How to do Exploration

Exploration 101

Exploration is a hazard with a worse fate than Mining. Dying is more likely to leave you RRd than Miners. However, Exploration is partly the stations’ bread and butter as any objective you complete will distribute the same amount of points you’ve gotten to each department budget card in credits and can help make the station very, very rich. Here are some tips to help you survive another day.

Rule number 1, talk. Keep in touch with the RD, AI, Captain or any other contact person you’ve given an Exploration Radio Key to. Let them know what is going on, for example letting them know that you’re experiencing EMPs, Cultists or Xenomorphs is vital to ensure they can respond appropriately.

Before you’re setting off on your first missions you’ll want to complete some tasks. Typically you’ll want to finish these as quickly as possible so you can start with your missions and not do upgrades after the first or second mission.

Setting up the Shuttle

Recommended Equipment

Get your hardsuit, recharger and maybe vendor if your shuttle doesn’t already have one onto the shuttle.

You should ensure you request a Medibot from Robotics and keep it functional on the shuttle to not force you to become obese of Donk Pockets and give you a place of rest for when you’ve suffered injuries. The biggest risk of death is laziness when it comes keeping yourself healed up! And even if you’re an IPC, any VIP is not and would greatly appreciate a Medibot to patch them up in the event of any injuries.

For the shuttle you want to keep a beacon on it and or on your person for emergency rescue missions by the station. Instead of having to recall your shuttle or use any other shuttle they (most likely a Command member) can simply use the Hand Teleporter to give you direct access to you or your shuttle. Beacons can be printed in the Science techfab but requires T4 research and materials, you can find a free beacon typically at Xenoarch, Arrivals or Departures. Ensure your contact person are aware of this.


Firstly you’ll want to go to Toxins and request the required pipe parts or do it yourself if there is no one there, you do not need to bring the RPED to the shuttle. Turning on the pump and wrenching the plasma canister will fill the pipes as much as possible. It is highly recommended to NEVER allow these pipes to get damaged or unwrench them as it can compromise your ability to continue Exploring. When a canister is empty you can dump it into space. But when you are dumping a canister into space do be aware to use a door which has a Holofan or an Tiny Fan to prevent depressurizing the shuttle such as this door here.

Box Station


Corg Station


Delta Station


Fland Station


Kilo Station


Meta Station


Rad Station

This is the Station Exploration shuttle engine room. You are given three free Plasma Canisters and five Plasma Sheets.
Removed lockers for visibility.

You can right click to find out if there is an tiny fan there or not.

You can find additional plasma canisters at Toxins, do ensure you leave at least two for toxins themselves.

The colour of the pipes and pump doesn’t matter, I’ve used the default colour grey for showing what I’ve changed or added.


For fuel management it is quite vital you upgrade your shuttle after T3 or T4 is available and the adequate resources to print them.

You may want to request a Ripley MK2 Exploration Mech from Robotics. A mech will trivialize many of the threats You can find how to operate a mech and details of the Exploration Mech here: Mechs and you!

Shuttle Flying




When docking you are able to get a general over view of various rooms and places of interest. Here for example you can see an EVA storage (left) and Pandora’s box room (right) along with multiple other less distinctive rooms and hallways.

Primarily you will want to use the door with the tiny fan as your primary doorway and ensure it is easily utilized when you land. This door is always located in the center of your shuttle monitor, marked with a circle on the associated picture.

Derelict Station Dangers

No matter what you’re fighting or doing, you will want to bring one bruise pack and maybe one ointment, one recharger, your gun, your knife, and most importantly; your GPS. Do note that when not using your GPS, it can fit nicely into your shoes.

SPOILER ALERT, if you wish to discover and engage these dangers without being spoiled skip this section.


Quite often will a station have been overrun by Xenomorph and in this state they are not too dangerous. Focus on taking them out one-by-one and ensuring you have a full clip before looking around will contribute to your survival.

Clock Cultists

By far the worst of them all, a station overrun by the Clock Cult will have multiple traps scattered all over the station with many strong and capable warriors.

Blood Cultists

I honestly don’t know much about blood cultist stations, I will update this after I’ve learnt more about them.


These are usually very harmless to carbon creatures but will disrupt your operation and especially the continued operation of IPCs through EMPs. There are three types of towers.

To counter these towers, you will want to use cutting laser mode on your gun and ensure your recharger is a few steps back from where you’re exploring to ensure you have a safe area to recharge in the event of an EMP.


Probably the most underestimated of them all as while dealing low damage and being limited to melee range will paralyze you, cause you to drop your weapons and continuously bite you over and over again injecting even more poison. These injects will always go through hardsuits so range is your friend. While you are slowed down by their thick web, they on the contrary are not. Several of them can appear from the shadows and collectively overwhelm you with poison and make for a certain death.

To counter these spiders, ensure you have a bottle of charcoal pills on hand and you are properly healed. One bottle of pills is inside the Toxin kit in Toxins on the station or at Chemistry (who can provide you with advanced anti-toxin medicine). Additionally, ensure your weapon is charged and you have a backup knife readily available in your pocket and try to engage at range using doorways to funnel them.

Additional Threats

Pandora's Box

This work as a boss fight for many Explorers. It is a very simple boss who will die with one clip of your gun and a little bit more. They have several attacks.

Attack Patterns

An expanding 5x5.

A 7x7 by hollow ring.

Teleportation to your exact location.

A straight row.

And a hard hitting melee attack.

So You’re a Power Gamer and Want to do Exploration Without People?

First of all you want to go over to here and download the repo.

Next up you want to open said repo and look for a “BUILD.bat”, click it and wait for a quite.

It’ll look something like this.

Next up open Byond and press [CTRL] + [D].
Set the file to where your beestation.dmb inside the repo and set Security to Trusted.
It’ll look like this.

Then press the green “GO” button which turn into a yellow arrow. Now wait a bit and then press the yellow arrow and viola! The game will start up and you can do whatever you want. Go Explore for 10 hours! Or… simply spawn them in. Up to you.

Made with slight anger.

I’m not an Power Gamer but I Want to Explore!

You’re in luck. Here are some advice for interacting with the station more.

If it is high-pop you could ask the RD or someone else to assist you, perhaps you have a lot of power gaming loot you want taken of your hands. Ask a Cargo Technician, an Assistant or even the RD themselves to assist with distributing everything.

Many Miners would usually be happy to accompany you in your explorations as most stations are encased by large asteroids. Especially if you can easily grant them access to and from the shuttle and a space for their ORM and vendor.

Exploration can get lonely too. You can ask an Engineer to hook you up with Common comms on your relay so you can finally talk to everyone on the station!

Things Different Departments or People Want from Exploration

This can be tricky to learn but will make people appreciate you and know you exist.

Medbay - Bloodbags, Medkits (filled), O2 canister (one or two), Experimental Cloner.
Chemistry - Suspicious Pills.
Robotics - Medkits (empty/filled), Health Scanners, O- Bloodbag (one or two), iron, glass, plasteel, cyborg upgrades, bot components (beepsky and such).
Science - Spare Techfab Board (for the RD)
Xenoarch - Artifacts, Strange Objects.
Janitorial - Rapid Light Dispenser
Security - Combat Shoes, Combat Gloves, Advanced Camera Console, Hand Cuffs, Mind Shields, weapons, contraband, donuts.
Engineering - Industrial RCD, Rapid Light Dispenser.
Xenobiology - Monkey cubes, slime cores.
Chapel - Monkey cubes.
Kitchen - Monkey cubes, Meat locker, Food locker (both found in kitchen).
Supply - Abandoned crates, empty crates.
Mining - Any ore.

Additional things of interests may be Pandora’s pizza box, different bed sheets, all the plushies, and transparent PDA. These could be sold to a retailer or with a vendor.

Now this is a lot of things. Though, don’t worry about your back. Simply request a Ripley with a Hydraulic Clamp and now you can carry all those crates of things and deliver them all over the station without breaking your spine! And remember, you don’t need to simply leave this in a giant pile, you can surely sell it to a reseller. People like @PinkSuzuki I am sure would love to set up a shop selling various artifacts and weapons.

This is an overall encouragement for all Explorers to quit hoarding stuff for yourself.

I like MONEY :japanese_ogre:


Considering the report you recently made that small spoilered message doesn’t surprise me

Anyways, this offers some good tips but i don’t see it much as a guide, you’re not teaching any of the basics it seems it’s more about some loot table and how to optimize the most efficient gameplay as explorer, there should be an area where you explain the basics, similar or expanding what the wiki covers


I wanna add the different dangers of different stations and how to tackle.

I find that the “loot table” is important as to avoid the constant Exploration power gaming nature.

Isn’t the Exploration 101 session good for a new player you think? Keeping in touch with the station in case you die or run into trouble, making fuel mangement easier (which is one of the major complaints of Explorers) and other things to assist in your continued survival loke Medibot and Exploration Mech.

Please do not salt in guides >:(


Updated it to be more genuine and helpful, still need some work. Going to update it more later, tired of writing.

Right, you wanted to add a section on the dangers of each station type, and I will gladly provide. Spoilers abound!


Xenomorph stations have three different types of xenomorph. Drones, hunters, and sentinels. Drones and hunters have practically the same AI of moving towards you and attacking. Drones are significantly weaker in both health and damage, so all things being equal you should focus down Hunters.

Sentinels are anecdotally much rarer, using a neurotoxic spit that does a decent chunk of damage and then fleeing away from the target. Their movement speed makes them nearly impossible to kill in melee without cornering them and taking a bunch of damage from spit, so they should be engaged at range.

Xeno stations also present another kind of threat: Facehugger eggs will sometimes spawn strewn throughout the station. If triggered without a helmet on, you have about a second to get out of range before it hugs you. You’re unlikely to be able to get back to the station before you burst, so your choices are to have a competent doctor on hand, find a stasis bed in the ruin and strap yourself to it, or try and get back anyway and possibly doom the station. Wear a fucking helmet, please.

Clock Cultists

Clockwork cult stations possess three major threats. The first are clockwork marauders, sword-and-shield wielding creatures. Their high damage makes melee combat unviable, and their shield can block almost a full clip of your gun from the front. In order to take them out, have one person lure them while another outflanks them, or if you’re alone, try and circle it or simply run

The next threat on these stations are the ocular wardens. These are red-eyed structures that stare at anyone within range and deal hefty burn damage to their chest. Importantly, these are structures, so you should use the cutting laser mode on your gun. Currently, due to a bug, two ocular wardens spawn instead of one, and they overlay on each other, meaning it functionally does double damage. I believe holding a bible prevents you from being targeted, as the warden attacks the bible first, or simply getting in a mech will render you invisible to them and free to smash them.

The third threat are the traps. These mostly take the form of sigils and skewer traps, and are why I suggest having walk-mode on while exploring derelict stations. There are three traps that matter, those being the skewer, the blindness sigil, and the flipper.

The skewer is almost completely invisible other than the pressure plate and will lock you in place for several seconds when activated, spelling death if within range of a warden or marauder. Breaking the skewer is quicker than clawing your way off it as long as you still have your knife, and the pressure plate can be destroyed with a single melee hit.

Blindness sigils stun you for several seconds and blind you for a couple of minutes when you walk over them, and are also destroyed with a single knife hit. They’re fairly obvious, but if you end up on one anyway the best course of action is probably to retreat to the ship and let the blindness wear off, since blindly stumbling into a skewer+warden death trap will probably be your fate otherwise.

The flipper flings you a couple of tiles and is mostly harmless. The reason I mention it is that I constantly see people trying to destroy the (very tanky) flipper object instead of simply alt-clicking on it and breaking the pressure plate beneath, which disarms the trap.

Blood Cultists

Blood cultist ruins contain mi-gos, blank bodies, and I think possibly Creatures (those green blob things that come out of the die of fate sometimes). All are extremely fast and powerful but frail, so your best option for eliminating them is to rapidly backpedal while firing at them and hope they die before they reach you. If you get swarmed, make your way to a choke-point and call for backup.

As for ambient threats, the blood cultists have possibly the least of all derelict station types. Blood cult archives, forges, and runes scatter the area (none of which can be used by an actual blood cultist because they’re not on the station Z level), and the only notable thing about them is that they might drop runic metal when broken, a material that the station at large (and the xenobiologist specifically) might find interesting.


Spiders are the simplest of AI enemies. There are two enemy types, purple hunters and green nurses. Nurses take two shots, and have less dangerous venom. Hunters take three, and have more dangerous venom. I have never, once, seen a more advanced spider on a spider station.

The other thing to note is the webbing. When walking near or especially on webbing it has a chance to eat your movement input, which can be dangerous when running away. Additionally, if trying to cut webbing, it has a chance to disarm you of your brute-dealing melee weapon. Use welders, your team’s IPC should have five of them. Additionally, most items on the station will be in cocoons, which have the same properties as webbing. This includes research disks, but not typically the objective.Your locator HUD will still point to them, but you’ll need to break them out.

Those Fucking Pandora Towers

Fuck these things. I believe these only spawn on artifact recovery missions, guarding the artifact, but I could be wrong. From my own knowledge, there are four types.

The first type acts as a watcher, which triggers the other three. One of them spawns a 3x3 square of heirophant tiles directly on your location, on a short cooldown. One sends a heirophant chaser after you on a longer cooldown. The last creates an extremely weak EMP and screams “FUCK IPC’s” at the top of its lungs on a very long cooldown.

To destroy them, use your cutting laser or your knife, and keep moving at all times. Also, pray you don’t have any prosthetics installed. Prioritize the ones labelled watcher if you can, but just smash them all. Alternatively, just sprint past them, grab whatever you need to grab, hope the artifact isn’t touch-activated, and get home before tea.

Assuming you read all that, congrats. You now know everything I know about exploration. Have fun dying and not being recovered for the next 200 hours of your life!


Mind if I add it and credit you on that section?

That would be perfectly fine.

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They generate with blob nodes (not the cores, the autogrow things), blobbernauts, and blob spores. The most dangerous things are the blob spores, ironically, because if the blobbernauts manage to drop someone the spore can take over their body, make a SENTIENT blob zombie, and kick your shins in.