How to: Oozeling Revival (Oozeling Approved)

I wouldn’t have thought this guide would be needed but I can’t play medical and I rarely ever die so I wouldn’t know anything.

Considering one post here wonders whether charcoal is dangerous for oozelings though…

Telling people that organ failure poisons oozelings/jellypeople and non-slimes alike is a very good idea though.

additional semi related notes and ways to keep your oozeling healthy:

  • defibrilation makes oozelings loose some blood.
    not much but do be mindfull of your revival attempts

  • blood regen lore:

    • food (well fed buff): gives an oozeling a long lasting rapid blood healing around 1% per second i
      note: feeding an already stuffed oozeling does nothing other thank making them fat
    • toxin: faster acting suplementary blood healing and antianti toxin. does not work on dead/sub 40% (can be used to build a buffer blood above 120%. but its slow)
  • check an oozeling’s blood suplly if its bellow 120 and or doesnt go up past 100 they are not well fed meaning they do not have the rapid blood regen buff. the diffrence being

    • well fed: 5u of water hurt a bit/ antitox bloodloss is lower and heals faster/fast extinguiser revovery
    • not well fed: dead/mostly dead and soon to be dead respectively
  • if you need to throw an oozeling in a cryopod give them a kelatone candy to suck on so it heals the 20-30 burn they will get from the aftercold when cryodaxone is no longer active. but is still to cold it will also to calm some oozelings that are afraid of cryo. still cryo its not very dangerous to them. its just PTSD

  • if an oozeling got injected with tricozadrine by some medical proffesional tm.
    simply inject the oozeling with their own blood. this will turn the tricod into regen ooze.
    dont question the shitcode (and yes that means oozeblood is a tricod OD antidote)

If you OD an oozling with perfluorodecalin will they be harmed or healed?

ODing on any medicine usually deals massive organ damage and not even always deal toxin. to the point its actually a pretty powerfull poison in itself

in this case your poor oozeling will never be able to love or pump blood ever again


I don’t remember ever getting that much burn from leaving a cryo tube. Most I think I’ve gotten is a little over 10 burn, maaaybe even up to 20 but I doubt that.

there appears to be some variation ive taken up to 60 but that was only once

It might depend on how upgraded the Thermomachine is. Tier 4 parts get it to 3 K.