expected to be killed.

And, like, you don’t get much credits from the body of some rando engi - unless he’s carrying all the diamonds on the station. It’s both a waste of time & shitty to remove all their gear IMO

My philosophy in game has always been: “do my best to make people able to come back in the game fast” because i know it’d infuriate me otherwise. Stripping everyone down and removing/deleting all their tools/gear/whatever they’ve been working on always seemed like way too much (unless, obviously, i needed it) - hence a reason why I didn’t loot anyone

Alright, I just needed to review some facts before I got this done (excuse)

  1. The pirates have reasonable suspicion to believe that anyone except their own crew is out to kill them, so I believe it would be fine for them to kill a golem in space armed or not.
  2. Other admins and I agree that space pirates aren’t sent into the station to do sabotage, their primary goals is looting and surviving.

This I particularly agree with, pirates shouldn’t be planning on setting up things to blow up when they leave, else a nukies team would show up.

To answer your question, the pirates wouldn’t know how to setup/manage/fuck with the SM besides breaking shit. (I think that answers your question?)

Overall Pirates should focus on looting.

Report accepted.

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