How to be an unbased captain that wants to stay on the station for longer than an hour (MRP orientated)

>unironically playing captain to solve problems

that is cringe in and of itself and is in no way based.

But I guess you clicked on this to find out how to actually use your AA ID and authority for more than a fun one round gimmick.

Well you came to the right captain command role main.

First is the general tips you should follow as captain

  • Use your safe, its the best place to keep your spare and other goodies you don’t want other people to put their hands on. Barely anyone thinks to check your safe for the spare and will have to resort to greytiding the HoP for his.
    Best of all, it’s emag proof, so you can cuck antags that don’t know how to reset safe codes.

  • you don’t need both the disk and the pinpointer, Keep one and give the other to someone who won’t die ten minutes into the round like the Warden as he is bound by dark powers to stay in brig. If none are around put the disk in the safe and keep the pointer on you, or hide the pinpointer in your toilet or something

Why put the disk in the safe you ask?

Because you are the number one target to literally every antag that feels like getting some AA, and the disk is usually on yo dumbass when they feel like killing you.

Plus, you can put a motion sensor right next to the safe that sends a signal to you if anyone gets near your safe or set up a prox sensor on the camera for AI to alert you and bolt down the room.

  • Don’t act as security personnel unless someone is trying to kill you or commit warcrimes

Why you ask? Nothing gets your crew ratings dropping like abusing your ID to get the best gear to arrest someone, makes you unrobust and also cringe cap.
But mostly because thats the whole point of security itself, sure you can do it when sec is low staffed (Which usually only happens during late night rounds anyway)
but thats not your job, your job is allocating the people to do it for you.

sure it makes you based and immediately garners the respect of the one who shall not be named

But the whole point of AA is that everyone expects you, as in they know that you can come it at any moment to check up on progress or just to vibe in general locations. What they don’t expect is some greyshirt to come in because you decided to give clown AA and they decided to give everyone AA. Or worse that some greytide/antag has left the ID in a public ID console

It almost always snowballs into everyone annoying the geneticists and massive arrests done by sec and usually forcing a call because someone decided plasmamen should get their own atmosphere.

  • Wanna keep track of all heads? Give them all tracking implants, it really makes corpse retrieval one hundred times easier. With the added benefit of working as a teleport beacon for people to teleport to.

  • For the love of god, set up your own personal cloner for you and the heads. None of you should ever disappear from suit sensors so this should be simple if you got someone checking the suit sensors every now and then

Second MOST problems can be fixed fast

But all problems can be fixed eventually, if the crew is competent

  • SM delammed? You have secondary power sources and can order some more

  • Meteors about to break the station, how about actually doing the station objective. The sat shields are robust and can stop meteors, you only need to order a few to cover vital areas.
    The rest of the unvital areas can be repaired by some guy with an RCD.

  • Crime too high? Is alien tech researched? Just start brainwashing everyone commiting crime to follow space law, its that simple. (if you feel like being mutinied against)

  • Atmos unbreathable because a certain someone wanted to force a shuttlecall? Just wait for atmos techs to finally learn they can space one tile in the hall to drain the extremely high pressure while also working to cool the temp thanks to fastmos.
    To prevent larger damage from a plasmaflood, ask AI and all crew with the access to do it to access the air alarm, and turn off the vents, stopping all flow from the pipes from coming in. Furthermore, allowing the chance to disassemble the vent itself.

  • All antagonist problems can always be solved with enough explosives.

Third when to actually call the shuttle

  • When the station is irredeemably fucked without a reason of the doubt

  • Heretic Ascension

  • Cult ritual completion be it blood or cluwne in origin.

  • The shuttle has extra goodies on it that you can use during a clock cult or revolutionary problem in your station sometimes a blob as well.



  • make sure people are working on certain items that highly increase survivability rates

Sure medical is nice to visit, but you dont need to visit it all the time if you atleast get some stuff set up

You can also make a public gene console set up and use disks to transfer the more favorable powers to have like space adaptability and thats it, everything else should only be given out by whoever the geneticists decides is worthy

Viro only has one job from this point, and thats too make a self respiration virus to finally complete the super race of robust crewmen. (IPC excluded, because none of this shit can be used by them lol)


Unbased sec player reposting the greytide IPC picture.

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If none are around put the disk in the safe and keep the pointer on you, or hide the pinpointer in your toilet or something

please never do this, nukies will love you for giving them extremely easy access to the nuke disk.


You didn’t read the whole thing, did you?

You can’t emag the wall safe and to reset the code you need to go through a 2 minute timer.
This is why the secondary alert systems are there so you know someone is near your safe, and you can mount a response crew to help kill the stealth ops.

Can you destroy the safe with a C4 or X4?

3 c4 i believe 242354457666677667877

didn’t say emag


Update: Viro now has a symptom to allow IPCs to be infected (I’m pretty sure)

Wait, WHAT?! This is such an interesting change.

Viro has that indeed. Biometallic Replication.

Yup, continue making your station of supersoldiers you can add everyone now

I thought that was the vault safe, does that also include the captain’s personal wall safe?

I didnt mean the caps wall safe, i dont know about it.