Guide to.... wiring solars?

ive seen so many bad solars and fucked up solars that it feels like i have to make a fucking guide for it

  1. what ya need

ok all you need for solars are 5 items
a hardsuit
a mask (wich can be used for internals)
a form of internals tank ( make sure its breathable)
2 full cable coils ( so in total 60 cables, that 6 0, 6 tens)

you may need less than these and maybe even more but hey

  1. what you do

see now most new people arent used to bee wiring shit there pants when wires dont automatically connect so heres a guide how to do it

its quite simple, keep on going one line infront of you and one line behind you, if you did everything correct there should be no knots and it should be a straight line ( maybe a turn or two) betweeen the solar tracker and the stations solar thing

now that the line is made, make a straight line between opposite solar panel rows, once you do this go on one side and use a cable piece on the crossings between the solar array line and the solar panel line from the solar panel side, then go on the solar tracker line, move one away from the cross and click, now there should be a line connecting the two, repeat this step on all panel lines and then you should have done it! you wired solars!

renember to put on your hardsuit before going into space
always pick up the extra cable coil on the solars, it never enough to fully wire them thats why you bring 2 extra coil
renember to put on internals!

any other questions?

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cringe just do turbine

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i made this as a kind of joke because i saw so many people fuck up solars

no just use bicard easy

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Damn you just do not give a shit about the solars actually looking nice, do you? That shit ugly as hell. You individually make each side turn towards the airlocks, so its symmetrical. I dont even think it costs more cable. Its like a second extra for a nicer looking product.

Or you know, the fucking cable placer, which holds 90 cable, and is available in engineering. (usually there are two of them. honestly you dont even need 2 extra cable coils, depending on the station. One would suffice on most solars, since its usually just barely above on 30 stack of cables each solar array.

instructions unclear singulo loose


Including what the optimal SMES I/O values are for particular stations, or in general, would be nice.

I followed your instructions and it’s still not making any power, what did I do wrong?



That setup was actually working, no?

Allegedly, yes it did work - I wasn’t actually on when this happened.

I have a feeling this bit got fixed before it could actually work though