How to: Oozeling Revival (Oozeling Approved)

Written by a very angry oozeling player after a medical doctor either leaving them to rot or failing to understand the species they’re treating for the 5000000th time

Step 0: The Arrival

So, an Oozeling got dragged to medical, what do?

Examine to see if they have a soul. If not, morgue.
As you always should, check the medhud for a skull. Skull means they’ve been dead for >15 minutes, and require special attention or cloning. We’ll assume that the Oozeling has been dead for 5 minutes, heart still functioning and on a stasis bed. For now we will also assume that cloning is unavailable.

Step 1: The Beginning of the pain

Use a medical scanner. You’ll want to check for 3 things:

  • Brute/Burn damage levels
  • Toxin damage levels (Important)
  • Blood levels (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

If their blood is LOW or CRITICAL, check for water and holy water in their system with a medical scanner. If they have water in them, I personally recommend blood filter surgery, as water annihilates Oozeling blood levels extremely quickly. If they do not have water in them, give them some ooze from the ooze packs that spawn in roundstart blood freezers, they’re labeled “blood pack - OZ”. You’ll want to do this until they’re at the very least 60% blood. Note, the blood counter does not update until they are unbuckled from the bed.

Gonna clear up a quick misconception, welding fuel and toxins are not directly blood for Oozelings. Giving a 0% blood Oozeling welder fuel and toxin, then expecting them to magically live, is wrong. They will instantly die due to being below 20% blood.

Now, if they have toxin damage, check their system for what’s causing it. Antitoxin purges toxins in the blood, so please do not try to outheal antitoxin with toxin. Toxins also cause Oozelings to lose blood depending on their strength, keep that in mind when choosing toxins for your patient. If their toxin is BELOW 60, inject calomel, as it will heal their toxin damage AND purge the antitoxins very quickly.

For the brute and burn damage, heal it as you would any other species. Surgery, Bicaridine, Salicyclic Acid, Kelotane, Oxanthrolone, Synthflesh, whatever works.
Do not give them Tricordrazine at all costs as it will cause them to slowly die to both blood loss and toxin damage.

Step 2: The Revival number 1055

So, you’ve healed their damage as best you could and cleared them of water and/or antitoxins?
You are now ready to defibrilate the Oozeling, assuming they didn’t DNR due to rage yet.

Defib them as normal.

Afterwards, if their blood level and sleeper upgrades allow for it, drag them to the sleeper and give them 20 units of Perfluorodecalin. This will rapidly heal oxygen damage AND toxin damage AND grant them additional blood regeneration. Very useful trick that will make any Oozeling (Including Navy) like you more immediately.

Assuming you followed this guide, they should be healing up just fine now. When in doubt about low blood levels, give them some extra toxins.

For any missing information, suggestions or questions, leave a reply and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities.

When is it better to give oozelings fuckton of food + toxic chems instead of blood directly from the bag? (or simply how effective is it)

Also while we are in the medbay area, i’ve seen this in a mentor question but forgot the answer, how does one help an oozeling with virus that has water as cure without causing massive damage?

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For low blood, like around 60% or above, it’s usually better to give them toxins and send them on their way.

Make a vaccine via virology and give it to them

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What a great contribution to the guide discussion. If you’re mad at Oozelings existing, complain elsewhere.


Do most chemicals or fluids such as: experimental disease bottle, charcoal, morphine etc. Harm oozies in any way? I’ve had few sips of viruses and instantly lost some HP but then sometimes I wouldn’t at all?

The reagent itself does not hurt Oozelings, though the disease might be harmful.

Charcoal heals toxin damage, thus hurts oozelings by dealing toxin damage and causing blood loss. Do not give an Oozeling charcoal if your intent is to help them.

Just causes drowsiness, doesn’t hurt them in a special way.

Some notable examples include:

Pentetic Acid

  • VERY bad for Oozelings
  • Do not give it to them


  • About on the same level as Pentetic Acid, albeit a bit weaker.


  • Most overdoses cause true toxin damage, meaing it also hurts Oozelings.

Liver failure

  • Also harms Oozelings.
  • Reminder that a dead liver does not process reagents at all.

Oozeling blood can only be obtained from living oozeling, and bloodpacks right? (Bloodpacks from roundstart or from cargo) Unlike normal blood that can be multiplied endlessly by chem.
And did your fix some days ago fixed the minus blood level navy?

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Correct, Slime Ooze can only be obtained from blood packs in blood freezers, either cargo bought or roundstart, or from living Oozelings

And yes, my negative blood fix is in already.

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appendicitis also does the true toxin damage. don’t try to exploit it.

Great guide and thanks for making it. The one major downside to playing oozeling is being constantly being murdered by medbay.

I have one hair to split:

While an Oozeling will die if they are under 20% it is not instant, just very quick. It is still enough time for reagents to process. If you load up an Oozeling with tox causing chems it is possible to bit-by-bit bring their blood up by repeatedly defibbing them and them dying. (A mix of welding fluid/plasma/toxin does about 1% blood per defib). While this is extremely tedious for all involved it can be useful for when the blood level is just under 20% or if there are no alternative available.


you should mention that obese oozelings generate blood at a stupidly fast pace, you could use them to “farm” slime ooze since there are normally two or three oozelings on highpop

Just ask one of them to be cloned, then we have totally morally good oozeling farm.

just clone them


cloning is admitting defeat


While this is true, being obese is awful. I’d only ever use it on an empty clone, personally.

This guide is very accurate

But i must add on the point where you need to inspect the dead for missing appendages.

On revival if the oozeling is missing 3 or more appendages the instance that it is revived it would trigger appendage regeneration and rapidly consume blood, possibly to death. (Im relativelt sure the species code hasnt been touched since i last did medical; yes this is probably a bug)

There are instances where i defibbed and watch blood levels go from 100 to negatives with no blood draining reagents or possible causes that i know.

Its a gamble to revive with 2 missing appendages if set up well. 3 or more and you need blood regen reagents in the body pre-defib. So you need to reattach limbs or use prosthetics to prevent it.

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id tell em to hold off popin new limbs for a bit
and stuff them

The limb regeneration is triggered by the Oozeling via an action button, not automatically.

The only instances I could ever imagine this happening if if the Oozeling was fire extinguished a lot, even after death. However,

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I wouldn’t have thought this guide would be needed but I can’t play medical and I rarely ever die so I wouldn’t know anything.

Considering one post here wonders whether charcoal is dangerous for oozelings though…

Telling people that organ failure poisons oozelings/jellypeople and non-slimes alike is a very good idea though.

additional semi related notes and ways to keep your oozeling healthy:

  • defibrilation makes oozelings loose some blood.
    not much but do be mindfull of your revival attempts

  • blood regen lore:

    • food (well fed buff): gives an oozeling a long lasting rapid blood healing around 1% per second i
      note: feeding an already stuffed oozeling does nothing other thank making them fat
    • toxin: faster acting suplementary blood healing and antianti toxin. does not work on dead/sub 40% (can be used to build a buffer blood above 120%. but its slow)
  • check an oozeling’s blood suplly if its bellow 120 and or doesnt go up past 100 they are not well fed meaning they do not have the rapid blood regen buff. the diffrence being

    • well fed: 5u of water hurt a bit/ antitox bloodloss is lower and heals faster/fast extinguiser revovery
    • not well fed: dead/mostly dead and soon to be dead respectively
  • if you need to throw an oozeling in a cryopod give them a kelatone candy to suck on so it heals the 20-30 burn they will get from the aftercold when cryodaxone is no longer active. but is still to cold it will also to calm some oozelings that are afraid of cryo. still cryo its not very dangerous to them. its just PTSD

  • if an oozeling got injected with tricozadrine by some medical proffesional tm.
    simply inject the oozeling with their own blood. this will turn the tricod into regen ooze.
    dont question the shitcode (and yes that means oozeblood is a tricod OD antidote)