How to burn the entire station and kill 22 people in the first 5 minutes in just 3 easy steps with Quinn Joghzz

Many of you were probably on that round where the entire fucking station burned and literally 50% of the people did not survive, and it destroyed everything from cargo to warden’t office to toxins to the engineering hallway.

Today I’m going to teach you how to do that

Step the first: Get an Emag
Without an emag you can’t do steps 2 or 3, which are literally the only other steps

Step the Second: Emag open a lot of doors around the holodeck including the holodeck itself, to let the air flow

Step the Third: Emag the Holodeck console and set it to “Atmosphereic burn test”.

Immediately following this the entire fucking atmosphere all over the station will start burning and it will kill half the server and you will land yourself a fat antag ban for almost 2 weeks.

Results should look like this:

cargone tryftgy engino more xeno bye oh toxic departed wardone

if you want huskings all the way around the station, only the fastmos plasma nuke by Quinn Joghzz will do


The glory of fastmos

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Can’t wait for everyone to start abusing this every round on LRP.


why is this even a feature at all if in every case of it being used you’ll just get an antag ban lmao

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maybe if malf AI gets hijack, if that’s even possible

It was more the fact that he did it in the first 5 minutes on MRP, if you do this on LRP after you’ve completed some objectives there should be no issue.

Emag the fire alarms too, as many as you can.


oh yeah that’s super important to stop the fire doors

Did this as a malfing AI on LRP recenly. Sadly i forgot to buy the fire alarms bypass and it wasnt as gamer as it could have been. Still got the doomsday device off though :smiley: and greentaxt.

Execpt, y’know, i didnt do it on MRP where murderbone is disallowed.


Emagged the Holodeck which made a plasma fire that killed ~12 people.

Type: Job

Ban Date: 2020-07-15 02:55

Expire Date: 2020-07-29 02:55

Round: 18558

Server: Sage

Admin: kerbinfiber



New monstermos is… Well. Monstruous. Happened to me as IAA AI too.

Crew wouldn’t, just wouldn’t fucking call shuttle, so I decide to set a little fire in dorms to make them panic a little. So I disable the fire alarms, and turn on the atmospherics test.

After the whole 10 seconds it was running, cargo is set on fire. QM husked in his office. People panic. 10s of people die. I panic shut it off, but no use. It took it 10 seconds to flood the ENTIRE station. Brig, bridge, engineering? You name it, it’s at 1000*C.

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you can emag as malf AI? How?

No you cant, but as malf AI you happen to get a module you can buy wich “bypasses fire alarm safeties”, ie emag them. And as Ai you can just dissable holodeck safeties when you please, no emag or malf needed.


damn really? heh, nice.

The plasma will spread through all the open doors to the station even before the fire alarm goes off, so hacking the fire alarms might ñot be needed.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets removed. Its insanely strong in conjunction with fastmos. The entire station goes under in a matter of seconds. the amount of plasma is unreal. Even if it didnt burn, eventually the pressure would kill everyone.

The worst part about it is that once its going, its hard to stop. The fire destroys the Holodeck console, making it impossible to turn off, so you either have to destroy the floor in the holodeck room (and make sure a retarded engineer doesnt come and fix the breach), or turn off the power to the holodeck, assuming you can make it to the APC without dying. the holodeck with eventually breach itself if its on fire.

If you are doing this, you can counter the holodeck breaching itself by use pipes to move the gas out of the holodeck before it ignites. After you have the pipes set up, you just seal the doors to the holodeck, and cover the APC, maybe reinforce the floors in dorms so they dont get burned through, making it even harder to reach the APC. Obviously, after this is going, make sure to remove the actual holodeck console so it cannot be shut off that way either. That covers pretty much every potential counter to repairing it.

honestly though you just want to run and hope you didn’t pick a species that takes extra burn damage

thank you based dick finger


Poly fucking lived we need to fix this one

Step 2.5: get into CE’s office and bring poly to the holodeck. For best results shove the stupid bird right into the center of the holodeck room.

holodeck was nerfed though