How do you stealthy enter the Vault?

This is a general question fo advice on how you can enter the vault as an antag without the AI immediately catching you. I dont have much experience with antags in general and always dread this objective.

Are there ways to block or remove proximity cameras without the Ai getting alerted?


Walking prevents motion sensitive cams from pinging you. Works for armory as well.
Removing the camera in there alerts the AI as well.
Also, get lucky and/or ensure the AI is distracted.


If enough shit is already happening the AI will be too busy to investigate. What you could be doing is buying the jammer to semi-silently block AI view. But only use it when you need to use it. Alternatively, disguise yourself and have an escape plan where you can safely remove your disguise.

Using a multitool on a camera you can silently lower the viewing range of the camera too. I think the minimum is 3x3 in front of it.

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If you blow up the vault, there will be no cameras left to see you.


Just kill or subvert the ai roundstart, its always morally justified


No matter how you enter the vault, you should always siphon the ore silo of every last material and stash it somewhere.

get the QMs or captains remote , walk in walk out. simple


Just ask AI to let you in and not report you.


Write a paper, that claims you have access to the vault and using Chameleon kit [2tc], use the chameleon stamp, to falsify Captains/HoPs stamp. Bring it to the QM and RP it out.
If Qm denies it, report him for Bad RP.


As an exclusively lizard player I can see some issues.


Just add proximity sensors to every camera you can, the AI chatlog will be FLOODED with camera warnings and is much more likely to miss the vault one. Bonus points if you rename areas to “Vault” with the CE blueprint.


Please don’t actually do this, this is hell for AI and cyborgs. This might be considered griefing.


Something that has worked for me in the past, is to get a disguise, break open the vault and then rush the camera. Disable or destroy it and run away as fast as you can.

The Ai will have noticed that you destroyed the cam. So they will probably send security. Get rid of your disguise, wait and see what happens.

If sec arrives shortly afterwards you know the AI noticed, now you just have to wait for sec to go again and you will have a free vault.

If no sec arrives then that means the AI must’ve missed the notification (or sec is just too busy right now and might appear later)

Or alternatively, just rush in and complete your objective while wearing a disguise. Like a gray jumpsuit or something. Also make sure to use gloves.

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ask AI to open vault

Get Mortar and Pestle

Grind and eat all the mats out of the ore silo

Unless you’re stealing money most people won’t care until they try to build something, and won’t connect it to you having entered the vault and declared you’re eating all the mats. And because you aren’t doing a harm, the AI has to law 2 let you in every time. Yum!


On echostation, I used changeling powers to steal the telekenesis from someone and then broke into the vault from behind while invisible with refractice chitin. Worked really well. Always make sure to walk in the vault, or you trigger the motion alarm.

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could then cause a harm far away and do your business while Ai is distracted

if you just c4 in from maint somewhere most of the time no one will notice and if you’re fast enough you’ll be gone before they can catch you

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He is a pro gamer, he must be right!



i have seen these paltry replies “blow through maints” “subvert the ai” “just walk” but only the ai one address the core issue but only by scratching the surface the issue is not the fact of being caught but rather the ones who do the catching even with the ai subverted this still leaves sec officers " so blow up sec" you might say but then what of the bystanders the goody two shoes the valid hunters

here is the solution that address the core problem

  1. construct a series of explosive devices that will result in a catastrophic detonation here forth known as maxcaps

  2. place the maxcaps through out strategic points on the station calculating and taking into consideration the blast radius of each individual device to maximize results

  3. set the maxcaps to activate via voice command set the phrase to something easy to remember for this i prefer to use a song

  4. enjoy the tunes while your maxcaps detonate causing a cascading chain reaction destroying every single square inch of the station aside from the vault all according to your precise calculations leaving none alive in your wake let alone someone that may catch you

  5. profit

  1. Get banned for murderboning.