HEROIC Not megatron UNJUSTLY banned by VILLAINOUS Aeder1

CKEY: Not megatron

Admin’s CKEY: Aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both???

Ban Type: Temp

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date (1/27/20)

Round ID: 11936

Ban Reason: Stunned cuffed and murdered Shiba Yuuki, left their body to rot inside theatre chest after they had their bottle broken and mask taken while Shiba was antag. Saw them get unrevved befor doing this. Told me to piss off aw well :’( auth zesko+bass

Appeal Reason: first of all, ban reason is incorrect. I wasn’t responsible for the stun or the cuff, sec came along and did this while we were fighting and I took advantage of the situation. The bwoinking staff member seemed to believe that harassing the mime was somehow related to Shiba’s rev status, as if the mime mask was a rev objective.
Does being a rev grant you immunity now? Next time I’m rev, can I trash the bar and then go oopsie, I was a rev, don’t be mad pls! Sorry for stealing the medical budget card to buy a tesla, I was a rev! That’s beyond silly. Probably shouldn’t have told the admin to piss off, but this incident was so poorly handled that it’s hard for me to feel bad about it. Killing a greyshit for robbing me of what are undeniably my most precious items (AND EATING MY HEIRLOOM, PRETTY SURE)? Nothing wrong with that. Hiding their body? A little questionable, but not worth a seven day ban, and especially not from both servers. Why would I be banned from LRP for LRP crimes?

Additional Information: I would really like to be unbanned now you see, I like BeeStation a lot, but the ADMEMES keep banning me 4noraisin you see?
Also, the items in question were taken off my body after losing a game of Russian Roulette. Looting a corpse is forgivable, but a responsible greyshit would return the items when their owner returns from the dead.

Will log dive after work.

Taking the mime mask doesn’t make you valid, rev or no rev. There’s a deal you can do, but killing aint among it

the hard bwoink of the law

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So things I wont be log diving explained :

No question about him stripping mask and suspenders off you when you died from shooting your own face,
No question that you murdered him and left him in the theatre box to rot
Taking advantage of someone stunned and cuffed by sec, I mean the first two words of this sentence explain why that is wrong. Whether you stunned and cuffed them or not, or saw an opportunity to drag them away and murder doesn’t really effect the outcome.

Gonna copy and paste the explanation you received in PM that appears to have confused you here :
[2020-01-28 02:51:34.827] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Not megatron/(Alfred Mimington)->Aeder1/(Aeder): Sorry, I didn't realize stealing the mime mask was a rev objective, I'll go clone them immediately. Piss off already
[2020-01-28 02:52:22.875] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Aeder1/(Aeder)->Not megatron/(Alfred Mimington): I didn't say it was, however taking over the crew is part of their MO, and cuffing and dragging them in, leaving them dead in a chest is a step too far.

For further clarification Revolutionaries objectives are to kill the heads of staff and convert / kill anyone that stops them from doing so. If getting disguised as another crewmember, i.e. stripping you of your gear and wearing it to pretend to be someone else helps them achieve that, sure. Especially if that crewmember is already dead or gone.

Yes please, hurts my fee fees

this is the start of the fight
[2020-01-28 02:40:48.881] ATTACK: Not megatron/(Alfred Mimington) has shoved Sylrene/(Shiba Yuuki) (NEWHP: 100) (Cargo Office (146, 145, 2))

[2020-01-28 02:41:33.385] ATTACK: Sylrene/(Shiba Yuuki) has attacked Not megatron/(Alfred Mimington) with the bottle of nothing (NEWHP: 6.4) (Central Primary Hallway (139, 145, 2))

A minute into the fight the bottle is grabbed and used on you, so it appears it was just a weapon nearby.

And your last line stating a “responsible greyshit” well i mean… no, and also you didn’t even ask yo.

The reason it is a 7 day ban is due to your prior bad notes, you should learn to be awesome to each other by now. I wont post them for everyone to see unless you want.

Anything further you wish to add?

p.s. nobody ate your heirloom, i ended up log diving anyway.

Does this mean I’m allowed to kill people for their IDs and that makes it not murderbone?

Few from just over last week.
2020-01-19 13:37:11
Banned from the server for 3 days - An hour after getting banned on LRP 13:30:10: Not megatron/(): OK UNBAN ME FROM SAGE NOW TY? 13:32:07: Reply PM from-Not megatron/(): it might not have been a very good reason, though. mods are human and humans make mistakes, yannow? :wink: :wink: So I decided to extend the ban instead of remove it. Enjoy!

2020-01-19 12:31:16
Banned from the server for 1440 minutes - Broke into techstorage roundstart and stole insulated gloves. MRP ban.

2020-01-19 11:42:03
Broke up a fight as det by shooting a 12g slug, which hit one of the combatants. Seemed like a mistake at the time.

2020-01-19 10:14:22
Shooting at things on the shuttle, left before I could bwoink

Most of it is not very MRP-like famalam, discussing currently. Will update

Knocked a couple of days of for being a cool dude. expires on the 31st midnight.
The ban was for ruining another players round. Even if they are being a shit, please Ahelp them rather than murder and hide, or have more faith in sec, sometimes they can help.

Also please with my feeling :’(

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