How to swear off Round Removal and still be an effective antagonist

We’ve all been there; you’re playing a round, maybe you’ve got a project, maybe you’ve got plans for a fun gimmick, and some dude runs up and sleeping carps you into an early grave, takes you to lavaland, and chucks you into the lava with no hope of recovery.

You’ve just been round removed.

Now you might be the type to enjoy midround spawn or ghost roles, and more power to you if that’s your preference!
But I (and I’m certain many other folks on bee) really only play for a contiguous story through-line to the shift.

With the changes to death memory RP rules (namely no matter how you die, if you die, you lose all memories of who killed you, the circumstances, etc), there is even more flexibility for how we treat our victims as antagonists.

So I’m here today to offer some thoughts on round removal. More specifically, how to be a “Bad Guy” without being a “bad guy”.

I’m going to focus on syndicate antagonists for this guide, since the other game modes, whilst still occasionally causing round removal, tend to also serve as a method of letting players get back into the game (ie xenomorphs RR people, yes, but they also have at very least a one to one reintroduction into the round as more xenos. Basically a conversion game mode, if you think about it.) and others, such as Heretic, have been altered to not need to RR people at all!

So traitors, agents, incursionists! Syndies of all stripes! Have you considered the other ways you can assassinate someone without taking them out of the entire round?
It can be as simple as waiting for the shuttle to be called before you make your move. Being dead for five minutes stings a lot less than being dead all round.

But say you get the perfect opportunity to kill someone and hide the body early. What then?


Well did you know that borging someone counts as a completed assassination? It’s true! Not only are you assassinating the person, but you’re also:
1- removing the soul from the corpse to make it utterly unrecoverable! this is what I feel makes this way of doing things apply even to powergamers, so you really have no excuse to not at least think about this way of doing things. you can hide a body, maybe even destroy a brain, but there’s only one way to get rid of a soul, and that’s to transfer it to something else.
Even a brainless body can be recovered with a replica pod.
2- creating yourself an ally with AA The resulting borg, if you’re able to get the thing made in a private place and have made sure to disable the AI link before chucking in the MMI, is in a perfect location to flash > emag > crowbar > emag > crowbar. Suddenly not only have you got rid of your target, but now you have a borg ally with AA, that due to never having been linked with the AI is a complete X factor for your proceeding plans without raising suspicion at all in security or the AI!
Don’t have an emag? Stuck in robotics with a robo right around the corner? too bad, oh well… Except, the character in the MMI doesn’t know how they died. Simply say to the MMI that you found their brain and cannot clone them, slap them in a borg, and tell them not to bother security with any mention of yourself (say it would waste their time if the borg is on efficiency, merely order them not to if they’re asimov or crewsimov), and send them on their way. They cannot ask to be unborged without breaking silicon policy and thus the rules.
3- Last and certainly not least, you are giving the player on the other side of the screen a contiguous game experience. If you’ve emagged them, you’ve just given them a free antag round. if you haven’t, they’ve got an opportunity to experience silicon gameplay and an interesing story beat to work off of. It’s a win win.

Hypnotizing pesky coworkers

Say you’re an explorer and have had the WEWLAD in your ear to let you know you’re a syndie. the only problem is: there’s a pesky exploration partner there, and he’s not responding to your code words! He’s sure to report to security if you start using the exploration shuttle for nefarious deeds… He’s very clearly a collateral kill waiting to happen. What now?
Well you could murder him and throw him out an airlock, but frankly, where’s the fun in that? (not to mention someone may stumble on the body, or if you’re in bluespace there’ll be a whacking great sign visible to anyone with an orbital console saying “STRANDED DEAD PERSON HERE” with a station-wide ANNOUNCEMENT giving you away!)
no, there is a far better option. Or even a number of options!
1- sleepy pen > hypnoflash > “you are a syndicate agent working for [character name here]” - The classic combo. Congratulations, not only have you not round removed someone, you now have a comrade in arms who is most likely excited for this free antag round!
2- Morphine/anaesthetic gas > Hypnoflash - This is basically the same as above but spending less TC. of course, you’ll need to find some way to get the knockout juice…
3- Alien brainwashing surgery - If you’ve got alien surgery researched, access to surgery tools and some way to render your target unconscious (see above) or merely trick them into letting you perform head surgery on them, this allows you to brainwash them without needing any TC at all!


I’m sure there’s other methods for completing an assassination without round removal, but it’s important to note that these methods also work for security and command players, with the added caveat that any hypnosis or brainwashing will need to be done after you remove the mindshield from their heads.
But to be completely honest leaving a naked corpse of a seccie in front of medbay has a certain flair that really is undeniable, and it’s not like they’ll be able to ID you as their killer. see how many bodies you can rack up. Hell, if you want to delay their return destroy or hide their ID or chop off a limb or two. But round removal? You can do better.

this use of the hypno-flash is sorta disliked by admins, they don’t like impromptu inductions of players by other players into the ranks of the syndicate.
Alternatives include :

  • “[Your explorer pal] can do no wrong and in no way does anything you need to talk about or act upon”, kinda cheap but your hypnosis victim may also choose to skirt the limits of this hypnosis leading to them acting insane! FUN RP STUFF!
  • “You must achieve [silly/decoy/gimick thing] on station!” This gets them out of your hair and keeps them on station causing trouble for SEC, Command and/or whoever the gimick may involve or they believe it should involve.
  • “You are [the Postal 2 dude/Clowno the funniest] you’ve got a job on station!” be creative, who do you want on station causing issues aside from Cindy-kate, certified robust baddie. Bonus points for hypnotizing them to think their character is another crew member to get the ol’ identity theft train going! this has happened to me at least twice as a Seccie and by god, in hindsight it is funny to arrest someone who you aren’t even aware believes they are you!

Interesting, I didn’t know that that kind of hypno was frowned upon. Good suggestions!

I, personally, do not frown upon it.
As long as everyone’s actually roleplaying and having fun then we’re good.


The Craigmin hath spoken.

I find just converting people with a hypnoflash like that is a bit worn out and boring tbh. The ones j0yk1llz suggested sound a bit more nuanced rather than just making slaves

please by all that is holy do not borg me. This is a fate worse than RR.


I agree wholeheartedly, id rather play any ghost role than play borg, or no ghost role at all for that matter. I simply hate borg so much, i refuse to play it. I wish i could turn off being borged somehow.


the cryo tubes in question:
it even refunds the iron to the ore silo, I think.

I don’t think admins would give a shit about that specific objective - they would give a shit if you wordlessly spamflashed people with that and then fucked off to get more people with 0 rp

Correct, the thing that it’s frowned upon is just grabbing someone and hypnoflash them with some very lame prompts and then leave them be like ‘‘Go murder X’’ or ‘‘You work for HYPNOFLASHER Do not harm them.’’ (then they proceed to fuck off leaving the hypno/brainwashed without anything to do and they don’t bother interacting with them unless they get in trouble)


Wow, this genuinely didn’t occur to me because I love ai/borg rounds. What don’t you like about them? Do you feel different if it’s an antag/emagged borg?

To be fair, if you’ve never played AI or Cyborg before and don’t know the controls, it can lead to a ruined round for not just you, but the antagonist too.
I remember getting borged by a malf AI when I was very new to the game and I just straight-up had no idea what was going on.
I didn’t know anything about modules and thought that I had been built without arms or something.


I was force borged by an AI a few times and… I’d just either walk around and look confused as to what is happening or simply wait it out. lol

Number 1 - people don’t care for you, they genuinely forget you’re a person playing on the other side when you’re a borg, they only remember you when they ant a door opened.

Number 2 - Its super limited. You get to chose your module and that’s it. You have a limited set of tools and if you want more you’ll have to be reset by a roboticist.

Number 3 - You’re always in servitude to someone. Be it human, AI or Syndicate. Its horrible. You have no free will or agency.

It’s certainly very common for when AI goes beyond +5 borgs and start the mass-borging to end up seeing a mix of borgs going ssd, a few going cryo and others going ‘‘against ai orders’’ (they don’t even know what to do’’ So yeah it certainly happens a lot and with the newTGUI borg menu i find it’s less… intuitive for a new player to figure out

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