Haj325 Banned by yoshimiwastaken

CKEY: haj325

Admin’s CKEY: yoshimiwastaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: All

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-11-03 23:04:53

Round ID: 23393

Ban Reason: Local dumbass threatens to ban evade in ban appeal, actually does it and screws over any chance he’d have of coming back

Appeal Reason: This was three years ago, I would like to play here again. I threatened to ban evade in anger and frustration. I did not ban evade yoshi banned an old alt and lied.

Additional Information:
Ban appeal that resulted in this ban.


All sustained permanent bans require a vouch from another server that you’ve been playing on to be considered.
Have you been playing on any other servers and keeping your nose clean there?


The account banned for evasion had not connected for nearly a year prior to the ban they were accused of evading. I’m not sure if this will be relevant given the threat to ban evade in the prior appeal, but the claim they were banned for evading is definitely false at least for the banned account.

This is a false ban

Being slapped for evasion was false, yes

…but you still had a permanent ban before being falsely accused of evading it.

Unless what you expect/want out of the game has changed you may not even like it here.

From what other forum posts say I would have to appeal this ban first before I could appeal that ban.

It has been a month and no one has addressed the fact the staff flat out lied. Instead all I have been given is some vague notion that regardless of whether I was falsely banned I will need a voucher before I can appeal the actual ban linked in the appeal and that “the game has changed, so you might not even want to play here”, type statement.

  1. This was likely an oversight caused by the fact you were breaking the rule that forbids alts, not actively malicious.

  2. The staff member responsible hasn’t been staff for almost two years

  3. This detail is completely irrelevant in the face of the permanent ban you were falsely accused of evading. You still have a separate permanent ban.

Permanent bans require a vouch, this is codified in staff policy and nobody has been vague about it, nor is the policy vague about exceptions.

For the record I am not an admin either, but I know vouches don’t come easy and was trying to make sure you even wanted to follow through the process of getting the vouch that is required.

The month that has passed is unfortunate, but it is ultimately upon you to get a vouch before anything is going to happen.

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Alrighty, apologies for taking this long to resolve this.

It’s pretty obvious that Haj325 is an alt of yours. But as has already been said in this thread, the evasion ban was unjust.

Now, we only allow players to have a single ckey when playing on the server. I’ve removed the wrong ban and replaced it with a standard alt without evasion ban.

You will still have to appeal your normal permanent ban in a seperate appeal. I advice you to also work on getting a vouch before you do appeal.

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