HOP gives no AA rule on LRP is bad

HOP gives no AA rule on LRP is bad please change.

I was obliged to make this post after Caecilius responded to my proposal to remove the ruling for LRP with “Because it totally breaks the flow of the round and turns it into assistants vs command” on discord. To correct this severe failure in logic, below I have described to the best of my ability why this rule causes the exact problem the Headmin believes it solves using personal experience from both purely playing this server, and being an admin on solely this server for a month.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ruling, it states “Heads of staff who indiscriminately distribute access without good reason will be bwoinked, and potentially receive rolebans if the behavior persists. This does not include HoP/Captain granting all access for reasons like Nuke Ops or other stationwide crisis, but does include HoP opening line and granting AA to anyone who walks by for no reason. The most likely outcome of doing this is that you will aid antagonists and contribute to people getting killed when they greytide into places they shouldn’t be. This is considered to be self-antag”

This ruling is very bad for LRP because it causes assistants vs command, not fix it. Since roleplaying is non-existent and power-gaming is legal on LRP, Graytide/Validhunters/Antags break into captains office within the first minute of round start. If there is a captain or HOP, anyone who fails to gets the spare from capts locker will proceed to ask them for AA. If they refuse to do so (because this ruling prevents them from doing it) they will be immediately assaulted for their ID, and any attempts they make to defend themselves will cause their untimely lynching by several people, and may be lynched anyway by an antag and none of the non-antags will lift a finger so long as they get AA as well.

There are very few people who will play command on LRP due to how common this scenario is. In my personal experience, I have to change my ID and go underground as captain just to not be lynched for my AA. One round recently I had late joined 20 minutes into a round as captain and was literally dragged off the arrival shuttle by several heavily armed and armored valid hunters who demanded AA, which is very nearly against the rules to do, but goes to show you what lengths people will go just for AA.

Last time I was HOP, I handed out AA (and was noted for it as per the rule) on what turned out to be a gang round. Yes, several gang members got AA, but they were ultimately thwarted by others I gave AA to. Had I not given out AA and suggesting I didn’t get lynched (as mentioned above), the gang would of eventually ganged me, making it so all of that ONE GANG would get AA, all but guaranteeing a win.

As far as breaking the flow of the round, I don’t see how just giving out AA would make the flow any different than if someone stole the spare from the locker. The only difference is that there would be more happy people able to do their little autism projects that required access to several departments rather than a graytider getting everyone AA and several command staff hanging from the rafters by the neck if no AA was handed out by said command.

It also makes sense for AA to be widely available, as this server is constantly (and incorrectly) marketed as being the “new player friendly” of the two servers, since most new players don’t know what they’re doing, and having access to everything just to explore the station and get familiar with the station layouts is probably the purest good reason for AA, although agreeably the weakest. I can still see a potential scenario that someone might give them a tour or explain parts of the station and would require AA to do so.

Unless you want to add a new rule to LRP saying that killing or attacking command for any reason is self antag, then please remove or modify this rule for LRP so this command killing madness stops. In summary, these are the pros and cons as I understand them:

+People will be able to play command and live longer than 10 minutes on average
+New players can explore the station and do what they want
+Players can complete their multi-department autism projects
+The valid hunters get to valid hunting faster
+Less rushing the captains spare and more actually doing your job
+No more people fucking up the door wires and perma shocking them

-Antags also get AA (which depending on the person and obs, might not be a bad thing really)
-Access to the upload and armory

There are probably more pros and cons I’m not thinking of, but those are what immediately come to mind. Feel free to add more of either in the comments.

Edit: added vote. Please fully read post and comments before making a decision.

  • AA for everyone
  • No one gets AA (no change)
  • Modify rule for exceptions

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All access is a very big thing to have, and it should be earned or fought for not given freely.
Imagine if everyone started the round with All Access. Departments would mean less than they already do.

They don’t mean anything anyway because half the servers going to get AA one way or another. If you want it to be earned that’s fine, but the current rule negates any possibility of earning it and encourages it to be fought for primarily with command staff, and to the death. This isn’t good for anyone. This is a MRP rule on a LRP server. We rarely if ever RP and it’s all about the power game.

If you were stealthmined when we DO have a HOP, they simply leave the AA in the computer and the door open. Otherwise most the time a valid hunter gets the spare and gives it to anyone who asks, minimum effort required.

Bro honestly, even on mrp the captain is sort of a useless job.
His direct responsibility includes:

  1. disk
  2. his own life
  3. maybe play pretend hos sometimes
  4. his gun
    Honestly for lrp where noone even cares about command, captain is just the one greyshirt who managed to snatch the aa roundstart and now has to make his way out. Yeah tiders will lynch him, but do you want the admins to ban them for it aswell?

playing cap on LRP is like having a huge “X” on your head an everyone wants you dead
even if you put AA in the upload
those madmen will run in and snatch it in a team
the locker is your worst safe keeper, my point is everyones going to get AA and you cant fucking stop them

Not having AA on LRP, where it’s encouraged to help yourself, makes it so much more annoying having to either constantly hack through multiple doors or ask braindead people for stuff.

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waaa did baby have to actually play the game?


knowing wires is basically AA why do you need access?

it almost makes the game mode completely meaningless too

like how are you meant to play security when everyone has AA, if you’re meant to be finding traitors but everyone is the captian


illegitimate access is a crime… kill em all cuz valid.

give me a solid reason for needing it and youll get aa


What do you mean?
I’m fine with having to hack through every door, but if there are barely any people on the server what’s the point?

low pop aa sharing is fine and accounted for though

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What’s ya problem then?

When it’s not low pop and I need AA, it’s usually because of multiple problems, such as my department not being powered, sm not being setup and the usual.

because the HoP giving AA out to everyone just aids antags and makes playing jobs like CMO/captain/warden/sec/HoS a massive pain in the ass


Playing sec, captain or hop sucks ass on its own in LRP, if you’re getting killed by antag you can literally see people waiting for you to die so they can loot you. The armory gets rushed instantly after the spare.

which is why the ruling was made, it doesnt have to be that way

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The reason the rules is not so that you enjoy their presence, its so that you can enjoy the absence of whatever they regulate.

Im all for people trying to improve on rules, but simply saying that we shouldnt ban aa not only is wrong, it sounds like a noob complain. Yes, your virtual job as a head on lrp is to simple guard the bridge and your life. However, on lrp heads cant actually be the command of their department, since everyone is so free to fuck around. Thats what makes the rule work, it may not seem fun to be rushed by greytide, but its your job now as an lrp command player and its better than nothing. its honestly not the reason to make aa distribution legal. Its the reason to outfit the bridge with an actual defence system. ADD BLUESHIELDS TO LRP. ADD REINFORCEMENTS TO BRIDGE ON LRP. ADD FLASHERS, ADD TURRETS, WHATEVER. MAKE IT HARD TO GET INTO.

dont just simply accept a flaw and succumb to it, prevent it from happening. If a place is rushed too easily, make it so that it cant be rushed. Just like people nerf and buff guns and items.

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an extra flasher and a few more r-walls plus a blueshield wont do anything when no one takes captain or blueshield because they dont feel like being torn limb from limb 2 minutes into the round

its a re-occuring trend that LRP has no captain even on 80 pop rounds, just making it harder wont change anything other than making the 2 minute spare rush a 5 minute one

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Better than nothing :slight_smile: