How to fix the naming guidelines

Hi, here’s how you fix naming guidelines.
People doing immersion breaking stuff are covered in rule 1.
Please seriously consider replacing this enormous waste of mod/admin time with the following Naming Suggestions:


Naming Suggestions

This page provides naming suggestions to help players promote and encourage RP. Please note that names that contain profanity, slurs or immersion-breaking references will be removed in accordance to rule 1 - You must roleplay

By Race

  • Human: Normal human names, though please note that this is normal for a sci-fi corporate dystopia, so if you feel you can justify your character being named after a constellation, for instance, then go for it! (This applies to all other races that reference human names. Human names should not include any prefixes nor suffixes.)
  • Apid: Names that resemble clever bee-puns or names involving buzzing. Human First names are common, since the apids were recently brought to the galactic community by human ambassadors. Flower surnames are encouraged, along with names that start with B.
  • Ethereal: First name is any celestial body or name that sounds like one (look into Greek/Roman mythology for inspiration if nothing else), Last name is two capital letters.
  • Felinid: Normal human names, though typically with Asian origins.
  • IPC: Robotic Acronyms or Model identification numbers consisting of 4-10 Numbers, letters and hyphens. Human names are not appropriate for IPCs.
  • AIs and Borgs: Robotic Acronyms, Model identification numbers or simple Non-Acronym names provided they are computer or robot related. Human names are not appropriate for borgs or AI.
  • Lizard: Hyphenated names describing some action, or two part hyphenated names following Ashwalker naming conventions.
  • Oozeling: First name is almost any color, last name is any human surname ending in “son”.
  • Moth: Latin (or psuedo-latin) species name OR a Single word object, concept or event of some special significance to the character. Names containing “Moth” or “Lamp” are not permitted.
  • Plasmaman: First name is or sounds like a periodic table element, last name is Roman Numerals

Other information

  • All races: Are forbidden from having titles, nicknames and honorifics in their character name. This means “Dr” is not your first name and quoted nicknames don’t go in the middle of official IDs
  • Clowns, Mimes and Wizards: May completely ignore the suggestions outlined above, but are still up to admin discretion on whether a name is inappropriate in general.

Note it’s not mandatory. The mods and admins can point to them as suggestions, but you don’t need to mess with people’s creativity and character development to do so.

“Small things set me off. One of these things is being told that a small thing that is really quite harmless is bad. Another of these things is having my creativity stifled in even minor ways” - Spungus

This sums up how I feel about naming guidelines, and I feel that it’s likely that many others feel similar.


IPC names haven’t changed at all, pretty much. I’d suggest either merging them with borg names, or adding the ability to have mononyms, because as much as I was willing to sacrifice it for this I like the name Sparky.

This might not be the most popular thing to say but it’s true. The people who play this game are quite “special” and I don’t mean that in a bad way like we are dumb or whatever, but general social intelligence is kind of lackluster.

If we completely remove the naming guidelines we will end up with half ironic, half unironic, “uWu I’m so cutesy” or “I AM AN ALPHA MALE CHAD WHO IS 6’5 AND 300 lbs OF PURE MUSCLE” type shit.

If it were up to me I would say guidelines should be something like make your name something that makes sense RP wise, and if it is dumb shit or cringe an admin will tell you to change it.

If an admin tells you to change it, you get to one chance to punt it up to a higher level admin and plead your case. If the higher admin says its still cringe or not RP.

There we go now you can have your moth named Truthbringer or your lizard named Preekzz-sha-Helyiu or whatever.


We’re already here. Naming guidelines won’t change that, existing or not.

We’re already here.

Do you mean we already have too alpha/cutesy cringe names? If so I would disagree. The only regularly dumb names I see are slight weeb names and single word moth names who go way overboard

My communist moth ‘Soviet’ weeps.