Hangy wants to help seccies (BrotherHangyul Mentor Application)

Mime nearly killed the CMO, that’s already a capital crime and worthy of execution

Captain tried to kill the HOP; there was clear intent to kill since it was “assisted suicide”; even then, badRP. captain shouldn’t be killing his men even if they ask for it, same goes for the HOP. I wanted to have their trial occur sooner but the CC officer was crit’d by a meteor and had to be healed; I can’t control that shit

Disco Inferno has been okay in my experience

I know you can get lots of experience from playing security, but nohours as engi or whatever is cringe.
-1 from me

bruv u dont know the whole story and neither do i, but you didnt ask how exactly it happened.
You didnt ask any questions just immediately he valid me kill.
From what i have seen mime was fighting with someone and then cmo tried to break the fight and i assume he got beat up in a fight ?

  • and disco inferno is self antag shuttle its not ok

imo you make the round really not enjoyable and i hope you wont breed more sec like you

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He was already dead by the time I got there; as a head you trust the CMO, especially now that heads can no longer be antagonists. If he lied; that’s on him, not me. I was doing as he asked.

Also I don’t even know who you are; you’re probably some angry antag who’s mad I shot him

they dragged mime to you ? And you lethaled him while he was in crit i was orbiting you as ghost so i saw it all.

Also no sorry im a ghost who was laughing at you with other ghosts, also its not like u could even shoot me since you spend your shifts doing anything else than your job luul

Ah, I believed him to be dead; even then, he was attempting to kill the CMO, which as I’ve stated is a capital crime.

This shift was the only shift I went out of my way for a non-antagonist situation; I do my job consistently on nearly every single other round, as is displayed during a recent Blob round; I, along with PYLON and some other heads managed to actually destroy the Blob. I normally don’t diverge from shit like this, but murder is murder.

werent u the guy who executed clown for stealing shoes ?

That was a mistake but I was a captain; apart from leading the crew I have no real “objectives”. I admit what I did was wrong; Flakkyboo and I have accepted what I did was a mistake and he has shown forgiveness. That does not mean what I did was right, and I ensured I was punished accordingly.

This is fair: would you be as kind enough to point me to some engineering guides?

-1 Aside from low hours, you also have low playtime in a lot of departments and almost all of your playtime is focused on sec which is a department that doesn’t generally get mhelps (from my experience anyway). Get more hours and get a lot more hours in other departments first.

Just few I found:

But I suggest playing engineering and watching people do cool stuff. They often are eager to explain how it works and teach you the basics.

-1 for now, come back when you have more hours.0

-1 for now, very low hours

I recommend you come back when you can say yes to 80% of these questions

Do you know anything about modifying plants in botany?

Do you know how to make precursors to chef’s food (make dough/batter)

Do you know what most of the devices for atmos do and how they work?

Can you set up the SM/tesla/singulo/teg/solars?

Can you make a borg/mech without consulting the wiki for the steps?

Do you know anything about nanites?

Can you help someone if they ask about the tech that locks a certain item?

Do you know at least what each color of slime does (e.g dark purple = plasma, yellow = electricity/light)
and some basic crossbreeds?

Can you make a trit maxcap?

Do you know how to make a few chems out of your head (e.g acetone, ammonia etc)

also -999 for being a sec main

Denied at a -5. Try getting playtime in different departments other than sec.

-1, extremely low hours and no hours as engie. you should know basic shit like how to fix a station.

this is overkill stop

-1 get more hours bro…

I don’t have anything against you, and you’re usually pretty chill. But I have zero clue what you can and cannot do. And from my understanding of common mhelp questions. If you know NOTHING about engineering you’re not gonna get mentor.

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time to main engi i guess

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