How to heal IPCs(by a salty ipc player)

Step 0: get an damaged ipc
the damage can range from burns which require cables applied to the damaged limb, dents or “brute” which are healed by welding(welding protection encouraged),
Ipcs can also be healed with the “tend wounds” surgery"
After the ipc is healed enough it will start rebooting itself (then die)
do not pull the ipc
If it dies instantly GIve it some oil, stop pulling it around, you now got oil all over the halls and you are going to waste half an hour or more to get its “blood” back then only realise that they DNRed because you took so long,
how to heal an IPC lack of oil?
Simple dont pull the ipc, get a chair, a locker, a bodybag, your god dam shoulders, never pull the ipc,
After you pulled the ipc anyway lets refill its oil, go to chem and get some chemical bags filled with that stuff and inject them into the ipc with an iv drip
How to heal brain damage (for the ipc) Brain recalibration surgery works and also heals traumas, but the “intended way” is to give it solder(chemical made in chem)

Q:I keep giving the ipc oil but it wont update
A:Unbuckle it from the stasis bed, or use an iv drip so its blood level changes faster, dont forget to check if they are leaking
Q:I gave the ipc oil and they are healed, they are still dead, what do I do???
A:Treat it like a toaster, punch it, then heal it, it will reboot shortly
Q:I dont have an iv drip what can I do to refill its oil?
A: use a syringe but it will take ages and it will make you believe its bugged.
Q:An ipc walks in and tells me their head is gone, how can I help them?
A: this is a tricky one, as far as I know you cannot get a replacement head, if you try to give them a monkey head it might delete the brain in their chest(if its inserted), however if you take their ipc posi brain out and put it back in after attaching a human head it might MIGHT work(first time I gave myself a human head it deleted my posibrain), or delete something else, its been a while since I ate spaghetti

I voted for myself because I am an ipc and thats how I heal myself

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I will proceed to ignore this because your character has a lisp and I cant understand half of what it says


Also, if you’re a doctor and someone brings you a dead IPC; don’t just call them an idiot and send them to Robotics. Instead, use wound-tending surgery to fix them up without having to waste wires or welding fuel.
Then you get the credit for saving them instead of those greasy Roboticists who want to steal your glory.


This a certified shite code moment.


dont forget that emp drains their battery, if its drained it will continue to do damage to them

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Does welding fuel work for oil or do I have to make it from chemistry?

One is used for welding, other is for IPC, You cant use welding fuel

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*Ignoring chemistry (Chemist is dead or out murderboning, AI is gone and I’m an unskilled chemist player).

Any advice for getting oil quickly for a medical player?

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There doesn’t seem to be one. Oil needs welding fuel, carbon and hydrogen. Welding fuel is abundant, carbon you can get by grinding up wood which you can salvage from the bar and the library, but hydrogen you can only find in grass/carpet/ballolons grown by botany.

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Well my best advice would be to get a chem dispencer, and even if you are unskilled, here is the deal have the chemistry wiki in another tab, so when you need to make Idk oil you CTRL+F and write oil, then do the steps, CTRL+F works on the manifest, pda, pretty much everywhere so use the binds, they going to help a lot.
And hey we were all unskilled once(some of us still are) but it doesnt matter, its not about winning its just about all of us having fun, you will get better just invest the time to improve(and dont worry I wont eat you even if my ipc will say they will)

IF chemistry cannot be used for whatever reason theres still hope

  1. ghetto chemistry you can probably get acess to a grinder like in kitchen, xenobio, and other places that have grinders that I forgot to mention BUT, this is so out of the way that it might be faster to just make your own lab, its also easier to make your own drug lab so this is only for like flexing out your tider knowledge, also the guide is so old, I like never used ghetto chemistry outside like a assistant gimmick but I digress
  2. Tech storage I personally have not been there much before MIGHT, have a chem dispencer board, Dont quote me on that, or you can print one from engineering lathe or science forgot which, but science has the parts so you are going there anyway, after that, you can cook some oil



You can make a mortar out of a wooden plant and a pestle out of a sheet of metal, which in tandem allow you to grind up stuff.
You can also go to the holodeck and turn on the kitchen mode, which includes a grinder, condimaster and two microwaves.

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To get the wood you can also take it from library if, theres a curator just say you will help redecorate and make it prettier, you can also deconstruct coffins in chapel for wood
For metal you can find it anywhere, floortiles, use a welder on them, any lathe if theres mats, eva has mats, chairs, the station is full of stuff you can repurpose

Inject plasma into an Oil slime extract

Chemist. definitely the chemist.


I Used to play IPC a lot I know in fact you can de-brain the other head before putting on a IPC and it’ll work.
If you do not debrain the head Do not expect the IPC brain will be there, it’ll be deleted if you put a head with a brain on their body… Other words you RR the IPC if the head has a brain.

I’ve mained IPC before had the robotists Do a lot of Inhuman tests on me… I know my way around an their body and their organs on the rare change they fuck up.
An IPC Can take toxins but only if their Organ that acts like a liver fails. Other then that They are immune.

IPC Names I had : Rust-140, Care-T435.


Please nobody ever fix this. It’s a feature.


Most Robo rooms starts with a tile of oil and a beaker. Easy good place for emergancy oil.

Can that be scooped up? How?

use beaker on chemical on floor to scoop it up.

“Just get the oil. Get a Bucket. Scoop it up with your fucking hands, and just bring it back! Bring me back a few hand fulls of oil, and put it up my ass, and we’ll go into space!”

L.E.W.I.S. the local explorer IPC