How can I git gud at AI?

Pretty new to AI, like maybe five to six shifts of playing it total. Every shift I play AI seems to end with crew convinced Im MALF when Im not MALF though.

Latest shift I didnt even realize my laws had changed until round end, lost track of it in all the fire and people dying and stuff.

Any tips on how to get better at AI?

AI name is NANI btw.(literallywho?)

Learn some AI specific things, like wiping your core.

There’s some other things like toggling law statements and such too.

LOUD MODE(I don’t know how but its generally important)

Vox words. shonk is one to remember.

The symbol thing to speak on holopads.

Yeah like I said I didn’t even notice my laws HAD changed until end of round came and saw that zeroth law was to wipe myself. I seriously was not gaming that or anything I just legit did not see the law change happen while dealing with everything else going on.

I was rattling shit off, kinda splitting my attention between this and current round.

Chat highlights will probably make life much easier.

Shift + M1 = Open door
CTRL + M1 = Bolt door
Alt + M1 = Electrify door
CTRL + Shift + M1 = Emergency access


Oh Damn! That is helpful to know! Been going into the airlock window to open things this whole time.

Text-highlight important key words like AI, NANI, “your laws have changed”, and “camera alarm”.
Get familiar with shortcuts like those mentioned already. You can also ctrl and alt click many objects to open or close them from cryotubes to gas pumps. Keep certain important windows on at all times like suit sensors. Maybe even Robotics console window. Learn to use the multi-cam window. Remember the AI private coms frequency that you can put on intercoms to hear what people say.

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turn off overhead chat, this way you’ll get used to looking at chat

You have to use .h to talk with the holopads machines, you shouldn’t forget about this unlike dumb me

  • Double, triple, quadruple check you laws. Make sure you know your grammar rules. Cowards will say it’s so you can best follow your laws, it’s actually so you can most effectively make the Captain and any other antag cry because they forgot to use a comma.

  • Make sure you know how to follow and jump to points of interest. Manually moving your vision is slow and laggy as fuck.

  • Know all your departments, especially engineering, you will be expected to fill in for people if they’re not at their workstations. You’re also very good at micromanaging and fiddling with things remotely. Some people will expect you to take charge in solving atmospherics problems, seeing that you can do it without putting yourself in danger.

  • Keep in correspondence with command and security. You are an incredibly good surveillance and intel tool. A good AI can carry a weak/incompetent security. Make sure you’re always following your laws when you’re doing this, though. You will get in hot shit if you’re shocking doors on Asimov.

  • Roleplay. AI can get excrutiatingly boring on slower rounds. Make sure you keep up rapport with the crew, or just spend the whole time criticising them.

  • For the love of God, have a personality. There is an epidemic of AIs who have no feelings or opinions and choose to replace it with samey machine talk. You might be a machine, but you’re still a brain underneath all that metal, express yourself.

  • Remember your cyborgs exist. I forget they exist all the time, especially if they’re a bunch of self-absorbed little shits.

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Random tips and somewhat obscure facts that weren’t mentioned:

-You can change the channel in which you state your laws by using “Set Auto-announcer mode” (forgot what it’s called) in the AI command tab.

-Make a habit to check your laws periodically to make sure you haven’t missed a subversion until you are more comfortable, hopefully your borgs will help you in that regards.

One thing worth mentioning specifically is the turret controls for uploads and your sat, ctrl+M1 turns them off and on, alt+M1 changes their mode from stun to lethal and vice-versa.

  • During the “Ionospheric Anomaly”, when comms are down, you can use the intercoms right next to your core to communicate in commons and AI private.

  • If meteors are on their way to hit the station, ask for your sat to be protected or ask to be moved. You are very likely to get blown up.

  • You can pretty much set the Supermatter by yourself, you just need someone to help with the radiations collectors.

  • If another AI is created (only happened to me twice but still), ask for it to be moved in the same room as yours and investigate its laws. Other AIs can very easily stun you permanently by shutting down your apc.

  • You can blow up or lockdown borgs at the Robotics Console in RD’s office. If a borg is reported rogue and absent from the display, it has been emagged.

  • If you want to lock down a door for good, bolt it AND shut down the main beaker of the relevant apc.

  • If you want to stealthily lock people in a room, or at least disrupt their movement, turn off ID scan. Make sure you aren’t using this tactic against someone who has a remote for the door as they can just open it remotely.

  • If you want to ignite a plasma flooded room (to help the crew of course), you can go into the apc controls and use “overload” in the lights sections. This should create enough sparks for a nice bonfire.

  • Take a habit of checking the crew manifest when some random crew says “BLOB CARGO” or “XENOS IN DORMS 4”. You can quickly sniff out bad comms agents that way.

  • Recommended words for highlight : “law/laws”, “motion”," “malf”, “alert”, “alarm”, “help”, “murder”, “execute/execution”, “borg” and some others. I personally don’t highlight AI.

  • If you have multiple monitors, use them by opening windows such as the crew monitor, medical records and the multi-camera tool.
    If you’re like me and play AI on your samsung smart fridge, open the crew monitor and put the window over the tabs and commands part of the UI (above chat). That way you can check on people much more easily and are more likely to catch any accidents or murder that aren’t reported on comms.



Use VOX for calling out the important stuff, it doesn’t exist solely for shitposting.

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Here, fixed it for you

But @J.I.JOE if you want to use helpful vox stuff see the following:

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I’ve played a lot of AI and I’ve done exactly what happened here. Hit the ‘state laws’ button occasionally (without actually stating) just to check, no one is going to fault you for missing a law change for a minute or so in a hectic shift if you do that (especially if it was a stealth change with the traitor card or they just didn’t PDA you asking for something).

There’s a “show laws” button in the AI command panel too, but that also spams the laws out to your borgs (whether they changed or not) so don’t do it too often (helpful if there’s a law change, I’ll also :b check laws please to the borgs if it’s something spicey).

One thing to watch out for, ion storm can scramble law order without giving you an ion law. It can be fun if self preservation is the top law.

AI has a million screens to keep track of (especially once you get competent and figure out more stuff you can do), missing something obvious is just part of the role (though laws should be paramount).

You also don’t HAVE to play hyper-gamey security eye in the sky. You don’t care about space law and command/security requests don’t take priority over anyone else’s (until your laws change of course). It’s okay to take it slow if that’s how you want to play it. You CAN do this, and sometimes I will. But it’s very stressful and requires focused attention, which is hard as the AI. I like playing boring AI and comment about the round on comms (like call out something cool someone’s building), until things get interesting.

At the very least memorize the hotkeys for doors. They’re the number one thing I use and I will generally try to fight greytide since I find it really obnoxious when I’m playing a role. However, in a slow shift my role as AI is generally to be an enabler for the crew (Clown wants in chemistry and then brig? Sure why not. Janitor wants eva? I’m just a computer, go nuts).

Dangerous things like atmos, the armory, and toxins (this is from silicon policy) will be a no without a good reason (atmos tech fighting fire, explorer looking for a plasma can to power their ship, etc). Teleporter is questionable, it depends on the shift. Other things that are “questionable” (bridge, captains quarters, engineering) I might do, but also make a joke over comms (“Hey stage magician, can you walk Renault while you’re in there?”). Let someone else have to catch it (sec and command will sometimes get mad, but as long as you’re following your shift consistent interpretation of laws and the server’s silicon policy you’re fine).

Firelocks in slowmos are incredibly robust. If you don’t want someone to leave an area or there’s some nukie with adrenals, just slam firelocks in their face. Same with the shutters around brig, the bridge, and in places in engineering. Bolting doors, firelocking, and then turning off the APC is a great way to keep someone from leaving somewhere you don’t want them to, especially if tcomms are off (no tools they’re fucked). Just make sure what you’re doing is in accordance with a consistent interpretation of your laws.

You can deal with spicey air fairly easily (though a borg rcding a floor or an atmosian with foam grenades is faster). Go to atmosia and set the cooler on the waste loop to it’s lowest setting and turn it on, then bolt, firelock and draught the room (if there’s a not in use room nearby with more vents/scrubbers you can bolt the doors in between to get more oomph. Toxins you can just vent to space through the mixing chamber). Generally alert people you’re doing this as people will yell about siphoning.

There’s more advanced stuff you can do (like sending waste to space through the turbine which is faster, or making sure the air tank doesn’t run out mid shift) but play atmos tech first to learn those. You CANT setup the turbine on any map I’m aware of, your cameras are missing a single tile that you need.

You have two intercoms by your core. They work if comms are down (I usually turn on the common channel one mic and talk normal instead of spamming both). Sometimes the AI private one seems to flip on, you can turn it off so all your comms aren’t spammed to that channel (which isn’t private and anyone can listen to). I will generally go find security or command if comms are down and tensions are high, then use a holopad so they can see I’m there (and update them on what’s going on).

On some maps your core has floor scrubbers. They spew out cleaning fluid, I believe this is also slippery. If you get roaches in your core turn your lasers on for one cycle lethal. You can also control all the bots robotics makes using an ai panel option, this includes things like calling cleaning bots to messes, calling atmos bots around, changing their options, etc.

I would like to qualify this by saying that the ‘cold sterile machine slowly realizing its humanity underneath’ trope can be very fun to play out if you can find a way to make it happen (pAI mains are great for doing this with).


Act like a cold, uncaring machine of brutal efficiency that loses its cool whenever something goes crazy and essentially demands blood.

This is why i love Corporate lawset as S.C.C.S (Skymind Central Command System.) because thats how i play it.


You don’t have to answer to “doorknob open” unless your name is doorknob. I never do.

Are you the “Central Control Computer” or something like that? I enjoy playing with that AI.

I am S.C.C.S.

The Skymind Central Command System.